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These are recommendations made by Tropers for authors and sites of Naruto fanfic, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here.

You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. You can do it by expanding on the notes about the author or website, or linking similar or related authors or websites. Refrain from posting Conversation in the Main Page though; that goes in the discussion page.


Advent of Shadows

  • Recommended by SEESWildCard
    • SEESWildCard: A great fanfic author who has also written an original fiction. At first wrote regular (non-crossover) Naruto fanfiction and has started writing crossovers, mainly with Fairy Tail. His newest story is a One Piece/Naruto crossover. I highly recommend this author if what you enjoy are crossovers.
    • ShotgunWilly: The above troper is mostly right although it looks like all of his fics that aren't Naruto or Naruto/Fairy Tail crossovers have been deleted from his profile. Be warned, however, that Advent has a bad habit of writing 30-40,000 words and then quitting a fic and moving on. His current record looks to be 86k words before he declared a fic dead. If you're looking for completed fics, this guy isn't for you.

Anbu Legacy

  • Recommended by Madamdemadam
  • Madamdemadam: To quote a well written review in its entirety:
    • “ANBU Legacy” is an RP set in an alternate reality of Naruto-verse, in which there are a few crucial plot changes:
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    • Kushina seals the Kyuubi back into herself and lets it die with her. Minato remains the Hokage in this universe, as the Sandaime died fighting the Kyuubi.
    • Uchiha Obito (a.k.a. Tobi, a.k.a. the guy who Naruto said was super cool even though he indirectly killed Naruto’s parents) stays dead after the whole Kannabi Bridge thing.
    • Nohara Rin (a.k.a that woman who gets killed for the sole purpose of generating angst for the men in her life – what do you mean “which woman”? doesn’t die.
    • The story primarily revolves around ANBU Team 6, consisting of two canonical side characters: Namiashi Raidou and Shiranui Genma, two OCs, and Hatake Kakashi. It’s been going on for three years now, and there’s enough written for there to be a 400-something page e-book, and then some.

Artful Lounger

  • Recommended by jusenkyoruler
  • A very good author; loves evil/dark Naruto fics and updates relatively quickly.
    • Shadow AI: Author tends to indulge in God-Mode Sue a little too much for this troper.
    • AkatsukiDaybreak: Eh, his overall attitude about the series and Kishimoto is very off-putting and his treatment of Sasuke and Sakura leaves a lot to be desired. In this troper's opinion it's always better to use the events of the story to make them likable than to bash them relentlessly.

Asuka Kureru

  • Recommended by Shiruvi
  • If your OT3 happens to be Team 7/NaruSasuSaku, look no further than the Teamwork series. While it veers heavily from canon post VoTE, it doesn't matter to the quality of the story and of the characters. Also check out the NaruSasu 'Saki-chan' universe - her livejournal contains contributions from other authors in this universe (I especially like the Origin of Saki-chan fic by YamiTenshi) adding and expanding the original three-chapter fic Lace and Strawberries. Obviously, these stories contain mature scenes of het, yaoi and even some yuri. If you hate Sasuke, Sakura or Naruto, then obviously stay away.


  • Recommended by Malchus, Tina Banina 96
  • A very prolific NaruHina writer with a great writing style and utterly hilarious humor. Hell, just read Birds and Bees, a humorous two-shot involving the males of Naruto's age group talking typical guy talk. It's a great sample of the author's humor style. The author mostly makes one- or two-chapter fics, but also has some longer and more serious stories. All are well worth the read.
    • So many truly truly hilarious stories. His work with NaruHina is remarkable. He keeps everyone very in character and believable. One of my favourite authors.


  • Recommended by Completenerd
    • Writes excellent and long one shots that are mixed with humor, drama, and romance. His one shots routinely shoot over 10k and serve as excellent short stories.


  • Recommended by BlueFox
    • Wrote lots of one-shots of the For Want of a Nail kind, including quite a few about the rather obscure Naruto/Tayuya pairing, all done in a very compelling way. Some are very dark.

Doc Destructo

  • Recommended by Revlid
  • I strongly recommend anything by this author, all very funny, very intelligent and well-characterized pieces of fluff, mostly one-shot and mostly NaruSaku or NaruIno, set vaguely after and during the series. Seduce My Wife is a personal favourite.
    • Recommendation for Seduce My Wife! seconded by RedSavant... and NaruSaku isn't even my primary ship.
      • Thirded by this nameless troper. NaruSaku IS my OTP (unless you count the OT3s), so I'm not complaining, but... Seriously? God forbid they use a surrogate mother.
      • Fourthed (?) by Tina Banina 96. I'm not a NaruSaku shipper but I really enjoyed this fic!
    • You guys! He did Yet Another Christmas Carol, you guys! About ramen, guys! And it didn't suck! — Eddie Current



  • Recommended by jouXIII


  • Recommended by jinjoo88
  • As you might have guessed, writes almost exclusively Kakashi-centric fic, all gen. She likes to focus a lot on Jiraiya and Iruka as secondary characters, and also enjoys putting poor Kakashi through as much pain as possible- torture, kidnapping, rape, insanity, etc.- so if you aren't into hurt/comfort or torture fic you might want to steer clear, although things are generally kept tasteful. Has quite a few completed long form stories as well as two great crossovers with Black Butler and Stargate. You can count on this author for good characterization and satisfying conclusions. I would recommend starting with The Long Road Home and it's prequel Never More Than Eternal Rivals (in progress).


  • Recommended by Tina Banina 96
  • A fantastic author. Longer stories, but some humorous (and I mean, laugh out loud) oneshots. Specializes in crack/unusual pairings but has the ability to make these pairings believable, keep everybody in character and just bring the reader into their take on Naruto's world. The fic Three Months has already been recommended on a different page, and is absolutely beautiful. Another must read is Marry My Father Please? which features the unusual pairing of Kankurou/Hinata. A seriously amazing author. If you love absolutely hilarious fics with believable pairings, than this is definitely an author you will like.


  • Recommended by templar627, Unclouded TJ, Shotgun Willy
  • Great author who has a good selection of relatively long fanfictions that are well written and long with good grammar and plot.
    • Shotgun Willy: I personally really like this guy's work; he writes well, he's not a slow writer by any means, and he writes long, all of which combine to be a good thing.
      • This troper would like to point out some stuff. First of all, he ONLY writes stories about Naruto, centered around him, with the entire world revolving around him. This Naruto is both OOC, and the same throughout every single fic. His Naruto is also a prime example of (some trope I don't actually know the name for. Basically, Naruto does what the author WANTS him to do, rather then what would make sense in character.), and usually is a God Mode Stu. Please note that the above troper is 100% correct. He has good grammar, fast updates, long updates. His OC's are well written, and usually fit in. The plot is mostly good, but very stale, as if you read one of his fics, you basically read all of them. Also, I personally hate how fast random girls join his harem, and turn OOC, and the fact that he adds to the fic's main group many char's, none of whom actually accomplish anything.
      • SEESWildCard: I myself am a great fan of his work. While the above troper is correct in that most of his stories do revolve around Naruto, I disagree with his God Mode Stu comment. While his Naruto is obviously OOC and much stronger than his canon counterpart I do not find him overpowered. Like what Shotgun Willy said he writes long stories and good plots. If he has any delay in his updates it is usually reasonable. I recommend his For Want of a Nail fic The Sealed Kunai.
      • Myrrith: Very much disagreed on The Sealed Kunai, by the end of chapter 6 Naruto is played up as being at the level of the Sannin, with compromised loyalties all over the place -known compromised- loyalties, he runs a string of pranks that he might as well have signed his name to yet somehow no one knows who it is, he's invited to speak on his own behalf for chunnin promotions (and him alone, this isn't something all the genin get to do), and most painfully he isn't in character while doing all this. Apparently our Naruto was a fake personality the whole time. It's hard to say it's even in Possession Sue territory with that concept.
      • Lustheron: While Naruto does tend to be extremely powerful (particularly in the One Piece and Bleach crossovers where he's had 100 and 2,000 years respectively to grow stronger), there are always people who are either roughly his equal or who will punt him around like a football. Case in point: in The Sealed Kunai, Naruto fights Jiraiya to train/prove how skilled he is. He promptly recieves a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown. Likewise in Shinobi of the High Seas, he beats Kizaru on a technicality (turning into a mirror and reflecting his attack) and barely beats Aokiji (Chopper noted that he should be dead with his injuries).
      • Above is barely right. There are people that should be like 1000 times better, that are merely equal. In the fight you stated, him vs Jiraiya, that was SAGE MODE. Do you know how insanely powerful he is like that? Pein even said it, with the knowledge of the bodies, Jiraiya would have won. And Naruto fights that evenly. Say what you want about his writing, but the Naruto is always at the least a Boring Invincible Hero...
      • Sorry for my long rants. Finally found the term. In every single fic, Naruto is a Possession Sue.
      • This troper was actually referring to the first fight. Before learning Sage Mode, Naruto took on Jiraiya and got curb-stomped.
      • Stumpalicous: In certain fics such as The Sealed Kunai then yes, he is extremely over-powered, but by no means invincible. In Better Left Unsaid he is simply promoted to chunin based on merits.
      • rageofkyubii: In regards to Shinobi of the High Seas, Now has its own trope page
  • Caellach Tiger Eye: I would love for "Better Left Unsaid", at least, to get its own Trope Page. While this guy isn't my favourite writer ever and I can't read all his work, I respect him a lot for the intricacies of plotting and characterisation he goes into, as well as his ideas being clever. BLU is a good case of how to take canon Off the Rails and tell your own story whilst being loyal to what the characters are. All his works seem to showcase a great sense of humour, action and emotion. This guy's good at what he does and wins further brownie points from me for not bashing people, as well as the strong narrative.
    • Salamandre: Seconded. Better Left Unsaid is easily his best fic, Shinobi of the High Seas would be second. Kenchi is an author who is more than anything, reliable. His stories are nothing profound or extraordinary but they are like popcorn. You can really enjoy one of his stories without having to think too much and the quality is always consistently good with plenty of detail and interesting twists and what not. I can see what you mean about the Ooc Naruto, but that problem is more prevalent in earlier stories. BLU is the best fic because, aside from some quirks, Naruto remains largely in character.
  • Tropers/Jbstormburst: I can definitely see where some people would have issues with this author, but as someone who has read a lot of fanfics good and bad, he is definitely one of the best with setting up a scene and letting it progress. Sure, some of his incarnations of Naruto may seem OP, but as several others have said, there are always others that are there to put him to size. Particularly, his Naruto x SF crossover, A New Challenger, is really good at this, as even in what I suspect to be about 2/3rds of the way through, he would still get trashed beyond comprehension by Akuma, Gouken, or Gen, while any of the cast stronger than Yang and Yun can put him on his toes. Really, though, I think that this is one of those things where OP-ness is confused with a large amount of growth, to say anything of it.


  • Recommended by rakku
    • Easily the best KakaNaru writer in the fandom, with a number of good gen fics and some crack pairings as well. Writing style, characterisation and plot are all excellent. The flow of words is beautiful, elegant and natural, and she writes in a subtle manner - never over-the-top, always just right - which is the mark of a fully matured writing style. To say her characters are 'convincing' would be a massive understatement. Her characters are "real", and their emotions really, really get you. She can take the strangest (and sometimes crackiest) ideas and make them work. Unfortunately, reading her stories has spoiled this troper for almost all the other KakaNaru fics out there... she is just That Good.

Legendary Legacy

  • Recommended by Kamakazikid 8
  • A great mockfic writer who just makes fun of over used fanfiction ideas, most of which are usually delivered badly. Has so far mocked: "Yaoi, Mary Sues, Super-Narutos, Female Kyubis, Self Inserts, High school, Time Travel, Ask (Character), Kitten, and Sakura-beats-the-shit-out-of-Naruto-after-bringing-back-Sasuke (there's gotta be a shorter name for that) fics." Other than mockfics, he also writes very good humor stories.

lord of the land of fire

  • Recommended by TheDogSage, Hiraku Joutei, Alrune
  • A very prolific NaruHina and ShikaTema writer. He writes mainly in the drama/romance department, and most of his fics are For Want of A Nail, with a couple of comedy and tragedy thrown in. He also has a number of crossovers, from Rosario+Vampire and Sekirei. The fanfic that puts this author on the map is A Mother's Love This fic is set in a world where Kushina Uzumaki survived the Kyuubi's attack, and raises her son in Konoha. In the ShikaTema department, read Invitation and its sequels. His stories A Better Time and A Different End In The Valley show two different reactions from Hinata concerning Naruto's death. And to get out of the funk those fics might put you in, read Play With Me, which the humorous tale of Naruto and Hinata's first time.
  • This troper strongly recommends The Paths We Choose — an awesome For Want of a Nail fic where Iruka's untimely death in the first episode leads Naruto down the path of evil, and leaves Sasuke in the role of the unsuccessful redeemer.
  • He's also prone to making Hiruzen out to be an incompetent fool, which is a great plot device. "Hokage, The Great And Terrible" explores what would happen if Orochimaru had been named Fourth Hokage instead of Minato, while "The Paths We Choose" and "A Sacrifice For Naruto" consist of Hiruzen making major breaches of justice for want of good judgment. In the former, he's too political, while in the latter, he's too legalistic. Then again, there is canon support for this position, to some degree.
    • I'm sorry, I can't see how that is a 'plus' for Lord of the Land of Fire at all. Making Hiruzen, the Cool Old Guy from Part I into an incompetent fool a great plot device? Despite ruling Konoha for nearly five decades? Yeah, that's not a good plot point at all.
      • This is not sooo far-fetched, the upbringing of Naruto was badly mis-managed, so much potential and they let it go to waste for such a long time...
      • Better an incompetent fool than an evil scheming tyrant who allows naruto to be abused to create a loyal weapon, a la Danzo.
      • Danzo was NEVER a evil scheming tyrant. He did everything for Konoha. At worst, he's a Well-Intentioned Extremist. Which many Fanfic Authors don't get.
      • He was that, at least to some extent. He had a little bit of a "Le village, c'est moi."-attitude, e.g. he weakened the defences of Konoha, in hopes of Tsunade being replaced by him.
  • Meh... having loads of reviews & stories doesn't make this author among the "Cream of the Crop". From what I've observed, a major problem with this author is that he essentially forces events to happen in order to hit a specific note - it might be fanfiction, but it results in less-than-satisfactory characterisation. For instance, That Look was ruined for me with the Wave Mission AU: Sakura leaves Tazuna unguarded because of Sasuke's injuries (their new teammate screamed out his name, which led to it), and Haku kills him; then, Zabuza and Haku leave, and when Gato appears Kakashi doesn't even try to help the islanders fight his men (due to his team "being tired"), leading to many of their deaths including Inari's. And Sarutobi says that this was the right thing to do even though he could have at least done it to ensure Wave could be an ally. That killed my Willing Suspension of Disbelief right there, as it seemed written that way without regard for how it butchers characterisation some - basically, by having the plot drive characters rather than the other way around (a major pet peeve of mine). Not to mention the cavalier attitude characters take to killing - I know they are Child Soldiers, but given canonical characterisation they don't even feel like the same people much of the time. While not all bad, there are too many faults with his stories and style for me to help cringing. Cannot second this recommendation.
  • This troper strongly recommends That Look. It is a Anko/Naruto fic that looks at the similarities between Orochimaru and Naruto, as well as how the story would change if Naruto had someone intervene with his childhood.
  • A Mother's Love has, it must be noted, recieved some mightily scathing critiques on this very site, and thus should be treaded at with caution. View said reviews here.


  • Has a trope page
  • Recommended by Tina Banina 96, roflMons, Kraesil
  • A great author with over 200 stories. A lot of hilarious, short oneshots and some longer, darker fics as well. I highly recommend her, as she also writes some amazing Harry Potter fanfics. Time MixUp is simply hilarious, Without Naruto is a beautiful piece about what life would have been like if Naruto had died in Wave, while Playing Games is a wonderful but terrifying view on what would have happened if Naruto was a member of ANBU as a child. Has written some great crack fiction as well. Again, this author deserves a read.
    • Writes excellent fics, usually shorts, but the long ones above should definitely NOT be ignored.

Mistress of Sarcasm

  • Recommended by: Dame-Amaryllis
    • She has written a lot of oneshots, many of them Sakura-centric. She hasn't been active since 2012.


  • Recommended by Gryfo, Kraesil
    • With over a thousand fics,ncfan is a writer who's well worth a look.If you love crack pairings, a more cynical view of Konoha and the shinobi lifestyle in general, minor characters and Sunagakure, you really don't want to miss this author.

Okami Rayne

  • Recommended by Deedee 1, Away Laughing
    • Has only written two stories for Naruto, yet both are pretty legendary among yaoi fans. Break To Breathe can be mentioned as one of the greatest Naruto fics ever written. She takes the pairing of Shikamaru with Neji and makes it seem like they were destined to be together. If you are not a ShikaNeji fan, you'll probably be a huge one after reading her work.
    • Agreed with all of the above with an added note that she's just finished the third installment of the series and has returned to her fanfiction hiatus. A fourth is still on the docket for some unspecified future time. Break to Breathe is quite long, and both On the Cusp and Requiem while shorter, pack quite the punch emotionally.
    • The fourth installment Under These Scars has started recently and seems to be heading in an even more psychological direction than its predecessors. It also focuses a little more on other characters of the series and on Shikamaru's dark past. Work still in progress but already heartbreaking.


  • Recommended by Little Kit
    • She's one of the funniest authors that I've seen. Her pairings can be crack at times, and it will split your sides. Also, when something's incorporated into the story, like WAFF, Humor, Mystery, and all the genres in there, it never leaves. Only pairing that's constantly shipped is Nagato x Konan though. Every story is great, and they always keep a reader on their toes, so you won't get bored.


  • Recommended by: Komodo Classic
    • Writes Kakashi/Iruka, long and brilliantly funny oneshots that tend to feature ANBU. Everything there is definitely worth reading.


  • Recommended by Springminera
    • An excellent author who writes mostly romance, among her work is a 60k ItaSasu story that is highly recommended for an interesting spin on the usual incest story, and an intensely funny and cute KakaIru story, still ongoing and provides a great introduction to the pairing... Has a pretty rapid chapter turnover if you don't like waiting.

Quill of Molliemon

  • Recommended by Catt
  • A very good Minato/Kushina writer, mostly humorous, but good at emotional scenes as well. Mainly AU one-shots and short stories featuring scences from their lives as they meet and grow closer. Also recommended are the Pokemon crossover stories, the only good ones I've seen so far, even if Vulpix is the starter, he starts out very rebellious. Also a must see is Seal Shatter, where Kushina is the Hokage's assistant, and deals with an amnesiac Minato as she raises their son. Starts in the Chuunin exam arc.
    • She also puts out numerous short fics set in a Naruto/Pokemon crossover verse. The idea sounds kind of stupid at first, but they're really good. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who's a fan of either series.
    • Molliemon's stories also often link together, even when AU to each other, mostly due to reusing OCs and keeping character backgrounds as similar as possible between stories. The Poke Naru crossovers have excellent characterization and mini-plots for each story, as well as overarching ones. While some of the Pokemon choices are unoriginal, the author makes good use of them, and seems to be able to dig up the most obscure of minor characters to play small roles. Kushina's family - about which nothing is known in cannon - have excellent characters, developed over the different, separate stories -both the Poke Naru crossovers and the A Us. All stories have the characters be a major force in driving the plot forward, and many reveals are subtly hinted at many chapters in advance.


  • Recommended by Kraesil
  • Writes mostly Uchiha-centric one-shots. Warnings for Yaoi. Look no further for Itachi/Shishui- he happens to be the best I've seen at writing it.


  • Recommended by lknmjh
  • If you're a Naru-Saku fan, this guy is for you. If you're a Naru-Saku fan that likes when a Naru-Saku fic doesn't bash on any other character, this guy is for you. If you're a Naru-Saku fan that likes when a Naru-Saku fic keeps everyone in character (or in some cases makes improvements certain characters, either in general or with certain qualities), where no one is overpowered to the point of OOC, and where OCs actually act like real people, this guy is for you. If you want to read the works of an author who has defied Sturgeon's Law, this guy is for you.


  • Recommended by Saro
    • Primarily an author of GaaSaku, random's works span from the hilarious to the heartwarming to the heartbreaking. I recommend you at least give one or two of her fics a try. My personal favorite work of hers (and my favorite romance work of all time) is How Destructive Romance & Why.


Red Clouds

  • Recommended by Rudolfusftw
    • A Roleplaying site that focuses mainly around plot-based threads. Character applications go through a quality check to ensure that they make sense within the Narutoverse, and players need to possess a moderate to intermediate skill in writing. This results in a skilled playerbase as well as balanced, interesting characters who are fun to read and to roleplay with.


  • Recommended by Wolfeye
    • Has convinced me that writing crack pairings is an art. Loves pairings involving Sakura, Ino, and Akatsuki. Particular favorites seem to be Ita Saku, Saso Saku, and has one or two fics involving Ino and Itachi. Has also written fics for just the Akatsuki. All are very well-written and make the pairings seem believable, though no more likely. Has many works in progress and an admirable work ethic.


  • Recommended by: Sanzano, Unclouded TJ, roflMons2, Kaiserin Kai, Dame-Amaryllis
    • It's difficult not to recommend this prolific author. She usually makes oneshots based on some plot holes of the canon and tries to gives them sense in a hilarious way. You really have to read some of her stories. Oneshots aside, her longer works (such as It's For a Good Cause, I Swear!) are also quite amusing.


  • Recommended by wanderingbark
    • An amazing author who writes beautifully. She has several longer stories that are mostly Kakashi/Sakura that are such refreshing reads. Highly recommended!

Toboe Lonewolf

  • Recommended by Servitor_2152
  • Primarily oneshots and drabbles, some AU stuff (ninja cyberpunk!). Mostly focusing on Team Guy, mostly Neji/TenTen shipping. All are highly enjoyable and fun to read, and won't take much time out of your day to finish.

The Original Naruto Fanfiction Archive (TONFA)

  • Recommended by Smoodle-Fshoodle
  • It's a good site aside from where you can find lots of Naruto fanfiction. It has an especially nice award category where the best of the best are chosen and cycled through on a regular basis. The site is nice if you don't want to sift through 250,000 fanfictions to find a few that you like, it only has a only few thousand available. It's fairly easy to navigate, too.


  • Recommended by tommy7358
    • His Naruto fanfics always has Naruto doing something that really changes the world he is in, mostly for good.It's regretable that he is not active but the fics that he did write has something for everyone especially if they like awesome scenes involving Naruto changing the world profoundly mostly for the better.


  • Recommended by eduardogranja, phoenixyfriend
    • One of the best self-insert fanfic writers currently in Naruto fandom, her characters are well written and balanced and her writing style is consistent



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