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As we have Humans and Crossovers as two different categories in the main page, and because there are certain fics that fit both, a separate bar has been made for the convenience of others looking for stories in both categories.

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General crossovers

    Anime & Manga 
Cardcaptor Twilight by Yukito
  • Recommended by: Mooncalf
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Twilight inherits a strange book from an uncle, and accidentally releases the Clow Cards into Equestria. Now she must reclaim them, and she can only use the magic of the cards themselves to do so. Keroberos, the guardian of the cards, will offer his knowledge of the cards, and Rarity is eager to provide her friend with suitable outfits for each occasion, but otherwise Twilight is on her own. Meanwhile, the dimension witch Yuuko Ichihara sees an opportunity to claim the cards for her own, and empowers a certain blue showpony to join the hunt...

Equestria Girls: Friendship Souls By thatguyvex

  • Recommended by: Naal 2
  • Status: ongoing
  • Summary: Sunset Shimmer has finally decided to remain in the human world after the events of the Friendship Games, and has also resolved to study magic in her adopted home and defend it from any threats of dark magic alongside her friends. Then a mysterious incident leads Sunset and her friends to run straight into a dangerous world of supernatural beings that have existed in the human world for eons; twisted souls known as Hollows and the beings known as Soul Reapers that battle them. Where will this twist of fate lead the girls, and what secrets might be uncovered about their pasts in the process? Bleach and My Little Pony: Equestria Girls crossover.
  • Now has a TV Tropes page!

My Little Pony Bizarre Adventures By LateBronyWriter

  • Recommended by: sgamer8z
  • Status: Part 1 Complete
  • Summary: On the one thousandth year of Nightmare Moon's Banishment, Celestia draws upon the reality bending power of the Red Stone of Aja to purify her sister's evil. However a magical accident causes the stone to explode scattering it across Equestria in the process. In order to recover the stone and search for her sister, Celestia sends her prized student Twilight sparkle to recover the fragments of the Red Stone of Aja.Thus begins Twilight Sparkle's epic quest to discover the mysterious powers of Stand with her newly made friends. Bound together by the Power of Friendship they struggle to overcome heated enemies and decipher the mystery behind the Red Stone of Aja.

Magical Pony Lyrical Twilight by PurpleProse

Friendship is Magic Damnation is Alchemy by Anonymous Card Captor

  • Recommended by Forkinyoureye
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A crossover between My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and Fullmetal Alchemist. A former state alchemist looking to undo the past may have inadvertently lost his future when he come in possession of what he thinks is a chimera. Warning: OC-centric
  • Pairing(s): Fluttershy/Male OC, but it's more of a dramatic tool than shipping.

Sailor Ponies by Emma Iveli

  • Recommended by DrTempo
  • Status: Dormant; last updated April 2019
  • Synopsis: From FF.Net: "FiM AU. An evil force from 1,000 years ago has returned, Princess Luna has Twilight and the others become a new force of justice, the Sailor Guardians! With the powers of the planets of their side they be able to defeat this evil?" Has Emma's trademark humor, while throwing in some surprises along the way!

A Pony Out of Place by Ausbrony

  • Recommended by Clato Lawa
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: When Dialga and Palkia start to attack one another in Alamos Town, a Ponyta named Flare Blitz is caught in the crossfire. After falling into the dimensional rift, he finds himself in a strange new land filled with brightly coloured ponies. Flare doesn't know how he got here or if he can even get back home... The question is, will he even want to go home?
  • Now has a completed sequel, Flames and Twilight

Iron Will's Swim Seminar by Kanashii Panda

Pony la Pony: Shattered Lives by Flash Notion

  • Recommended by jtvectorsigma
  • Status: Dormant; last updated February 2018
  • Synopsis: Kill la Kill X-Over. When Twilight chases a thief through Starswirl's mirror, she finds herself in a world without friendship, with new rules of magic. Will she succeed in recovering her Element of Harmony?
  • Still a work in progress.
    • Lots of detail is put into crafting a unique world here. It's the events of Kill la Kill- but why they're happening, and how they play out, are all the creation of the author. This is one to keep an eye on.

Kick about! Los Lobos! by Dirty Bit

  • Recommended by: ultimomant
  • Crossover with: Bleach
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: After falling in the Battle of Karakura Town, Coyote Starrk and Lilinette Gingerbuck wake up in Equestria as ponies and are taken in by Derpy and her family. Meanwhile, an old enemy of the ponies reawakens.

Mare of Steel by iowaforever
  • Recommended by: Keaton-furman-prower
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: After returning home from viewing a meteor shower, Rainbow Dash finds a green rock in her room that makes her violently ill when she touches it. As she and her friends work to find out what exactly happened, she will come to learn more about her past, her family, and her place in Equestrian society.
  • Has a tropes page, which it shares with several other DCU crossovers.

MLP Next Generation: Know Fear! by Michael_Ravencroft

  • Recommended by: Darkness-Rising-24
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Starburst, the daughter of Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry, has always wanted to be a Royal Guard. Unknown to her however, a special power from beyond the stars has sought her out...
  • Tropes page: MLP Next Generation: Know Fear!!
  • Also has a completed sequel!.

MLDC: SHAZAM, Equestria's Mightest Mare! by Michael_Ravencroft

  • Recommended by: Darkness-Rising-24
  • Crossover with: Franchise/Shazam
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Something stirs beneath Equestria, dark forces and evil organizations plan to usurp the peace of the world. Sensing the coming storm, the Wizard searches for one who will defend this world, and become Equestria's Mightest Mortal!
  • TV Tropes page: MLDC: SHAZAM, Equestria's Mightest Mare!

In Brightest Day... by DarknessRising

  • Recommended by: Darkness-Rising-24
  • Status: Dormant (last updated August 2017)
  • Synopsis: Being co-written with Vamp Dash & Michael Ravencroft. A lone Black Lantern Ring fly's towards the outer reaches of space and eventually lands on the Moon of Equestria, invoking the release of the Nightmare Moon herself! As the Blackest Night spreads across Equestria...who will stop it? Which sides will be taken?
  • Tropes page: In Brightest Day

    Doctor Who 
Doctor Whooves Episode 1: Time Lords and Terror [1] by Hephestus
  • Recommended by whome1, S Noble Jr, Ardashir, Andyroid, Darth Revan FTW
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Another Doctor Who/MLP crossover. They must be fun to write or something. Equestria experiences a series of strange events, culminating with an eccentric brown stallion literally falling out of the sky. In her bid to get answers, Twilight embroils herself and her friends in an ancient war between two powerful races, one that may well destroy the multiverse.
    • Here's a hint: It's NOT the Time Lords and the Daleks, you've likely never heard of one of these races.
  • Review here

Doctor Whooves Episode 2: Mines of Dragon Mountain by Hephestus

  • Recommended by whome1, S Noble Jr, Darth Revan FTW
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: The sequel to Time Lords And Terror. After many adventures with the Doctor, Twilight and her friends find themselves back in Ponyville. With their lives beginning to show some semblance of normalcy the ponies are soon paid an unexpected visit from Zeitgeist Stardust, a multi-practice tycoon introduced in Time Lords and Terror. A series of events result in the ponies (and Spike) being taken to a much renowned luxury resort. However, all is not well in Dragon Valley as a mysterious race of creatures known as the Grundels sow havoc and mayhem throughout Zeitgeist's mines, fearing that his digging will unleash an ancient evil. Can the Doctor and company put an end to the bloodshed and stop the awakening of the demon god?
  • Review here

Doctor Whooves Episode 3: The Nightmare Engine By Hephestus

  • Recommended by bigflatwhat, Darth Revan FTW
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: One week after the Changeling invasion of Canterlot, Twilight is taking a much needed vacation when she is met by none other than The Doctor, back from a lengthy trip to Equestria's past. Unfortunately for them a dark force has secretly taken control the Canterlot News Agency and is using its influence to spread paranoia and fear to the capital city. Now it's up to Spike, Twilight Sparkle, and The Doctor to find out who or what is behind this attack and stop them before it's too late!

...And I was having such a nice day by Preda

  • Recommended by seymour, DonChaz, Inkdrop, Preda
  • Status: On hiatus
  • Synopsis: Discord's return marked a pretty dark time for Equestria: The Elements of Harmony were stolen, Ponyville was in chaos and Celestia herself was powerless to stop the villain. So where was that Time Lord when we needed him? Well, as it turns out, Discord had planned for him as well. Extensively. You can guess what happens next.
  • The Doctor meets Discord, and things happen. The story tries hard to stay as in-canon as possible.

My Little Time Lord by Victorian Hellsly

  • Recommended by Yarrik
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Little Ditzy "Derpy Hooves" Doo wasn't anything like the other ponies in Ponyville. Maybe it was destiny that led her to the colt with the wild brown mane and the hourglass cutie mark...

Poisoned Sugar by LordOfTheWrongs

  • Recommended by Sanwire, S Noble Jr
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A Doctor Who crossover fic. The Doctor is understandably upset when he mistakenly lands in Equestria, but he quickly realizes it isn't chance that brought him there. The universe is wounded, and Nightmare Moon was only the tip of the iceberg.

The Three Hooves by Paleo Prints

  • Recommended by Kytseo
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: 'John Smith' has settled in Ponyville with his wife and two daughters for many peaceful years. When the TARDIS gets a temporal distress call, Doctor Whooves and his family find themselves lost in time. Now Derpy must contend with not only monsters and maniacs, but future and past versions of her own husband!

12 by Squeak

  • Recommended by whome1, S Noble Jr, j03b0b0fd00m, Sithking Zero
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A mysterious blue box suddenly crashes into Twilight's library, causing much uproar in Ponyville. From this strange box comes an eccentric brown stallion sporting an hour-glass cutie mark and a sharp wit. However, following the introduction of My Little Timelord it is made apparent that he was not alone in his discovery of Equestria as three ominous statues descend from on high. Soon Twilight, Pinkie, Spike, and The Doctor find themselves battling these denizens of the Abstract Plane for the future of Equestria and, quite possibly, the entire MLP universe!
    • Has two alternate universe sequels: First is his own work, Traveler, which is about the Doctor and Twilight going to a dark, depressing future, and other is the Audio Drama series Doctor Whooves Adventures, which is headed by him. As of this writing, the two are not intersecting, and are not in continuity with one another. Check out Doctor Whooves Adventures at Pony In A Box Production's blog, here, or at their trope page.

When the Doctor Came to Equestria by Tardis Traveler

  • Recommended by autobot
  • Status: On hiatus
  • Synopsis: The Eleventh Doctor (aka Matt Smith) is bumbling about in his Tardis when a crazy timey-wimey happening finds him in Equestria, a land from a children's cartoon. Despite the idea that being in the world of TV ought to be impossible, he's found himself turned into a bowtie-wearing pony in a pleasant little town known as Ponyville. What's more, the people there won't stop calling him Doctor Whooves! ... In order to get bet back into his own Time Lord form and out of the impossible world of My Little Pony, he may or may not have to make some new friends, fight some villains and pull out his "savior of the universe act." Geronimo!

Doctor Whoof: ...But Who you know by dangerousDoc

  • Recommended by Somebody Someone
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: A completely "normal" TARDIS trip is by an unexpected teleporter and a reality rearranging wave. Now the Doctor must deal with Discord a supposed "old friend," his companion Twilight Sparkle and a mysterious stranger before all of reality succumbs to a force known only as "The Equilibrium"

The Adventures of Doctor Whooves - Series 1 by Time Pony Victorious

  • Recommended by Ayee Onideree
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: A strange blue box crash lands in the middle of the Everfree Forest to be discovered by Twilight and Spike. The Doctor stumbles out of it and makes the shocking discovery that he's accidentally traversed to another universe entirely! Ready to test his new four legs in this universe, the Doctor does what comes naturally to the renegade Time Lord; jumps cutie mark first into danger. With Twilight Sparkle and the other Elements there to make sure he doesn't do anything too stupid, the Doctor with his TARDIS goes off to explore everything this new universe has to offer. New adventures and historical ponies await the crew as they continue to go onwards and upwards.

An Unearthly Filly by sgamer82

  • Recommended by Clato Lawa
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: When Cheerilee expresses concern and confusion over one of her students, an especially bright filly named Perennial, she and Big Macintosh try to learn more about her and her mysterious grandfather, a "Doctor Forelock," and wind up in an adventure that will take them to the ends of Time and Space in this Friendship is Magic retelling of the very first Doctor Who tale.
  • Comments: While sticking close to the script of An Unearthly Child, the author has come up with a very clever deviation from the original story that allows both Cheerilee and Big Mac to fill Ian's role as a science teacher role where appropriate.

Doctor Whooves Episode 1: The Doctor in the Box, by Doctor Perseus

  • Recommended by Clato Lawa
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: The Doctor suddenly finds himself in the magical land of Equestria and soon discovers that he's regenerated into a pony. As Twilight Sparkle tries to learn more about the Doctor with the help of Spike and Princess Luna, a creature from the Doctor's past arrives in Ponyville with evil intentions.
  • Comments: The start of a long series of Doctor Whooves stories, ranging from good to excellent, though a personal favourite is Episode 15: The Christmas Ponies, not least for featuring the return of Donna Temple-Noble.

The Winds of Winter: A Hooves Family Adventure by defender2222

  • Recommended by Clato Lawa
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: When Dinky is cast as Clover the Clever in the school's Hearth's Warming Eve play, the filly is concerned she will not be able to do Clover justice. Luckily for Dinky her parents are the Doctor and Derpy, who quickly bundle their little girl up and take a trip via the TARDIS through time itself to see the first Hearth's Warming. But when things don't go as planned the family realizes that there is more at stake than a mere play. If they don't find a way to set history right, it won't be just Hearth's Warming Day that disappears... it will be all of ponykind!
  • Note: Has one complete sequel, Let's Kill King Sombra!, with more to come.

Doctor Whooves: Through the Cracks by Lemon Drizzle

  • Recommended by Clato Lawa
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: After the Pandorica falls into the exploding TARDIS, it throws the Doctor through the very last crack in time, a crack through which he can cross universes. No TARDIS, no screwdriver, a whole new pony body and a certain unhappy plasmavore that fell through with him, the Doctor begins to think that perhaps his plan was not as fool proof as it could have been. How will The Doctor protect the highly confusing, sentient ponies from the plasmavore that seems to be harbouring an unholy grudge against all things Timelord? How will he adjust to his new body? And most importantly, why does he have a sudden craving for...pears?

A Storm of Chaos: A Doctor Whooves Adventure by Shotoman

  • Recommended by notfluttershy
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Discord's statue has vanished from where Celestia had put it in the royal dungeons, but it doesn't seem to be because Discord himself has escaped. Rather, somepony has stolen it. Now the Doctor and his loyal companion Derpy will search time and space to find the culprit. Bring on the drums!
  • Comments: This isn't your typical Doctor Who, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic crossover, it reinvents the crossover in an imaginative way and blends the world of Doctor Who in the MLP universe beautifully. The Doctor isn't a Time Lord this time around he's a Time Charger, native of the planet Gallopfrey. It's brilliant and you should definitely check it out, just be wary... of the Drums of War!

The Bridge by Tarbtano
  • Recommended by Raidrik
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Crossover with Godzilla and Pacific Rim
  • Synopsis: The Dimension Tide cannon, wrongfully long thought to launch black holes, is fired at several kaiju and sends them to the Equestrian universe. Behind the chaos that ensues on both sides, it seems something far worse is hinted to be at work in the background.
  • Notes: Set during the latter half of Season 4 but before the finale by several weeks.

Shadows of Giants

  • Recommended by GodzillaKing
  • Status: Dormant
  • Crossover with Godzilla
  • Synopsis: Not too long after Twilight's coronation, Fluttershy is sucked into a portal and transformed into a human. There she discovers a world where humans wage a war for survival against giant monsters called "Kaiju". To make matters worse, some of the more malevolent Kaiju have turned their attention on this otherworldly visitor.
  • Notes: Set months after the events of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic S3 E13 "Magical Mystery Cure" (and in between events of Season 4).

The Creature That Came to Ponyville by Friendly Uncle

  • Recommended by Bartron
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Fluttershy adopts an Alien. Yes, that kind of Alien. No, this is not a joke.

First Week of Winter by Relaxing Dragon

  • Recommended by South Paw Racer
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossover with The Thing (1982)
  • Synopsis: "Twilight and company are sent by Princess Celestia to check up on an old student of hers who hasn�t been heard from in a while. Heading out to a remote part of Equestria, the girls arrive to find an ancient and unknown horror, one that�s just about ready to be unleashed�" - MLP meets John Carpenter. Enough said.

My Little Hangover by Mousetrap

  • Recommended by Chargin Chuck
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossover with The Hangover
  • Synopsis: It's Twilight Sparkle's 18th birthday, and in time-honored pony tradition her friends have dragged her to Las Haygas, the world-renowned City of Lights. They promise to give her a night she'll never forget. And with the lights, the glamor, and a few shots of Liquid Rainboom, it seems they're poised to deliver just that. But when Twilight wakes up to a destroyed hotel room, a hangover so painful it leaves her unable to do magic, a missing pony, and a slew of unanswered questions, she is forced to wonder: did they party too hard? Now, the five ponies must clean up their mess by piecing together a night that none of them can remember, all the while searching for a friend that could already be halfway across the desert... It's a lesson they'll have to learn the hard way: Some ponies just can't handle Haygas.

The Rise of Iron Mare by Alexstrazsa

  • Recommended by Rytex
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: In her youth, Twilight Sparkle discovered a way to infuse technology and magic. 20 years after her breakthrough, she is now the CEO and founder of Sparkle Industries, and one of the wealthiest ponies in Equestria. Her relatively perfect life goes sour, however, when she is captured by a group of griffons who want to steal her technology.

Rule of Two by Dalek Ix.

  • Recommended by Dermonster
  • Status: On hiatus
  • Synopsis: In which Darth Vader raises Rainbow Dash.

Friendship Is Grievous by Snake Staff.

  • Recommended by Forged in Darkness
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: General Grievous, Supreme Commander of the Separatist Droid Army, conqueror of star systems, and slayer of Jedi. And... stranded on Equestria? This can't end well.

Dark Knight of Canterlot by Eakin

Something's Happening... by Awesomo 3000

  • Recommended by: Taxima
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossover with Avengers: Infinity War
  • Synopsis: Earth wasn't the only planet in the universe affected by the Mad Titan's snap.

Binky Pie by Miyajima
  • Recommended by Andyroid, Ghingahn
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossover with Discworld
  • Synopsis: Pinkie Pie is minding Sugar Cube Corner, when an unusual visitor from another world shows up and asks after her late grandfather, leading to Pinkie learning quite a bit more than she ever realized about him... and about herself.
  • Review here

Apple Bloom by NoRatCat

  • Recommended by Andyroid
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossover with Coraline
  • Synopsis: Little Apple Bloom has been feeling neglected and unappreciated at home as of late. Yet one day she discovers a door leading to a fantastic world, but it isn't all what it seems.

Blueblood: HERO OF EQUESTRIA by Raleigh.

  • Recommended by Peteman, Mad Cormorant
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossover with Ciaphas Cain
  • Synopsis: Prince Blueblood writes down his memoirs about how he somehow managed to go from an arrogant, classist fop who once used a national heroine as a cake shield to one of the greatest heroes of Equestria, despite him still being that same arrogant, classist fop and all his heroism was a combination of luck, improvisation, and running away. Princess Celestia provides annotations and an outsider's view, feeling that her nephew, for all his prissiness, doesn't give himself enough credit. Friendship is Magic done In the Style of Ciaphas Cain.
  • Now has a sequel - The Blueblood Papers: Royal Blood (Ongoing)

Canterlot Follies by Lady Moondancer

  • Recommended by Erik S
  • Status: Dead
  • Crossover with Jeeves and Wooster
  • Synopsis: Less than brilliant gentlecolt Birdy Rooster is ordered by some of his dreadful aunts to do two things in Canterlot: restore his cousin Blueblood in the eyes of Princess Celestia after an horrible incident with some seamstress at the Royal Gala, and steal the Border Blanket from the Royal Museum for Uncle Pom's collection, to allow him to triumph over his rival Sir Catkin Basket. Birdy being Birdy of course gets into even more trouble. Luckily, he has his valet Greaves there to save him...

The Detective and the Magician by Bad Horse

  • Recommended by Emptybee, Indalecio
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossover with Sherlock Holmes
  • Synopsis: To Holmes, she is always the mare. In his eyes she eclipses the whole of her sex, and fills him with admiration and loathing. Whether she in fact stole the Starry Night was ultimately beside the point. What mattered to Holmes was that he had been matched at his own game, by a mare; that it had not been altogether unpleasant; and that she had caused him, however briefly, to turn his keen and unflinching gaze upon himself.

The Rummy Business of Old Blooey by Cloud Wander

  • Recommended by JakesBrain
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossover with Jeeves and Wooster
  • Synopsis: From Equestria Daily: "If you will permit me, sir: on the eve of the Grand Galloping Gala, one of Mr. Barney Trotter's acquaintances has become entangled in a most ill-advised romantic situation. To extricate himself from this unfortunate predicament, this friend has sought out Mr. Trotter's invaluable assistance, and even accepted some small suggestions from Mr. Trotter's valet, Cheese. Given the delicacy of the matter, it is feared that, if all precautionary steps are not carefully taken, a farce may ensue." In other words: My Little Pony meets (a very thinly disguised) Jeeves and Wooster.

My Little Pony: The Neigh of Cthulhu by CoreyW

  • Recommended by capeclare
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Friendship is Magic meets H. P. Lovecraft. The Great and Powerful Trixie stumbles upon the Necronomicon. Now the dead are walking and the city R'lyeh is rising. Can Trixie and all of Ponyville defend against nameless horrors from beyond their world?
Seriously epic, great characterisation. Even the great Trixie.

The Stars, the Seal, and the Kraken by CLAVDIVS CÆSAR

  • Recommended by Nightelf37
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: An ancient evil escapes from its prison... A familiar story for the bearers of the Elements of Harmony, but against a threat even older and more alien than Discord, victory will be no simple thing. Even so, with friends rallying to their aid and a former rival fighting by their side, in this strange aeon even death may die.

So Long And Thanks For All The Ponies by Sir Ginger

A Study In Rainbows (b/w The Hound of Ponyville) by Thanqol

  • Recommended by Joanassie, Emptybee
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossover with Sherlock Holmes
  • Synopsis: Returning from Zebrica, Rainbow Dash finds her lot cast in with the brilliant and eccentric detective Rarity, as they unravel a crime most foul. Starring Rainbow Dash as Watson, Rarity as Holmes and Fluttershy as Lestrade.

Twilight October by uSea

  • Recommended by Banichi, S Noble Jr, Mad Cormorant
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossover with The Hunt for Red October
  • Synopsis: Fun and games at a sleepover. Twilight Sparkle as Marko Ramius. Fluttershy as a Rescue Helicopter. Cutiemark Crusaders as Cosmonauts.

Ponies of Deltora: Monsters and Magic by Samaru 163

  • Recommended by Clato Lawa
  • Status: Dead
  • Crossover with Deltora Quest
  • Synopsis: A new Games Shop opens in Ponyville, run by Games Master and Festivities. When the Mane Cast visit, they are convinced to sign up for a scavenger hunt. But before they know what is happening, they have been transported to the land of Deltora during King Lucan's reign (ie, decades before the events of the series). The Mane Six and Spike are split up among the seven gem territories and given separate assignments, all of which will bring them into contact with Deltora's greatest threats...

The Darkness and the Shadows by Brony Writer

  • Recommended by Clato Lawa
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: When receiving a mysterious invitation, one should generally make sure that they know the intent of the sender. That is the mistake that ten ponies made when they opened their mailboxes one fateful fall morning. What each of the others don't know is that all ten of them are hiding dark secrets. In a tale of ten supposed killers, who will come out on top?
  • Comments: A Fusion Fic of MLP and And Then There Were None, which stands out for the fact that the accusations all contain Shout Outs to well-known Dark Fics, leading to absurdity when, for example, Rainbow Dash is accused of the events of Rainbow Factory despite being the (unnamed here) victim in Pinkie and Fluttershy's accusations. Note: while the story hasn't progressed very far yet, the Gore tag is up.

The Sacrifice of the Knight Bolo by Georg

  • Recommended by Troper 541
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Bolo Combat Unit GNY has been defeated in its primary task and now plummets to a certain destruction. What thoughts go through the metallic mind of a Combat Unit of the Dinochrome Brigade in its last few minutes, a weapon of war now resigned to its ultimate fate?

Friendship is Sufficiently Advanced by Cordial Nova

  • Recommended by Zarpaulus
  • Status: Dead; last updated February 2017
  • Synopsis: A first-in scout from the Associated Worlds investigates the anomalous star system IGS 254672, expecting to find the home of a machine god. She finds herself making first contact with sophont ponies instead. A couple of them are weakly godlike ponies, but still...
  • Note: Crossover with the Eldraeverse and written by its' author.

    Live Action TV 
Banishment Decree by Chuckfinley
  • Recommended by Dr Slide
  • Status: Dead
  • Crossover with Burn Notice
  • Synopsis: Gilda is a top-notch spy who suddenly finds herself banished from her clan. Cut off from her intelligence connections and financial resources, she teams up with Trixie and Rainbow Dash to find a new line of work and figure out how she got into this mess. Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie get involved as the story progresses.

ponyville pawn stars by Timidwolf

  • Recommended by troper: trickymander
  • Status: Dead
  • Crossover with Pawn Stars
  • Synopsis: For years, Cash Money and his sire Old Money have owned and operated the Silver Saddle Pawn Shop, the only pawn and loan store in Ponyville. Together with Cash's colt Big Hoss and new hire Derpy Hooves, they buy and sell things of every variety from all over Equestria as well as issue pawn loans to ponies in need.
    • This is what happen when you cross MLP with the hit history channel show Pawn stars and it is good the OCs are believable and Derpy is best Chumlee.

My Little Borg by Roger M. Wilcox

  • Recommended by Tracer.
  • And not just because he's the author.
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossover with Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Synopsis: To the Borg, the little ponies are merely Species 14864. None can resist assimilation ... or can they? Involves Twilight Sparkle as a starship captain.

‘’Rules of Engagement’’ by Carmine prophet

  • ‘’Status’’: Complete
  • Crossover with ‘’Literature/Frontlines’’
  • ‘’Synopsis:’’ to [[Literature/Frontlines]], The war against the Lankys is over, and humanity is finally beginning to take back the colonies that were either lost or lost contact with during the war.

Meanwhile on the earthlike colony on the far side of the 40 designated as Camelot by the colonists, the local human slaves, the former colonists live in slave camps forced to carry out any degrading desire of their owners. But before one slave was executed, she was able to send one signal to the former NAC nodes near the system's alcubierre shoot.

The message only one word that would bring the hammer of humanity crashing down and smash the ponies' little paradise.The message - "Help".

    Tabletop Games 
The Luna Heresy by SIROFLOT
  • Recommended by Zarpaulus
  • Status: Dead
  • Crossover with Warhammer 40,000
  • Synopsis: 30,000 Years in the future, Celestia rules the Empire of Equestria, a huge galactic empire of ponies. This is the time of the Great Crusade, Celestia's vision to conquer the entire galaxy. However, other dark forces wish to change the way of life in Equestria forever...

Of the Time Before by Clockworkchaos

  • Recommended by Exploding Frogs
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A crossover with Exalted, told in the style of the Legend of the Titans from the Ink Monkeys articles. No one from Exalted is directly named, but it's very clear who is who if you're familiar with the series. Of the creation of the Divine sisters and their peers, and of Equestria and of the Elements of Harmony.
  • Pairing(s): Luna/OC is hinted at, but never confirmed.

The Dark Ones by Snake Staff

  • Recommended by Forged in Darkness
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A crossover with Warhammer 40,000. Equestria is dead. The sun and moon have stopped, and the planet is in ruins. The xenos that built the civilization are gone, their works in ruins. Investigating the planet, Interrogator Kylara makes a surprising discovery, one that might hold the key to what happened to this once-fair land - and what might be done to stop it.

Eclipse Phase: Dreamcatcher by Pyrite

  • Recommended by: Zar Paulus
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Crossover with Eclipse Phase. Ten years ago, Equestria achieved a technological singularity. It did not survive the night. During an event now known as The Fall, the first Artificially Generated Alicorns unlocked the true power of Discord, and became the Nightmares, laying waste to Equestria before mysteriously vanishing. The sun now lays still in the sky and transequines, the refugees of ponykind, try to find their place in the worlds and spaces left behind, where the body is transitory, where the mind can be fundamentally altered, where a beating heart and breathing lungs are luxuries that some cannot afford. The Dreamcatcher network exists to prevent the extinction of ponykind, whether by the return of the inscrutable Nightmares, the insidious Discord Virus, or other threats that arise, through any means necessary.

Ponyville40K Dawn of Friendship by Mike Stormm

  • Recommended by Grant MK 2
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Crossover with, unsurprisingly, Warhammer 40,000. Charged with preserving peace and harmony in the galaxy, Inquisitor Twilight Sparkle of the Ordo Harmonious ventures to the planet of Ponyville to face her great challenge - discovering the value of friendship.

Hc Svnt Equus Pinnis by Masterweaver

  • Recommended by Zarpaulus
  • Status: Revived after hiatus.
  • Synopsis: Crossover with Hc Svnt Dracones. Three months after her mysterious disappearance Fluttershy suddenly appears again out of nowhere, minus a few natural limbs. Slowly, as she starts to acclimate back to Equestrian society she begins to tell her story of life in an alternate universe populated by hypercapitalist animal people.

    Video Games 
A New World, A New Way (link) by zeusdemigod131
  • Recommended by tdntv
  • Status: Dead; last updated December 2016
  • Crossover with Pokémon
  • Synopsis: In an Alternate Universe of Pokémon, Arceus has been sealed away for thousands of years, helplessly watching as humans (or at least just the bad ones) continued to abuse and enslave the Pokemon, the final straw being the many attempts to use the Legendary Pokemon, yet he remained locked in his pocket dimension. However, when a trainer breaks the seal, Arceus decides that enough is enough and decides to move the Pokemon, along with humans that he and the other Legendary Pokemon consider worthy, to a new world for a fresh start. Too bad Arceus seems to not think his plans through.

Guardians of Magic by Shire Folk

  • Recommended by reterusu, Madd The Sane
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: When the heartless attack equestria and Mortimer sends the main cast of Kingdom Hearts to equestria... let's just say things get complicated. Very complicated.

Ace Combat: The Equestrian War by Polish Valsion

  • Recommended by Final Gamer, PDR1010, Silverstein222, Rethkir
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: The Griffin Kingdom prepares an invasion on Equestria and when the Wonderbolts are incapacitated by two griffin aces, a group of pegasus ponies, assembled by Firefly, becomes the land's main aerial defense force, supporting each other in the hardest of times. It's a story of revenge, friendship, sadness, struggles and sacrifices, a war which will change the lives of many a pony and griffon...
  • The first story from Ace Combat: Equestria Chronicles mini-series. A sequel, Ace Combat: Wings of Unity, is dormant, last updated March 2018.

Vision by GaPJaxie

  • Recommended by Nothing Productive
  • Status: Book 1 is Complete, Book 2 was cancelled by the author
  • Synopsis: My Little Pony meets BioShock. Many years after Celestia and Twilight have a falling out, her new student Siren Song goes after her to try and make peace between them. But as she approaches the place Twilight was last known to be, her ship is attacked by mutants and sunk. She awakens in the underwater city of Vision, a utopia in theory and dystopia in practice, where money can buy anything...

My Little Arkham (Link) by ADHD 365

  • Recommended by Sabo 88
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: The Mane 6 are captured by Hugo Strange, and are sent into Batman: Arkham City. He separates them and steals the Elements of Harmony. He plans to use them for Protocol 10. They must find a way to get the Elements back, get reunited, and get back to Equestria. It's a fan-written side story of what happens in Batman: Arkham City, by the POV of the Mane Six. It focuses in their struggle for survival and to return home, as well as eventually joining forces with the Caped Crusader. Rated T for some violence and language, but nothing that you haven't seen in the game, already.
  • Comments: Excellently written, with a great deal of detail in the descriptions and the emotional aspects of the six ponies struggle. Their portrayal is also kept faithful to the original series, as, no matter what horrors they find in this megaprison, they try to not only survive them, but to also do it without losing themselves and without forgetting their friendship. Overall, a commendable fanfic, and since it's close to 190.000 words long, you'll have plenty to read and enjoy. (NOTE: Now complete.)
    • It has a good premise, but it takes the In Spite of a Nail trope to a ridiculous extreme and follows The Stations of the Canon too closely for my tastes. Even King Sombra didn't change the game's plot at all. Still, it's a decent read if you don't mind those things, but if you're looking for a crossover fic where it's not basically a canon rehash, you might want to keep looking.
  • Review here

Creeping Darkness by Pen Stroke

  • Recommended by Toko WH, S Noble Jr, Ardashir, Korodzik, Madd The Sane
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: ''There is a shadow to all of existence, a place that all worlds are shielded from by a thin veil. A Dark Place, where a single presence plots and struggles to consume all creation with its darkness. The author Alan Wake is one who has defeated this Dark Presence, but to save his wife and his world Alan had to remain trapped in the darkness.
  • Now, through his struggles to return to his wife, Alan has unintentionally released the Darkness and an old villain upon Equestria. To fix the mistake, Alan starts a new story with Twilight Sparkle as the protagonist. Can the unicorn find the strength to face the darkness, or is all of Equestria doomed to be the victim in the dreadful horror story?''

Deus Ex Equine Revolution by Melon Hunter

  • Recommended by Valikdu
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: "The world is in flux; new ideals, groups and technologies permeate every level of society in this age of discovery. The field of augmentation has allowed ponies to improve themselves in ways that were unthinkable a generation ago. Yet, for every benefit, there is an inverse. A griffon civil war rages on the borders, feeding the profits of mercenary companies. Rising populations have forced the rich and poor ever further apart. Harmony is dying. Mortally wounded after a fatal attack on her laboratory, an earth pony researcher is augmented against her will and sent out into a chaotic world in search of answers. But as her quest unravels this chain of events, she discovers an ancient conspiracy that will shake Equestria to its very core."
  • Comment: A masterful fusion of the two franchises, with the level of quality akin to that of Fallout: Equestria. While not as different from its game's plot as FoE, it deviates enough to not make the story predictable for those readers who beat the game.
  • Pairings: Bon bon/Lyra, filling in for Adam and Megan, respectively.

Fallout: Equestria by Kkat (link)

  • Recommended by Kyman 102, Erthilo, Ack Sed, S Noble Jr, Spirit, Troper 541, Mister Tulip, Silverlight Pony, magmablock
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: War. War never changes. Fallout: Equestria follows the story of Littlepip, a dweller of Stable Two who works as the apprentice to its PipBuck Technician. However, this changes when Velvet Remedy, a singer who is famous throughout the Stable, comes to her to get the padding on her PipBuck repaired, but then disappears the next morning, having left the Stable afterwards, and Littlepip having removed her PipBuck. Now a target of scorn throughout the Stable, Littlepip is stressed beyond belief until she finds an override code inside of Velvet Remedy's PipBuck, which allowed her to escape the Stable. Using this code, Littlepip leaves the Stable herself to brave the dangers and horrors of the post-apocalyptic Equestrian wasteland.

Friends of a Solar Empire by Dalek IX

  • Recommended by Zarpaulus
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: For little less than one thousand years, the species of Equestria had been a part of the Trade Order, sharing the millenium of peace of prosperity the humans had enjoyed. Now, with the arrival of alien invaders and the return of ancient evils, that peace was been shattered. A people unused to war had to rediscover its ways and fight for their home. The Trader Emergency Coalition was born from this need. Ten years have passed, and the sitation has improved to the point High Command has authorized a rotation of the forces, sending the weary first generation back to their homes, to rest and recover. Meanwhile, a lavander unicorn mare who has never been on a planet is travelling to Equestria on behalf of her teacher...

The Silent Ponyville Chronicles by Jake Heritagu

  • Recommended by James EM 73, Salnax1, Streek, Conchshellthegeek7, Ace2401
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: In an effort to end her recurring nightmares, Pinkie Pie enters her own mind with the help of one of Twilight's spells. Can she uncover the secret behind her nightmares and put the spring back in her step, or will she succumb to the twisted Otherworld that is her psyche?
    • Silent Ponyville 2, a sequel to the original from the same author, is now available on the same page. This time, Fluttershy and her friends has to enter her mind to find the truth behind the nightmares tormenting her.
  • Pairings: Fluttershy/Rainbow Dash in Silent Ponyville 2.
  • It has since evolved into its own fan universe, with various stories set in Alternate Universes. One of the better ones is Blood Chronicles, the story of how Twilight managed to get herself into the mysterious realm...along with a Serial-Killer Killer and Deadly Doctor. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Review here

Ponyville goes to the...dragons?? by Freelancer

  • Recommended byTropers/Toko WH
  • Status: Dead
  • Pairings: Spike/Ember
  • Synopsis: (Spyro series X MLP'') Spyro, Cynder, and Ember are accidently brought to Equestria by one of Twilight's failed spells, and, with no quick way home, the three find themselves stuck in Ponyville, and being housed by none other than Spike and the lavender unicorn mare herself. Soon awkward and unusual situations arise, tempers flare with destructive consequences, and Spike learns that sometimes if you wait long enough, love will find you.
  • Comments: In interesting crossover, and one of the few Spyro/Friendship Is Magic crossover fics I've actually enjoyed reading. Though you're milage may vary due to some Alternative Character Interpretation of Cynder, some Canon Welding of the classic and legend Spyro series, and it's main pairing, it's still a cross-over fic that the author clearly put a lot of effort and time into.

The Cutie Mark Clash by Captain Gamer

  • Recomended by Chargin Chuck
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: A fighting tournament comes to Ponyville! Can our favorite ponies go for broke, or will they have to go home and be family mares?

Disgaea: Disharmony of Friendship

Mine, Little Pony!: Crafting is Magic by I'm Only Kidding

  • Recommended by: Mooncalf
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: A group teleportation spell gone awry strands the Mane six and Derpy in the Minecraft universe. Now, the heroines must find ways to survive, understand the bizarre physics of their new home, and build awesome, luxurious mansions and vanity projects. Surprisingly less silly than it sounds.

My Little Test Subject by Klutzybear

  • Recommended by: Ldude 893
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: GLaDOS finds a quirky, fun-loving, talking pink pony in the Aperture Science facility and puts her through various test chambers. Hilarity Ensues.

My Little Castlevania by Brony_Fife

  • Recommended by Tropers/bifferboffer
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Castle Canterlot has vanished overnight, replaced by an eerie castle. Upon further investigation, Twilight Sparkle unearths an unholy terror that will stop at nothing to bring itself back together...

My Little Chrono: Triggers Are Magic by Pav Feira

My Little Metro by RedSquirrel456 (can be found here)

  • Recommended by Mad Cormorant, Caligari 87
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: After the Apocalypse, the Stalliongrad Metro shelters what remains of ponydom from the mutant, radiation-infested wastes of the surface world. Lockbox, born in the Metro, has always been a rather private pony who liked to collect things, particularly things that remind him of the time before. When his home station comes under threat, a promise spurs him onto a quest to preserve the ramshackle remains of pony civilization, but can he find a reason to save what remains amid the violence, corruption, and depravity of the Metro?

Sweetie's Mansion by Moon Shooter

  • Recommended by King Sonn Dee Doo
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: (from FIM Fiction): "When a mansion appears out of nowhere in the outskirts of town, The Mane 6 are all invited to a housewarming by Specter Yield, the owner of the strange mansion. Hours after they leave to attend the party, the Cutie Mark Crusaders find themselves in this mansion. Eventually, Sweetie Belle finds herself alone in this massive mansion, trying to save her friends, and discovering the truth behind this haunted mansion. Will she be able to rescue her friends... and possibly all of Equestria from the ghostly presence?

Rebirth of the Damned by Borsuq

  • Recommended by Tropers/darkwulf23
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Crossover with World of Warcraft
  • Synopsis: (from FIM Fiction): His evil was legend. He was an entity of incalculable power and unparalleled malice - his icy soul utterly consumed by his plans to destroy all of life, until he was stopped and defeated. But what if that wasn't the end? What if he was given a second chance, in another world? For he was not always like this. Nobody is born evil. But anyone can turn evil. Will he become a hero? Or is he doomed to repeat his mistakes and walk the same path as before, the Path of the Damned?

Thief: The Derp Project by Ninjamuffin 13

  • Recommended by Boatmurdered
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: There are dark things growing in Equestria. The fate of an age rests squarely on the shoulders of the one mare who wants it least. But, sometimes, to steal victory from the jaws of defeat, it takes a thief...Story of Ditzy, and Dinky crossed over with the Thief universe.

Tales of Harmony by Starwind Dood

  • Recommended by Tropers/Kytseo
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: (from Equestria Daily) Fan-fiction that will show you the harmony found in our hearts!

    The fate of Equestria will be decided not by the madness of battle, but by the harmony between each other...

    Twilight, a student from Canterlot, and her dragon companion, Spike, find themselves caught in a mission to find the elements of harmony to stop the the crazed mare, Nightmare Moon. Equestria is not a land of love and tolerance, but a land that has been ravaged by racial conflict, sudden earthquakes, and the shadows within a pony's heart. Only with friends can Twilight find the strength to stop Nightmare Moon.

    To save Equestria, Twilight will have to prevail against power-hungry ponies and those who would wish to stop the gathering of the elements of harmony. Honesty, Laughter, Kindness, Generosity, Loyalty, and Magic. Are these strong enough to fight the wicked?

Fallout: Equestria Girls by Extradimensional Alien

  • Recommended by: Naal 2
  • Status: Dormant; last updated December 2017
  • Synopsis: Twilight Sparkle has kept contact with Sunset Shimmer for a long time... until one fateful day, when she sent a message to her otherworldly friend, and never received a message back. Moreover, her magic book that could help her get into human world at whim stopped working. Once Crystal Mirror opened on its own, Twilight and Spike rushed into the portal - only to find that the human world has been destroyed by weapons no one in Equestria could even imagine, and those who survived the apocalypse have to fight just to live another day, because no matter the world, war never changes...
Can Twilight and Spike survive the horrors of Canterlot Wastelands? What became of Sunset and other friends? Will Princess of Friendship actually find her way back to Equestria? This story is not related to Fallout: Equestria in any way.

Friendship is the Key by appendingfic

The Speed of Sound by sid5594

Harmony Harmony by Jenova2

  • Recommended by Nightelf37
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Eager for intellectual stimulation, Twilight makes her GREATEST INVENTION EVER! But what do her friends think about her creation?

HALO: On the Wings of Angels. by Gyvon

  • Recommended by Long Gunner 15, autobot
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: It has been several months since the disappearance of Twilight Sparkle. One night, after watching her sister raise the Moon and set the heavens alight, Princess Celestia begins to bed down for the night, only to be interrupted by portal forming in her room. From out of the portal comes none other than Twilight Sparkle, garbed in strange armor. Princess Celestia, along with Luna, Cadence, and Shining Armor, are overjoyed by the Element of Magic's return, but are justifiably curious as to where she had been and what she had been doing. And so, Twilight begins her tale. A tale of survival against impossible odds. A tale of a people fighting for the most basic right of all sentient beings. The right to exist.

Friendship is Aura by KangTheSpartan

  • Recommended by Nightelf37
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: In the aftermath of a huge explosion in the Everfree Forest, Ponyville soon finds itself as the new home for Lucario, an "Aura Pokémon" from another dimension. While he avoids explaining what has happened to him and where he came from, he repays his new friends' kindness by protecting them from the evil forces that suddenly appears around Equestria. All the while, a certain princess of the night watches his every move, unable to judge if this new visitor will bring safety or utter destruction upon the land.

''Little Dragon in a Strange New World by Zeryurijin

  • Recommended by Nightelf37
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Feeling restless at the dragon temple, the purple dragon of legend decides to take a leisurely flight one night. That all changes when a freak storm sends Spyro tumbling through a vortex and finds himself in a rather colorful new world.

The Antithesis of Harmony by Battery 1320

  • Recommended by fenrir666.
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Weirdly enough, this one's a Kirby/My Little Pony crossover, and I believe the only one of its kind as well. It opens with the final battle in Kirby: Return to Dreamland, and has Kirby crash-landing in Equestria. It seems to be a slice of life fic so far, with big hints at a large, dramatic overall plot, with the shadow of the mysterious Antithesis of Harmony hanging over Equestria. There are some pretty big flaws in the early chapters, but nothing that makes it unreadable. A definite 8/10, with a solid potential for a nine. No pairings as of yet, something I found refreshing for fics like this. The author seems to be hinting at the story getting much darker as it goes on, but there aren't any trigger warnings as of yet.

I Wanna Be the Very Best by KittyZozo3366

  • Recommended by Nightelf37
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Lightning Dust, just kicked out of Wonderbolt Academy, is down on her luck. But when she meets a mysterious game character who has gone through her same trials and then some, she takes heed to his advice. Wreck-It Ralph crossover one-shot.

Sly Cooper in: Stealing Harmony by Loyal2Luna

  • Recommended by p0nypanda, Madd The Sane
  • Crossover: Sly Cooper
  • Status: Dead (cancelled by author)
  • Synopsis: Former "master thief" Sly Cooper had given up his old, criminal ways for good and settled into a new life with his love, Carmelita. But when an alien god of chaos spirits away and imprisons his lover and his friends, the last member of the Cooper Clan must take up his cane once again to get them back. The deal is simple. Come "willingly" to a peaceful, tranquil world populated by magical, colorful, talking ponies, and "acquire" six pieces of ceremonial jewelry in exchange for the release of his friends and the promise of a safe return to Earth. Piece of cake, right? Right?

The Koprulu Sector by Unholy Heaven

  • Recommended by Zarpaulus
  • Crossover: StarCraft
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Thousands of years after the Terrans and Protoss are wiped out, Ponies colonize the Koprulu sector and form factions roughly paralleling those of the sector's previous inhabitants. On the Dominion colony of Mar Sara the Cutie Mark Crusaders uncover an ancient Terran base infested with Zerg...

Elements of Honor by Spit Flame

  • Recommended by Sabo 88
  • Crossover: Dishonored
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: The assassin caused so much trouble in the land ruled by the two sisters. He is a marked one. Powered by the Outsider, the mythical being of all worlds. After putting the past behind him, the assassin returns to Equestria, seeking redemption. Many threats face Equestria in ways more dangerous than the Elements of Harmony can handle. The Outsider has truly gone too far. While it may take some time to cause a new impression, can the marked assassin save the land, and be saved from his own past? With the help of the mane six and the princesses, that is.

Oskar Osäker: True Omnivore by Legionary

  • Recomended by wille179
  • Crossover with: [PROTOTYPE 2]
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Not all of Alex Mercer's "Evolved" were loyal psychopaths. Some were simply desperate people who Alex thought he could easily control once he infected them with the "Mercer Virus". However Alex was never one for full proof plans as he quickly finds out when only a handful of his Evolved army show up at that fateful final battle between him and Heller. Oskar was one of the many of dozens of Evolved that stood by and watched as Alex was consumed and now he finds himself in a strange cutesy land filled with talking ponies. Can this viral being find peace in Equestria or will his need to be secure get in the way?

Rainbow Dash's Five Nights at Freddy's by X the Reaper

  • Recommended by: eagle108
  • Crossover: Five Nights at Freddy's
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Takes place within Season 4. Rainbow Dash accidentally destroys the sign of a certain soon-to-be closed pizzeria while on an errand for Twilight Sparkle, and being the bearer of the Element of Loyalty, takes on the graveyard shift for five nights to pay off the debt. Easy job, right? Not unless one is dealing with "magic dolls" that have... "quirks".
  • Comments: While the world of Equestria is primarily run by a combination of magic and a bit of technology, animatronics are considered "magic dolls" and telephones is seen to be introduced as a new thing. X the Reaper blends the rules of FNaF into MLP perfectly, keeping the reader in suspense as to whether Rainbow is going to make it to 6AM or not. As with magic, things are always more than meets the eye once she starts the first night...
  • Tags: Suspense, Fusion Fic

The Princess and the Yo-Kai by Shadowmane PX-41

  • Recommended by: Rock Raider
  • Crossover: Yo-Kai Watch
  • Status: Dormant; last updated November 2017
  • Synposis: While out on a camping trip with her friends, Princess Twilight Sparkle finds a mysterious capsule machine in the woods. After giving it a coin, and opening the capsule that comes out, Twilight now finds herself with a Yo-kai butler named Whisper, and begins learning of the world of yo-kai.
  • Tags: Adventure, Random

The Saga Of Spyro Quest For Harmony by TyrakatheDragonFan

  • Recommended by Jimbodeek, Thragg Lootrippa
  • Status: Dead, cancelled by author on Sept. 18 of 2020
  • Synopsis: When Nightmare Moon returns and Twilight and her friends are tasked with stopping her, Celestia makes a desperate wish upon the Tree of Harmony for help, for something that can protect the ponies in this dark time. Surprisingly, the fulfillment of this wish comes in the form of a champion from another world: Spyro the Dragon, who brings his own unique wit and powers to resolve the problems that the ponies face.
  • Comments: A very well-done crossover by TyrakatheDragonFan that seamlessly integrates Spyro and company into the story of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, showing very clearly the impact of their arrival to Equestria. Interestingly, the version of Spyro that is featured in this story is not based on any one version. Rather, he is something of a Composite Character that combines multiple aspects of his previous incarnations but is much older and more of an Experienced Protagonist. In addition to being darker and edgier than canon, the story inverts the trope of "hero from another world has to abide by the laws of the Pony World" as Equestria is absolutely left at the mercy of the outsider Spyro. The author uses this premise to deconstruct and alter the plot of the show's episodes significantly.
  • Crossover with: Spyro the Dragon with some Crash Bandicoot and mixed in as well.

Kingdom Hearts Fractured Friendship by KHXhero

  • Recommended by KaisertheGreat
  • Crossover with: Kingdom Hearts
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Taking place after "A Canterlot Wedding" for the MLP characters and "Kingdom Hearts III" for the KH characters, Twilight Sparkle lashes out at her friends and family and runs away causing the Elements of Harmony to be broken and the magic to fade away. Sora, Donald, and Goofy alongside Twilight's friends must travel across Equestria to find her as a new threat starts to emerge.
  • Comments: A sequel to Kingdom Hearts 2.7: Friendship is Magic which was a retelling of the first two episodes of Friendship is Magic but with Sora involved.

The Sparkle in his Eye by Tatsurou

  • Crossover with Ratchet & Clank
  • Recommended by Awareness Bringer
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: In a remote corner of the Solana Galaxy lies a backwater planet called Veldin. Nothing important ever happens there. Nothing exciting, either. Ratchet, a Lombax with no idea of his origins, is beginning to grow bored with his life, and dreams of excitement. He wishes on a falling star for some excitement to find its way into his life.

The falling star answers by crashing into his home in the form of a basket carrying a tiny creature with a horn, a pair of wings, and four hooves. The name on the basket reads "Twilight Sparkle".

    Western Animation 
Predators Moon by Atomic Chinchilla
  • Recommended by Eric W
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: A crossover between My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and Beast Wars. Set after the changeling invasion in the pony universe, and right after Master Blaster in Beast Wars, we discover that an alien presence that corrupted luna into being nightmare moon has reforged itself, and dropped a piece of itself on prehistoric earth. After a careless shot, the predecons, Blackarachnia and Depth Charge are transported to equestria where they do what they always do: fight battles and interact off each other.
  • Notes: While nominally a crossover that could really exploit and bash one franchise or the other, the writer makes certain that both groups have appropriate characterizations, while still adding some fun twists of their own. The ponies are not totally inept against the predecons, but the preds aren't weaklings either. Also, it can ask some very interesting questions regarding some of the universes. For example, why have applejack and fluttershy gotten so little time together?

Total Magic Pony Island by Tailslover 13

  • Recommended by Chargin Chuck
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Discord is once again loose, but after using his randomness to find some interesting information on some strange phenomenon in another world that has to do with an island and a bunch of humiliating events, the crazy spirit of disharmony and chaos comes up with a new, sick, twisted, disturbing plan that involves capturing 20 of the most popular ponies (and three non-ponies) and forcing them to play a new game while the rest of Equestria watches in horror (or most likely secret amusement and possibly envy of not being picked themselves). What does the rotten host Discord have in mind for our 20 unfortunate selections? Well, looks like you'll have to wait and find out! Maybe, just maybe, if Discord is feeling generous, the winner of his new "game" will get a grand prize. Everyone pick a character to root for and let's get it on!

The Truth About Pinkie Pie by Batty Gloom

Substitute Harmony by Blayze Kohime

  • Recommended by 45xxx, j03b0b0fd00m, Madd The Sane
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: When strange ponies from another world suddenly pony-nap all her friends, Pinkie Pie must find a way to defeat their master all on her own. Blamed for the crime herself, she has no help from Celestia and just about every pony in Ponyville is convinced that she's finally cracked. Who can she possibly find to fill in for the other elements to defeat the ancient evil behind it all?
  • Review here

Zim Invades Equestria by Steeve Lee II

  • Recommended by G0vnah, G0vnah
  • Status: Vanished from the internet. Please post a link if found.
  • Synopsis: What will happen when everyone's least favorite Invader stumbles into the world of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Horrible things. Horribly funny things. It's only a plot outline, but might as well be a fanfic, with how it reads. It does switch tense occasionally, but aside from that it's not a bad fic outline. Worth a read.

Spike 10 by MasterZero

  • Recommended by Nightelf37
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Spike is walking through the Everfree Forest when a strange metal sphere falls from the sky. Inside, he finds a black and white watch, which latches onto his left arm. Now, he can't get it off, but on the bright side, he now has the power to turn into ten different aliens. He's become Spike 10, the Hero of Ponyville.

Legend of the Titans by Silent Bob

  • Recommended by Crazy Cracker
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: In the depths of the Everfree Forest, an artifact older than life itself activates, bringing forth five, resting heroes of old. Though they don't remember much, they still remember who they are. Yet in this new land of harmony and minimal crime, will they be able to be able to embrace the chance to finally live normal lives, or will they always be needed to heed the call? ~ Crossover with Teen Titans

A Pony and a Portal by JenovaII

  • Recommended by Korodzik
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: The mane six travels through several different strange universes, which are inhabited by ponies... except these ponies are chubbier, less graceful and childish... and while everything around may seem diabetes-sweet, it is not. In other words, a comedic trip through the previous editions of the My Little Pony cartoon, given a Darker and Edgier treatment.

Oh, Bother by Daemon McRae

Avatar: The Last Alicorn by Maskinos

  • Recommended by Eric W
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: This is a reinterpretation of Avatar: The Last Airbender, with Ponies! When best friends Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash discover Twilight Sparkle, a firebender a short distance from their village of ponyville, it's only the beginning of an epic quest to save the world from eternal chaos and darkness.
  • Comments: Don't let the title fool you, this series of fics actually takes on a VERY formidable task. Creating a series that follows the general story of Avatar while incorporating the concepts of Friendship is Magic. Furthermore, the author isn't afraid at all to create more original story lines during the journey, use characters in unexpected ways, or even pull several Not His Sled moments in regards to the flow of events. This is an engaging and fascinating read for fans of both series, and is definitely worth following. Now complete.

Applebloom: Transform and Roll Out by Dusty the Royal Janitor

  • Recommended by: p0nypanda
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Applebloom just wanted to spend a day with her friends, crusading for her cutie mark. Instead, she found something even deeper and more troubling about herself. Turns out she's not even a member of the Apple Family by blood. In fact, she's not even truly native to Equestria! She's an alien! An alien robot no less! Now Applebloom will have to deal with the reality of her origins and try to cope with them and her newfound abilities as she moves towards her future; a future that just might never come to be if her new foes have anything to say about it. Decepticons are, after all, a monstrous cabal. Now, it's up to Applebloom to light Equestria's darkest hour.

G3 Pony Tales 'Vs Hatred' by Alex Warlorn

  • Recommended by: blue96
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: All ponies living in Ponyland(G3) have been having horrible nightmares, about strange beings that constantly haunt them while chanting : Kill it with fire, while taunting them in nightmarish landscapes. Including: Telling Rainbow Dash that the "real" Rainbow Dash is a flyer and telling her to fly as she's backed into the very edge of cliff and telling Princess Rarity that the "real" Rarity isn't a princess, she doesn't play in the mud, she makes dresses, while cramming dresses down the poor fillies throat. It is later revealed, that the nightmares stem from hatred seeping in from another world and they must stand together and to find the truth.
  • Review: It is a very interesting peace, that addresses certain hypocrisies in the fandom. Mainly, that all the shows including My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic teach morals about friendship and acceptance, yet there is still a lot of hatedom for the other generations. It also portrays the G3 ponies very sympathetic and undeserving of their hatred, which helps the reader see them in a better late then they are often cast in.
  • Warning: Graphic mind screw and nightmarish imagery.

I'm CatBug! by Thought Prism

  • Recommended by: Rock Raider
  • Crossover with: Bravest Warriors
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: One day, CatBug ends up in the land of Equestria, where he meets the Mane Six. How will they each react to his feline curiosity and childlike innocence?

The Distant Princess by GMBlackjack

  • Recommended by Spectacular Troper
  • Crossover with: Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Samurai Jack, Wander over Yonder, Infinity Train, and Gravity Falls.
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: The world saw the purple comet, and very few knew what it was. Twilight Sparkle was one of those who had no idea, so she decided she was going on a trip to get some answers. With her friends at her side, she sets her sights on the Candy Kingdom, believing she is prepared for anything. But evil brews in the Candy Kingdom, and she is far from the only individual to have seen the comet. Ancient secrets are about to be unearthed and mysteries from very distant lands will rear their ugly heads. Meanwhile, a ragtag group of misfits is going to go on and adventure. Because what else do you do in a world like this?

Spinel's New Best Friend by luckyboys121

  • Recommended by Rock Raider
  • Crossover with: Steven Universe
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: As Spinel watches Steven and his friends celebrate, she realized that she had done too much to them and everyone on this world to be their friend, and ran off to the warp pad. But even after she set foot on a new world she realized that no one would be friends with the person she was now... it's a good thing she had another Rejuvenator.

Pinkie is in for a big surprise and a new best friend this birthday.

Now has a page.

The Pony Guard: Return of the Elemnts and the Roar by MXCDarkHorse2020

  • Recommended by JMRS
  • Crossover with: The Lion Guard
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: After Kion discovers his new destiny as leader of the Lion Guard after experiencing the Roar of the Elders for the first time, he assembles his friends Bunga, Fuli, Beshte, and Ono to be a part of his team, but his father King Simba did not approve of his decision leaving his son downcast that his father doesn't see that he is taking his new role and responsibilities seriously.

As soon as Kion wanders off on his own he discovers a magical portal that leads him to a new world where magical ponies that include unicorns, pegasi, and earth ponies exist in with his best friend Bunga tagging along for the ride. There they meet Twilight Sparkle, the protégé of Princess Celestia, who arrives in Ponyville to prepare the Summer Sun Celebration. There they would also meet Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie along the way.

However, a new threat is on the rise as Nightmare Moon, the villianous mare from a book Twilight has read about prepares to plunge Equestria into an Eternal Night as she abducts Bunga. Seeing the world and his friend in danger, Twilight and Kion together, along with their companions journey to the old Castle in the Everfree Forest to find the Elements of Harmony in order to stop her as Kion attempts to prove to his father that he is worthy of his position as the Lion Guard's fiercest, rescue his friend, and help Twilight save Equestria.

Slender Mane by 2tailedpony
  • Recommended by James EM 73
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: After Twilight visits the Everfree forest, someone (or something) follows her out!

A Stranger in Ponyville by Brony Fife

  • Recommended by pickadish
  • Vanished from the internet. Please post a link if found.
  • Synopsis: A crossover with notorious Internet lolcow Chris-Chan, as written in the style of H. G. Wells... at least, at first. Basically, the situation becomes more and more surreal until the very fate of Ponyville hangs in the balance...

More Than A Stallion, by Kamineigh

  • Recommended by bifferboffer
  • Vanished from the internet. Please post a link if found.
  • Synopsis: A fusion-fic between the worlds of FiM and Superman. Big Macintosh becomes the pony equivalent of the Last Son of Krypton, and learns what it really means to be a hero.

MLP FIM FanFic by Eq Am Rd (Fan Vid)

  • Recommended by Chabal2
  • Synopsis: A thousand years before season one begins, Luna and Celestia's conflict escalates into open warfare. In this case, with B-52s and the memetically famous Orbital Friendship Cannon. Short but awesome.
  • Review here

Space Oddpony, By Phoe

  • Recommended by Planetkhaos
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A fic based on David Bowie's song, "Space Oddity". Twilight Sparkle works tirelessly from mission control to ensure the success of Equestria's first space mission, as flown by intrepid ace pilot Rainbow Dash.

The Infinite Loops - FiM branch

  • Writer: Multiple, though the head of it is Saphroneth.
  • Recommended by Toko WH
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Something has happened to the world tree, Yggdrasil, which made the multiverse go on the fritz, and time to start looping while the admins try to repair it. Twilight Sparkles, being the anchor of the loops, is one of the few who realizes what's going on, though others eventually join her. Faced with a millennia's worth of doing things over again, the loopers begin to resort to some rather interesting ways to blow off steam and shake up the monotony that can come with repeating events over and over again. Naturally, Hilarity Ensues.
  • Comments: Though the series as a whole didn't start with the FiM branch, the FiM branch is responsible for making it popular. The main reason for being in the cross-over section is due to the existence of 'fused loops', which can range from a character from another series popping in to full on Mega Crossovers. Being responsible for making the loops what they are today, it's worth the read. All one million plus words worth.

A Tour of Neopia (Plus One Edition) bynightelf37

  • Recommended by ThePieKid
  • Status: Dead (last updated January 2017)
  • Synopsis: Twilight Sparkle and her friends are sent on a diplomatic mission to a new world that was discovered after one of its inhabitants was found scouting Equestria. They are to take a tour of this new world, Neopia, which is inhabited by a diverse series of creatures called Neopets, and learn all about them. Also found in FiMFiction. It's "Plus One Edition" because Spike is included.
    • The original version in FIM Fiction Dot Net can be found here, which includes helpful links that supplement the fic, but doesn't include Spike in the story.
  • Comments: This is a crossover story between Neopets and My Little Pony and is the only one I have found, but more than fills the want. The author brings the two worlds together in an pleasantly elegant way and provides an impressive level of consideration about the world, bringing in devices like 'users'. It can only be read to be truly explained but is certainly worth your while, injecting humor constantly to remain enjoyable.

Fics that also fall under the "Humans" category

This means if the characters in the crossover were humans, whether or not they turn into ponies/what-have-you upon arrival to Equestria, they go here.

    Anime and Manga 
Ponies One Half by Emma Iveli (link)
  • Recommended by DrTempo
  • Status: Dormant; last updated March 2018
  • Synopsis: From FF.Net: "Thanks to a teleportation accident, Twilight and her friends are stuck in another universe, not only that but the first thing that happens to them is that they get cursed. And that's least weird thing that happens to them." This is only the second ever FiM/Ranma crossover; the plot may be basic, but For Want of a Nail, among other things, kicks in from the start.
  • Note: Now has a "director's cut" version in FIMFiction.Net here, with Nightelf37 as a beta reader, but he has since left.

My Little Naruto: Friendship is--WHERE AM I!!? by DragonLS

  • Recommended by Nightelf37, autobot
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Naruto's life has been taken, and is given a second chance at life due to certain circumstances... However, what he didn't realize, is that he would be living in a world of ponies and magic, not in his own world. Will Naruto learn to put his past life behind, and accept his new life? Or will he go insane, stab himself in the head, squat down sucking his thumb, and yelling for his mommy? Let's find out!
  • Notes: Takes place post-Time Skip, but before his meeting up with Sai. Gets slow in the beginning, but comes up to speed in the second chapter.

Friendship Contract by Demeristraz

  • Recommended by finagle 007
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: From "Reading an epic tale of one of the Third Hokage's missions, a 6 year old Naruto Uzumaki sets himself on getting some awesome summons of his own. Unable to find a contract on short notice, and not understanding why a contract is required, he goes through the necessary motions anyways and winds up in Equestria. Can Naruto convince the locals to let him be their summoner? Is the ninja world ready for the likes of Pinkie Pie? Just how much will a young Naruto benefit from the Magic of Friendship?"

My Little Shinobi: Friendship is Eternal by Gespenst KAF

  • Recommended by autobot
  • Status: Dead
  • Crossover with: Naruto
  • Synopsis: With one destiny fufilled, Naruto finds himself in the midst of another that effects not just his world, but another as well. Rated for language, violence, and certain situations later on.
  • Comments: Set at the metaphorical end of the Fourth Shinobi war.

Shinji's Nightmare by Harry Leferts

  • Recommended by autobot
  • Status: Dead
  • Crossover with: Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Synopsis: While he has returned from being absorbed into Unit-01, Shinji finds himself in an odd situation. Now, in a body that looks nothing like a human's and with a snarky roommate in his head, he has to deal with new powers and abilities while those around him shift. And he thought that fighting Angels was weird...
  • Comments: You will like Nightmare Moon in this, for she gives Shinji what he desperately needs: A backbone. Oh, yeah, he also does a sonic rainboom.

The Order of Koaxia by HellRyden

  • Recommended by heirTransparent
  • Status: Dead
  • Crossover with: Bleach, FFXII, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, World of Warcraft, Power Rangers... You know what? Let's just say it's got a bit of everything.
  • Synopsis: Six mysterious strangers have made their way to the harmonious land of Equestria. Possessing otherworldly and incredible powers, the interlopers are shrouded in mystery, and when rumors that they are seeking out of the Bearers of the Elements of Harmony come to light, Twilight Sparkle and her friends are thrown into the middle of a war they didn't even know existed. As the Bearers try to fight their new foes and master new, unheard of abilities, a startling fact begins to become evident: The strangers do not want to steal or destroy the Elements. They want to augment them. Before time runs out for everyone...
  • Comments: Fun as all hell, badass enough to send anyone's blood into a boil, and stupid enough to give Pinkie Pie actual super powers. You know it's gonna be awesome.

A Game Comes To Equestria by Rainstone56

  • Recommended by: Webs SOTE
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Wishes can change everything—be they little changes or big changes. When Pinkie Pie decides to make a wish for a brand new friend to meet on a shooting star, Her wish gets granted—When a Pegasus crashlands in Ponyville that very same night. The stranger has No memories, No Cutie Mark, basically nothing but a name and a strange hum of energy about him. But without any memories, who is he, exactly? a Threat to Equestria, Or Something much more than he appears? Crossover with the Original Yu-Gi-Oh! Series. This takes place during the timelines of Season two and three of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and during the middle of the DOMA/Waking The Dragons Arc.
  • Pairing(s): Yugi/Pinkie Pie, but in a Platonic Life-Partners / Friendship-like relationship than actual romance or shipping.
  • Note: May veer off into Non-Canon Territory at some points, as well as there are Alternate Intepretations for certain characters. No Duels featured

Attack on Titan: The Ponies from Afar by moviemaster8510

  • Recommended by Nightelf37
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: The year is 850. With the appearance of human-like giants known as titans over a hundred years ago, humanity has forced themselves to walled strongholds to protect themselves from the titan menace. The Military are the only known offensive force against the titans, but they are losing numbers fast. And with the appearance of the Colossal Titan and the Armored Titan, which can easily destroy the walls protecting the cities and its residents, it seems that humanity is all but doomed.
    However, during a titan invasion of the district of Trost, a sudden rainstorm and resulting crash of lightning brings forth an unexpected visitor� seven of them in fact. The visitors claim to be "ponies" (another being a dragon) from a faraway world that were sent by their powerful leader, Princess Celestia, to save Trost and to eradicate the titan threat.
    Knowing that titans attack humans and nothing else, along with seeing the awesome talents that each of the ponies possess, the Military allows the six ponies to join the fight alongside newly admitted soldiers Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Arlert. Together, they will fight to stop the titans and help humanity rise from the ashes.
  • Note: It is recommended to watch the first six episodes of the animé to get a better understanding for what is happening, along with watching the new episodes that are released each Sunday that this story will coincide with.

HiE - A Hollow in Equestria by Charlie_K

  • Recommended by Abbreva
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Ulquiorra Cifer was defeated at the hands of a mere human and died in Las Noches. At least that's what he thought. In the boundary that separates life and death for all Hollows he's found by one that finds him interesting enough to give a second chance at life free from Aizen's control and free to do as he pleases; he was just never told that his second chance of life would take him to an alternate world he never could've imagined even if he tried.
    The land of Equestria is a magical place full of hope and second chances. In this land can the Cuatro Espada find something that's been missing and learn how to live? Or will his presence be the downfall of the peaceful world?

Rorschach in Equestria by Ex-Nihilos
  • Recommended by Nightelf37
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Instead of being killed in the cold Antarctic by Dr. Manhattan, Rorschach finds himself rematerialized in a strange new, pony-filled world. He finds himself drawn into the lives of the ponies of Ponyville but some ponies fear that this sociopath will bring danger and darkness to an otherwise peaceful existence. Will the mane 6 help Walter Kovac find peace within himself, or will he bring them all down with him in his cold views of reality and existence?

The Incredible Hulk: A Hero or Monster by God Dragon Devil

  • Recommended by autobot
  • Vanished from the internet. Please post a link if found.
  • Synopsis: Ever since he was exposed to Gamma Radiation, Bruce Banner has been seen as nothing but a mere monster. Constantly hunted and hated; his very existents is considered a threat to all of Humanity. But what if he wasn't around Humans? What if one day he found himself in another world entirely? Can Dr. Bruce Banner finally have what he has been searching for all these years; Peace and happiness? Or will his arrival cause chaos and bring nothing but destruction in his wake?

Just Joking by Rainbow Bob

  • Recommended by Shadow Sora 94
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: One day in Gotham, as per usual, The Joker is causing mayhem. Using an experimental weapon from LexCorp, has gained the ability of teleportation. However, when something goes wrong, he finds himself in the world of Equestria. And naturally, he does what he does best. Create as much chaos, pain, and suffering as he can.
  • Comments: A story that revolves more so around the Joker than it does the Mane Six and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic's supporting cast, but does a good job at making him the Big Bad as opposed to a hero. Everybody is wonderfully in character, and the Joker might as well be Mark Hamill himself, which in the end is what sells the story. Nearly ever other sentence manages to be a joke, and even as he's unleashing hell on Equestria he delivers many crowning moments of funnies, while still being an utterly unforgivable villain. A great read for anybody wanting to read a good Joker story, even if you aren't a big fan of MLP.
  • Seconded by this troper.
    • Now has a TV Tropes page.

Mare Genius by Samarkand

  • Recommended by Madd The Sane
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: During the battle with the changelings, a trapped Discord manages an undirected spell that reaches across universes to bring an agent of chaos to Equestria. What's brought back more than qualifies. Crossover with Girl Genius

Spiders and Magic: Rise of Spider-Mane by Maximus_Reborn

  • Recommended by Sabo 88
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Trouble is brewing, and Spider-Man is summoned to save the day! However, he takes the form of a pony upon his arrival and slowly starts to lose his powers. Now as Peter Pony Parker, he must become Equestria's new hero as the Amazing Spider-Mane, but with past failures haunting his mind, will somepony be able to give him the happiness he deserves?

A Dark Knight for Equestria by Onomonopia

  • Recommended by Clato Lawa
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopis: In Equestria, everypony views heroes as stories for fillies and not to be taken seriously. However, in another reality, heroes do exist. When a dimensional transport portal goes awry, a certain vigilante finds himself in a colorful land full of ponies. And he isn't happy. Will Batman have to fight his way out of Equestria? Or can even the most dark hearts find peace?
  • Word of God is that this is based on the Arkham City incarnation of Batman more than the comic books, though its still comprehensible to fans of other versions.

Whenever You Call by Onomonopia

  • Recommended by Clato Lawa
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A routine space patrol leads the man of steel to a peaceful planet where ponies are the dominant species. At first, the ponies seem fine with some one like him helping out and protecting the ponies. But as they learn more and more about his power, the more some begin to fear him. For what do you do against one who is like a god? Will you learn from him and become stronger? Or fear him and do everything in your power to bring him to your level?

To Be A Hero In Changing Times by Sparkfire

  • Recommended by ultimomant
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: When the Spectre realizes Darkseid is coming for Equestria, he transports Superman there to defend it. But can the Man of Steel win the ponies' trust and reignite the hope within him?

Cinematic Adventures by extremeenigma02
  • Recommended by Jimbodeek
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: One day while walking through the Everfree Forest, Twilight Sparkle stumbles upon a strange device that she came across from her travels to the human dimension known as a 'television'. But this is no ordinary television, as it has the power to open portals to other worlds of humanity's greatest movies, allowing Twilight and friends to become the stars of their own Cinematic Adventures!

My Little Program: Friendship is Perfection by GoesKaboom

  • Recommended by Nightelf37
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Crossover with TRON: Legacy. Twilight Sparkle's new teleportation spell fails and the ponies find themselves in a world unlike anything they've ever seen. What's with these strange bipedal things and shiny lights? I don't think we're in Equestria anymore! Oneshot.

Whip and Wing by Fernin

  • Recommended by Eegah, Poptard
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Daring Do's latest race for an artifact against Ahuizotl results in her meeting her match from another universe: Indiana Jones

My Little Serenity: Misbehaving is Magic by Trachyon

  • Recommended by Chargin Chuck
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: The 'verse is a weird place. One moment, you're being attacked by flesh-eating monstrosities, the next, you're sitting down to dine with a horse. The crew of Serenity don't quite fit in with the law. They don't quite fit in outside of it, either. They make do by handling whatever jobs that come their way, and scavenging what they can from derelict ships when the opportunity arises. But one such scavenging operation goes horribly wrong. Reavers are the stuff of legends and nightmares. Men who flew out to the edge of the galaxy, at the end of all human knowledge. When they came back, they weren't men anymore. Foul creatures who kill the lucky ones, and desecrate the bodies of the rest before ripping the corpses apart. Serenity flees from a Reaver infested wreckage, but not before the Reavers follow. Catastrophically damaged, the ship descends on the surface of a planet which holds more than its fair share of mysteries. Unfortunately, the Reavers are hot in pursuit. Rated "Teen" for occasional mature themes, such as violence, profanity in both the English and Mandarin language, potential showing of blood, possible mild sexual themes, poorly executed penis jokes, and intense amounts of Jayne. You have been warned.

Back to Equestria by ilvos01

  • Recommended by autobot
  • Vanished from the internet. Please post a link if found.
  • ''Crossover with": Back to the Future
  • Synopsis: The DeLorean is back. Except it's a wee bit different. And it does something completely unexpected. Back to the Future / My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic crossover. (I have heard of the cartoon/games. I have never seen/watched the cartoon/games. Based entirely off of the films.)
  • Comments: Um, wow. In classic BttF tradition, a paradox is made. Twilight doesn't get the inspiration to be Celestia's student and runs away. Shockingly, Rainbow Dash, not Pinkie, causes it by being the one to flip the switch.Oh, and Young!Filthy Rich is the Equestrain version of Biff, especially with his nickname, Fiff.

For Queen and Country by Gherkin 8088

  • Recommended by Herbieriffer
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossover with: James Bond, specifically Skyfall
  • Synopsis: It starts out with Bond chasing down Patrice in Istanbul, as in the pre-credits sequence to Skyfall. As in the film, Bond is shot by Eve and tumbles off a railway bridge and wakes up in a cell trapped by colorful ponies. After escaping, he rescues a pony named Lavender Quill from some rogue ponies and eventually takes up residence in a Ponyville inn, much to the ire of the townsponies, and the interest of one Twilight Sparkle. Tensions run high as the Princesses find out of this ubermensch and Bond not only has to deal with international espionage, but a world of brightly-colored equines.
  • Comments: The work is, as of now, unfinished, but it is a rather well-written piece. If you have not seen Skyfall yet, the only spoiler this story reveals is that Bond gets shot, but it's still a good read. Other fun things about it that I would recommend is that the chapter titles reference other famous Bond movies and it is a rather cathartic and hilarious thought of Bond fighting ponies.

A Tale of Two Worlds by The King of Gingers

  • Recommended by Sharkcrap 11
  • Status: Dead
  • Crossover with: The Marvel Cinematic Universe, set after the events of The Avengers specifically.
  • Synopsis: After Loki escapes from custody on Asgard, he finds himself in Equestria. Knowing full well that Thor will be pursuing him, he comes up with a cunning plan to win the (perhaps overly) trusting locals over to his side in the inevitable battle. Meanwhile, Thor must reassemble the Avengers and rebuild the Bifrost in order to capture his errant brother. Little do the Avengers know that Loki has been doing his best to turn the ponies of Equestria against them...
  • Comments: It's not finished yet, but the writing is solid, the characters are all in character and the plot looks set to head in some interesting directions. Also, Applejack seems to be able to see through Loki's lies. Who knows where this is gonna go?
    • Unfortunately cancelled as of sometime in May 2015, author citing bad reception to his last chapter and the distancing of both series from his understanding of the canon as the two primary reasons.

A Midsummer Night's Dream by Killbles

  • Recommended by p0nypanda
  • Status: Dormant; last updated March 2018
  • Crossover with: Pacific Rim
  • Synopsis: A close encounter with a category three Kaiju leaves Midsummer Night, a Mark-II Jaeger, in the inky depths of an unknown ocean. With no communications or navigation available, the pilots, Shane and Michael O'Connell, are well and truly out of their element. Good thing they accidentally brought something with them to liven up the party,
  • Comments: Some readers might think Celestia is a bit too trusting.

The Amazing Spider-Man: The Web of Frendship by Time Pony Victorious

  • Recommended by notfluttershy
  • Status: Dead
  • Crossover with: The Amazing Spider-Man 2
  • Synopsis: Shortly after the arrival, and subsequent arrest, of the Rhino and the Green Goblin, Peter finds himself in a lucrative position at the Daily Bugle and despite everything that has happened for him, things are going well. That is until a new villain is in town and this time not only threatens the safety of New York but of the fabric of reality itself! It's all Peter can do to don his mask and defend reality itself. Meanwhile, Princess Twilight Sparkle is getting used to her new home after the destruction of her precious library. She decides to come to terms with her new position as the Princess of Friendship and tries to figure out what her duties are and what they mean to her life now. So, how can she cope when a stranger literally drops from the sky, causing trouble almost instantly?
  • Comments: It's the same author who wrote The Adventures of Doctor Whooves

From the Ashes by Boltstrike58

  • Also on
  • Recommended by: Love Luigi 4 Ever 915
  • Crossover with: The Avengers. AU after Civil War.
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: The war between the Avengers is over. Neither side has won. The team is scattered. All Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, and the others can do now is try to adjust to this new status quo.
    Until now.
    Pursuit of mysterious thieves leads the Avengers to a new planet, populated by...colorful talking ponies. Oddly enough, these ponies may actually know something about conflict resolution and personal problems. The Avengers had better listen, because only together can they stop a sinister force that plans to bring both Equis and Earth to their knees.
  • Note: Now has two sequels: Read Avenging is Friendship before Doomwar(currently in progress).

My Little Balladeer by Ardashir
  • Recommended by CA Loewen
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: The Elements of Harmony find themselves facing an old evil united with one from beyond their world entirely, bringing magic so alien that Equestrian magic cannot defend against it. Yet, long ago, when the Elements existed in a different form, they summoned aid from beyond the world to defeat a similar threat from beyond. Out of desperation, today's Elements repeat that ancient summoning, and they get � a hillbilly with a silver-strung guitar?
  • Comments:A crossover between My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and the John the Balladeer stories of Manly Wade Wellman that manages to stay true to the feel and spirit of both universes. The story is complete.

The Dresden Fillies by psychicscubadiver

  • Recommended by Peteman, 7grayjay7, omegaman
  • Status: Complete (the first two stories) and Ongoing (The Dresden Fillies: Great Power)
  • Synopsis: Narrowly escaping from the Nevernever to a realm that does not involve getting eaten by a hundred demon monkeys, Harry Dresden finds himself in a cutesy Sugar Bowl that is is rife with environmental magic. He reacts to the situation about as much as you can expect (namely, by actively suppressing the urge to pick up the adorable locals and squeeze them like some manic five-year old girl). And the local population is not exactly sure what to make of this giant, bipedal creature that claims to be from another world, and by any accounts, is probably one of the most dangerous creatures they'll ever meet.
  • Can be found here, here, and here. Now has a sequel, which can also be found here or here.

Soul of a Dragon by Emma Iveli

  • Recommended by Dr Tempo
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: From FF.Net: "AU, FiM. Harry dies after his final fight with Voldemort and is reincarnated as a certain purple dragon. Years later Harry's friends show up in Ponyville looking for a new life. Can they have it or will Voldemort find them?" a Completed fic, and has a unique plot. Expect shockers aplenty!

In A Strange Land by TheFanficStealer

  • Recommended by Nightelf37
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: The battle with Discord does not go as planned, and it appears all is lost as the Elder God of Chaos and Disharmony vanquishes our heroines. Meanwhile, in another time, in another place, a familiar young man finds eight young women unconscious near his home. They sport the strangest hair colors, are strumming with magic, and have the strangest accessories on them...
  • Warning: Mature Rating. God!Super(almost Gary Stu-like)!Harry, Harry/Harem.

The Wizard and the Lonely Princess by Harry Leferts

  • Recommended by Salnax1, autobot
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Harry Potter was a lonely boy who one day wished for a friend. Luna, trapped on the moon, wished for the same. And so their wishes are granted. How will the two deal with each other? And what about Nightmare Moon?
  • Comments: This fic may cause you to actually feel sorry for Nightmare Moon and actually like her.

Hooves, Plush, and Magic: The Untold Tales by Harry Leferts

My Little Denarians by Chengar Quordath

  • Recommended by Gentlemens Dame 883, Subzero 008
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Some time back, Harry Dresden had the (mis)fortune of meeting Pinkie Pie. Now, Ghost Story has come and gone, and Harry has a new mission. The fallen angels of the Order of the Blackened Denarius have set their eyes on Equestria, and it's up to him to thwart whatever plans they have.

The Unicorn At Hogwarts by Saphroneth

  • Recommended by p0nypanda, Clato Lawa
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: After discovering that Cadence is not who she appears to be, Twilight is sent to another world entirely by the disguised Changeling Queen to avoid her plan being disrupted. When Twilight lands, she discovers that not only have Spike, Owlowiscious and Peewee followed her, but that they've arrived in a world where the main sentient species is human. There's still a place where they teach magic, though.
  • Comments: Might go through all seven books, if the author can do it. Basically, Twilight takes the place of Hermione, who now lives in France.

The Lovely Bones: Afterlife of a Murdered Pegasus, by Doctor Perseus

  • Recommended by Clato Lawa
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Rainbow Dash was living a near perfect life until her close friend, Pinkie Pie, betrayed, tortured, and killed her. Now Rainbow Dash is trapped in the in-between with Pinkie's other victims. As she tries to help her family and friends find out the identity of her murderer, she learns that there's more to Pinkie's madness than what meets the eye.
  • Comments: A Fusion Fic between Cupcakes (Sergeant Sprinkles) and The Lovely Bones, with appearances by Susie Salmon herself. Also Eustace Scrub, strangely.

My Little Pony: Morphing Is Magic by Tricondon.

  • Recommended by Clato Lawa
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Twilight and the other Elements of Harmony have saved the land of Equestria from Nightmare Moon, Discord, and the Changeling army, but now they face perhaps their biggest challenge yet. A challenge that lurks behind smiling faces and friendly eyes. A challenge that threatens to overtake the entirety of Equestria and enslave its inhabitants. But the ponies won�t face this threat alone. Help comes in the form of the most unlikely of companions; four teenagers, a hawk, and a blue centaur.

Pericynthion by Skystrider

  • Recommended by Gentlemens Dame 883
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: During her banishment to the moon, Nightmare Moon drags a certain Ender Wiggin into the Equestrian system in an attempt to escape ahead of schedule. Though she doesn't succeed, she manages to throw his spacecraft onto Equestria. Months pass before he is found again...

The Secret Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes by Paper_mate_pony

  • Status: Dead
  • Recommended by Korodzik
  • Synopsis: Sherlock Holmes hears of a curious event. Apparently, a demon-like creature, calling itself the "lord of chaos", is haunting the Somerset hills, and it commands an army of ponies in Roman armour. Is this just a drunkard's hallucination? The mysterious case that Holmes receives soon afterward suggests otherwise... An Original Flavour styled fic; at least the first two chapters are written almost like they came from under the pen of Doyle himself.

The Maretian by Kris Overstreet

  • Status: Completed on 2018-10-19
  • Recommended by p0nypanda
  • Synopsis: Twilight Sparkle's experimental interplanetary drive has malfunctioned, stranding Starlight Glimmer, Spitfire, Cherry Berry, a changeling and a dragon on a hostile planet in another universe. With limited food supplies, very little magic, no communications with home, and no way to leave the planet, they must survive until somepony rescues them. Fortunately they crashed right next door to another creature with the exact same problem- a creature named Mark Watney. They're going to science the buck out of everything- and do whatever it takes to survive Mars and get everybody home. Sequel to Changeling Space Program, and my attempt at an updates-daily story.

Cosmic Lotus by Bernard Doove

  • Recommended by Zarpaulus
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Advances in science and magic had detected the Anomaly – a star in the heavens that was unlike all the others in the night sky. Intense research had only served to deepen the mystery. Although Equus had a vibrant space program, going forty-two light years to investigate had been considered impossible until now. The Cosmic Lotus program was born, and over a hundred crew-members of multiple species were sent into the void to discover the unknown. After a journey of years, what they would find would both amaze and terrify them.
  • Tags: Crossover with the Chakona Space universe of Doove's own creation.

    Live Action TV 
Doctor Whooves and the Other Doctor by hasbrohoof
  • Recommended by Nightelf37
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Not your typical Doctor Whooves fanfic. A series of events cause the TARDIS to blast into a dimension populated by ponies and crashes. While waiting for the TARDIS to repair itself, The Doctor runs across a certain brown stallion, whom he will discover is a reflection of himself in more ways than one. But even after The Doctor was gone, his mere presence created a ripple that would awaken an ancient being. Continued in the sequel Doctor Whooves and the Sea of Dreams.

Stargate Equestria: Connection by Bosstone (TV Tropes page)

  • Recommended by Powermail Doomguy, C Charmander K, S Noble Jr, Tropers/Ardashir
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Doctor Jackson messes up a symbol while dialing Earth and sends the Stargate SG-1 team to the land of Equestria, where they mingle with the local 'wildlife' while pursuing suspicions of an awakening Goa'uld lord.

Lunar Rising by azore24

  • Recommended by autobot
  • Status: Dead
  • Crossover with: Stargate SG-1
  • Synopsis: SG-1 is sent through the Stargate as a forward scouting team for an extended scientific mission to P3X-597. Arriving in a long abandoned castle, the team heads out for the nearest village. As they approach, it becomes clear that the locals aren't exactly human. Their contact with the pony-like aliens goes well, conveniently timed alongside a celebration of the sun, until an over-the-top, hammy, evil pony appears to ruin the festivities. A Stargate SG-1 crossover.

Code: Pony Evolution by reterusu (TVTropes page)

  • Recommended by Pilot Solaris
  • Status: Dead
  • Crossover with: Code Lyoko: Evolution
  • Synopsis: Twilight's rather bored with Equestria, and wants to go somewhere new. So when Princess Celestia offers her the chance to learn how to perform spells that can transit The Multiverse, she immediately jumps at the opportunity. But the spell she uses takes her somewhere... unexpected. Can she cope with the new people she's met and help fight XANA while trying to find a way home?

Magic, and Mayhem, and... Murder? Oh my... by Invictus

  • Recommended by Kersey 475
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossover with: Psych
  • Synopsis: While pursuing a suspect, everyone's favorite fake psychic, Shawn Spencer, ends up in Equestria and must team up with the Mane 6 to stop an old foe of theirs. Hilarity Ensues

How Do You Shoot a Gun with Hooves? by defender2222

  • Recommended by Clato Lawa
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: A freak accident causes New York Police Detective Kate Beckett and her partner, best selling mystery writer Richard Castle, to be ponies and transported to Ponyville. Meeting up with Twilight and her friends, Beckett and Castle try to deal with their new bodies, the citizens of Ponyville and all the insanity that the Mane 6 seem to attract, all while trying to find a way home.

A Puzzle Unsolved by presentperfect

  • Recommended by Poptard
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossover with: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Synopsis: Did you ever wonder who Coulson's mysterious cellist ex-girlfriend was? Well, it's an interesting story...
  • Pairings: Octavia/Phil Coulson

The Quandary of DisQord by Kane Magus

  • Recommended by roguehistoria
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossover with: Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Synopsis: This is a Star Trek: The Next Generation / My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic crossover fic (though it's mostly just a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fic since none of the Star Trek: TNG cast except for Q show up, though a few are briefly mentioned). The frame story is set immediately after the TNG season 3 episode "Deja Q." The story being told to Q2 (who is simply called "Q" rather than "Q2" in the fic itself) by Q is about Q's existence as Discord from his first arrival thousands of years before the events depicted in the play in "Hearth's Warming Eve" up to the end of "The Return of Harmony."

Robbie Rotten and the Town of Equality by Mega-PoNEO

  • Recommended by Bob Riddle
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossover with: LazyTown
  • Synopsis: Not fond of Friendship is Magic's villain episodes, Robbie goes into The Cutie Map and effortlessly subdues Starlight Glimmer with his sneaking and trickery.

Where Nopony Has Gone Before by Kane Magus

  • Recommended by roguehistoria
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossover with: Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Synopsis: This is a direct sequel to the previous fic The Quandary of DisQord and is, of course, another Star Trek: The Next Generation / Friendship is Magic crossover. This time, however, Q has decided to bring the crew of the Enterprise-D along for the ride as well.

Friendship is Timeless by Seanzilla1988]* Recommended by troper: [=FaizGuy

  • Status: In-Progress
  • Crossover with Kamen Rider Den-O
  • Synopsis: Time long ago, the destiny of six girls were changed. In the future, time itself lead to the end of humanity. Now in the middle in the present, the time to reach the crossroads have come as 6 girls and 1 human, plus 5 Imagin's fight to change fate itself. (Based around the MLP comic created by the very talented Mauroz)
    • This is a rather ingenious work that does its best to keep every in-character with unique developments that take them to new ways that still keep them as who they are. Utilizing the world and concepts created by Mauroz as a base provides a rather interesting take on the work and also assists in making this story its own unique entitiy in comparison to the works it is based off of.

    Tabletop Games 
The God Empress of Ponykind
  • Reccomended by Qussow
  • Now complete and with a sequel.
  • Synopsis: Princess Celestia wasn't always the kind and benevolent Princess of Equestria she is known as: many centuries before, she was the God-Emperor, Eternal ruler of the Imperium of Man. Restored during a Chaos attack on the Imperial Palace, He was cast into the Warp and spat out in a different universe, having been turned into a (female) pony. Unable to return to the Imperium, the newly transformed Emperor begins to build a new empire, one untainted by the Ruinous Powers and populated by beings created in Her own image.

My(stara's) Little Ponies: Friendship is Adventuring by John Biles (Alternate links: FiMFiction, the author's site (text-only version))

  • Reccomended by Kalaras Of Haven, Deek, Luc, Indalecio, Taper
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Samus Marcus (once known as Erik of Vestland, though he had a different face then), a down on his luck adventurer, and his old Karamekian friend Ivan are rescued from certain doom by the Elements of Harmony, an officially registered Adventuring Party. They are on a mission from the Principessality of Equestria, which lies between the Republic of Darokin, Sind, the Five Shires, Alfheim, and Karameikos. A seamless integration of Equestria into Dungeons & Dragons' world of Mystara.
  • Review here

The Thessalonica Legacy by Dashukta

  • Recommended by S Noble Jr, Akamia
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: In the 31st Century, humankind has spread to thousands of planets in the Inner Sphere. Once united under the glorious banner of the Star League, the Successor States and their noble houses now fight bitter wars over the scraps of empire. When a JumpShip carrying a special task force from the Federated Suns suffers a catastrophic misjump, the occupants find themselves stranded above a strange, beautiful world at once alien and eerily familiar. Meanwhile, in the peaceful realm of Equestria, Ponyville�s resident bookworm , Twilight Sparkle, has stumbled upon hints of a secret buried for centuries. A secret that may lay bare long-forgotten aspects of Pony history and culture. Our story begins on the planet Valexa, where the beleaguered Militia has launched a last-ditch effort to call for help against overwhelming odds.
  • Note that the fanfic does not require any knowledge of the BattleTech universe (or, for that matter, the My Little Pony universe.)

Emperor's Child In Equestria by Imperius

  • Recommended by Long Gunner 15
  • Status: Dead (last update was Mar. 2, 2016); taken down from, but available in mirrors
  • Crossover with: Warhammer 40,000
  • Synopsis: You are Anonymous, Noise Raptor of the Emperor's Children Legion of Chaos Space Marines. After a daring raid into the heart of the Dark Eldar city of Commorragh, you are now in possession of the only thing in the galaxy that can save your warband from a powerful Tzeentchian curse set upon you by Kairos the Fateweaver himself. However, while in Warp transit back to the Eye of Terror, complications arise. You now find yourself alone and abandoned on some Chaos forsaken planet populated by... are those ponies?

Into the Hedge by Bad Wolf 9510

  • Crossover with: Changeling: The Lost
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: When the Cutie Mark Crusaders are abducted by The Fair Folk, Lero must confront a part of his past he had hoped buried and forgotten. With the support of his herd, he will risk it all and seek to once again venture into the Hedge, before the Crusaders are swallowed by Arcadia.
  • Comments: A spin-off story to Xenophilia and, more specifically, its spin-off story Divided Rainbow.

    Video Games 
Starbound by Rytex
  • Recommended by tehepicnessoffail
  • Crossover with: Starbound
  • Status: Dormant(last updated 21 May 2018)
  • Synopsis: Princess Twilight is the first pony to explore unknown space. Things go bad during the initial flight, and she ends up floating over an unknown planet in unknown space. Now she has to survive long enough to find her way home.
  • Pairings: Human OC/Twilight Sparkle

See the Zone and Survive by RoadRunneR

  • Recommended by Reynard 1986
  • Crossover with: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
  • Status: Completed (20th February 2014)
  • Synopsis: After an accident with a strange anomaly in the Everfree Forest, Celestia is trapped in alternative world in the place filled with mutants, killers, even more anomalies and her magical powers are very weakened. Now, with the help of two Stalkers (and their future allies and friends) she must learn how to survive in this dangerous place which Zone is and find way to home.
  • Pairings: Strider/Celestia, Vano/Snag!
  • Comments: A wonderfully written crossover with many awesome and funny moments placed in our lovely Zone. If Celestia is your favourite pony, if you love guns and if for you S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is one of the best games ever made, this fanfic is something you. Must. READ.

Operation Homecoming by RoadRunneR

  • Recommended by Reynard 1986
  • Crossover with: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
  • Status: Dead (last updated 28th September 2014)
  • Synopsis: A direct sequel to See the Zone and Survive. After fourteen, adventurous but also hard, months Celestia, together with her new friends, allies and her lover, finally returned to Equestria. But this is not the end of the challenges that she must face. Now, not only Equestria must adapt to their old-new ruler but also Celestia must adapt to a few changes that have occurred during her absence.
  • Pairings: Strider/Celestia, Vano/Snag!

Tiberian Eclipse by Material Defender

  • Recommended by Reynard 1986
  • Crossover with: Command & Conquer: Tiberian Series
  • Status: Dead (last update - 8th February 2014)
  • Synopsis: Slightly more than one hundred years after the end of Tiberian Twilight, humanity, using the reverse engineering Scrin technology finally reached the stars... where they found many worlds infected by Tiberium and very angry Scrins. Therefore, Interstellar Defensive Initiative was created to fight the Scrin, free the infected worlds from Tiberium and, if they encounter any, help native inhabitants. At the same time, Equestria and the rest of the planet, are getting closer to, seemingly inevitable, extinction...
  • Comments: If you are a loyal fan of old and new Tiberian Series games, this is something you absolutely must read.

The Equestrian Wind Mage by LordSiravant

Better Living Through Science and Ponies by Pen Stroke

Mass Effect 2 - DLC: The Equestrian Equation by Loyal2Luna

  • Recommended by crowmagnon, Madd The Sane
  • Status: Complete, the sequel Shades of Twilight is Dead
  • Synopsis: While searching for a missing Cerberus science team, Commander Shepard and his team find an ancient, still-operational facility that has remained undetected by the Reapers for millions of years. Commander Shepard is soon separated from his crew and finds himself suddenly deposited in Equestria as a pony version of himself. Soon after he arrives, though, he finds that he's far from the only thing that isn't what he seems to be.
  • Comments: A fic full of Awesome Moments a-plenty that manages to weave the two settings together in a manner that makes sense, with several major plot twists and revelations along the way. The Mane 6 and Mass Effect characters are extremely well-characterized, to the point where it actually does feel like it could conceivably take place in the game's universe. As such, though, it can get quite dark at times. Has a (dead) sequel focused on Twilight Sparkle called Shades of Twilight. Readers will be able to vote on choices throughout this story as chapters come out.

Master by NejinOniwa

  • Recommended by: cadrpear
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: While investigating a strange magical signal, the Element bearers (along with an unsuspecting Spike) are scattered throughout a strange world filled with even stranger creatures. The one who brought them there is very interested in catching them all.
  • Comments: This story is based on the events of Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, but expands on the role and personalities of the legendary Pokémon, characterizes Ethan and the generic trainers, and fills in a few other details of the world along the way.

Pony Space by OceanLord

  • Recommended by Herr Wozzeck, Troper 541
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Twilight accidently summons the engineer, and Necromorph slayer, Isaac Clarke into Equestria. Now she and Luna must deal with the armored interloper while they all search for the ponies who seek to ressurect the Marker. Rated M for gore and language.

Turnabout Storm by Neo Artimus

  • Recommended by Kytseo, Redhead64, El bruno, Akamia, Madd The Sane, Sus
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: The story goes that Rainbow Dash, the best flier in Equestra, was accused of murdering one of her competition in an upcoming race called the Equestria 500 (with the punishment being that she's banished to either the moon or the sun if found guilty). Her friend (and protagonist of FiM) Twilight Sparkle summons the best defense attorney in the universe (accidentally, initially wanting to summon the best in Equestria), said attorney happens to be Phoenix Wright. All that said, Nick attempts to adjust to temporarily living in Equestria while searching for the truth behind that murder (with Twilight as his resident Maya stand-in).
  • Comments:
    • Judging from the first of the four (now 6) episodes, it looks to be shaping up to be a pretty good crossover. From first impressions, I highly recommend it to Ace Attorney fans, bronies/pegasisters, and everyone in between.
    • Sus concurs. Despite not being all that familiar with the Ace Attonery series myself, the mix of murder mystery, well-written characters and deadpan snarkery / shout out humor is really entertaining. Plus the Ace Attorney style animation is top-notch for a fan work.
    • El bruno agrees. This fan work gets points for managing to merge both of those different universes without sacrificing their basic integrity, doing its best to stick to the original tone of both series. Plus, previous knowledge of both series is almost unnecesary to understant the story.

World of Ponycraft by Cap'n Chryssalid

  • Recommended by Salvls and Whitebeardyamamoto.
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: What could be more awesome than WOW?. Why, ponies of course. A recent finished work that tell the journey of the Mane cast to a new, exciting (and absurdly dangerous) world when the awakening of Deathwhing breaks the seal separating Azeroth from Equestria. Be warned: This is not a crossover with Word of Warcraft the work, this is a crossover between World Of Warcraft the MMORPG.

Bridled Fury by Toon Ninja

  • Recommended by Andyroid
  • Status: Vanished from the internet. Please post a link if found.
  • Synopsis: Kratos, Ghost of Sparta, finds himself taken to a world very different from his own. Will he be able to continue his journey for vengeance, or will the former god of war finally meet his match in Equestria?

My Little Fortress, Teamwork is Magic by Axle and Wheel

  • Recommended by K 9 Thefirst 1
  • Status: My Little Fortress, Teamwork is Magic is Complete, the second part Changing Worlds is Dead
  • Synopsis: After a mishap in a magic duel, the ponies are transported to the Team Fortress universe. They'll take the classes' places while The Engineer tries to find a way to get them home.

Order From Chaos by Twilight Snarkle

  • Recommended by j03b0b0fd00m and the AceOfScarabs
  • Status: Complete, and the two sequels, Justice and Hope, are also complete.
  • Synopsis: Dr. Ivo Robotnik, utterly tired of his constant battles with Sonic, decides to just give up and live out the rest of his life in a retirement of quiet solitude. When he finds himself in Equestria... Well, spoilers abound.
    • Yes, I know, it's a Sonic crossover, but it truly is a beautiful story. It's more of a villain-redemption story, and isn't at all what you would expect.
    • Ace Of Scarabs: Put any misgivings you have about the Fan Dumb around Sonic and just read it. It tells of the rebirth of the Doctor into a better being, released from the madness of a life spent in pursuit of total domination.
  • Review here

Waking Nightmares by Jonathan "KnightMysterio" Spires

  • Recommended by Conchshellthegeek7
  • Status: Cancelled; the author's planned rewrite, Waking Nightmares: Remix Heart is Ongoing with rare updates
  • Synopsis: "Luna's nightmares herald the arrival of nine warriors from another world, who have unwillingly been turned into ponies by the force that brought them there. Why were they transported to Equestria? And what is the horror that haunts Princess Celestia?"

Friendship Is Magic by sailorvulpix

  • Recommended by Nightelf37
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Crossover with Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. In what this troper could only assume takes place in a sort-of AU, where Terra, Ven, and Aqua meet each other again in Equestria before heading for the Keyblade Graveyard to confront Master Xehanort and Vanitas.

PonyCraft: Friends of Equestria by BladeSquall (alternate link here)

  • Recommended by Nightelf37
  • Status: Dead (last update Mar. 28, 2012)
  • Synopsis: Crossover with StarCraft II. Takes place after Friendship is Magic's Season 1 and the Wings of Liberty campaignnote  but before Heart of the Swarm.. When aliens (Terrans, so far, but the other races will come soon) arrive in Equestria, Twilight Sparkle and her friends must join forces with Jim Raynor to prevent her world's destruction.
  • Note: Unlike most My Little Pony crossovers, as the author puts it, "No species transformations will happen, as that would be too confusing for both the ponies who really are ponies, and those who'd get transformed.". Also, there may be 'notes' similar to those seen in the StarCraft games which might interfere with the story flow. The alternate link has further progress, but the main link has added stuff not seen in the alternate.

Name's Ellis by MAGO5

Lyra's Pyro Predicament by Darrtaa

  • Recommended by Nightelf37
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: When a mishap causes two para-dimensional weapons to collide with one another, RED Team's Pyro is sent flying from the Team Fortress 2 universe into the alternate universe of My Little Pony, where he is almost instantly discovered by Lyra, who shelters him in her home.

    Having him hidden in her small townhouse isn't easy; keeping him from setting things on fire, teaching him that not every cart that passes by is cause for alarm, and that blue ponies are not something to be suspicious of.

    However, with Nightmare Night soon approaching, Princess Luna feels that there may be something more sinister riding on the coat tails of Pyro's grand entrance; the first human to ever set foot in Equestria some thousand years ago...

Super Equestria by PonyofTacos

  • Recommended by Nightelf37
  • Status: Dead, author cancelled it
  • Synopsis: Samus Aran is on the run. The Federation has branded her a traitor. Now with only her gunship and recently acquired abilities, she must escape. Her escape lead her to crash land in Equestria. Unknowingly she will disrupt all life of everypony there. Focuses on Samus (of course), the Mane Six, and Lyra.

Metroid: Equis by Flammenwerfer

  • Recommended by [2], Tox
  • Status: Complete
  • Syopsis: A meteor impacts the nation of Equestria, Planet Equis. Tranquility is quickly snuffed out when a poison begins to spread violently. The Princesses cannot combat this unknown threat, as no knowledge of it exists. Help comes from an unexpected source.
  • Comments: This is a very well-done crossover between the two series. The light and happy world of Equestria gets a very painful look at the darker side of life when Samus Aran, fresh from her adventures on Aether, lands and starts to investigate the Phazon that's impacted the planet. It gives a great detailed look at Samus's psyche and shows a deep bond with Princess Luna. Also, new upgrades.

Mario & Luigi: Of Ponies and Plumbers by EverSoNitro

  • Recommended by Nightelf37
  • Status: Dead (last update Mar. 4, 2013)
  • Synopsis: Princess Peach Toadstool of the Mushroom Kingdom has come to Equestria on important diplomatic business, bringing with her the superstars of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and Luigi. But, when Discord is released, and aids Bowser's forces in invading Equestria and kidnapping Peach, Celestia, and Luna, Twilight and her friends must work together with Mario and Luigi on an adventure spanning two kingdoms, to rescue the princesses, defeat Bowser and Discord, and return Equestria and the Mushroom Kingdom to their former glory.

Super Mario Galaxy: Equestrian Stars bywarpd

  • Recommended by TheTrapMaster
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: Mario continues his adventure to collect the power stars to stop the Koopa King from taking over the Universe. His journey takes him to the world of Equestria where he will find unique challenges and make a few new friends. Mario's arrival in Equestria will spark an adventure his new friends will never forget.

PROTOTYPE Equestria by Azzazel

  • Recommended by Nightelf37
  • Status: Dead (went on Hiatus on June 3, 2012)
  • Synopsis: Takes place after the events of the video game [PROTOTYPE]. The infected have started to die out and the military have begun to move out in spite of still hunting Alex Mercer. Alex received a call from Dr. Ragland, who said that his sister Dana has awoken from her coma, and that he's received interesting information; a group of Blackwatch scientists were working on a new weapon with cold fusion to be used on Alex, should it malfunction, it could wipe out the entire city.
    Alex headed for the site where the weapon was and infiltrated the base. He's soon found out and gets into a fight. In the midst of that, a black vortex formed in the area, sucking in everything, including Alex himself. Of course, we all know where he's ended up.

Left 4 Derpy by Edmar Fecler

  • Recommended by Nightelf37
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: After a long day of work, Ditzy (Derpy) Doo wakes in the night to find that she is in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. Worst of all, the zombies aren't even ponies! Instead, they are some strange type of two-legged creatures with hands. fortunately for her, she is found by four of these creatures that don't seem infected. But can they help her escape this nightmare? For that matter, can any of them escape the hell-hole of a city they find themselves in?

Doom: Hell in Equestria by The card holder

  • Recommended by Nightelf37
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: He had done it. The giant demon that had masterminded the invasion of Earth was dead, and Hell was in shambles. All that was left was to backtrack through Hell and go home to help rebuild the ruined planet...But of course, it's never that easy. Just one wrong turn, and he arrives from Hell itself into a land filled with pastel-colored ponies. How will the man who had just destroyed Hell adjust ... to the sudden peacefulness after all he had been through? And is Hell really destroyed for good?

League of Discord by Ghosted Note

  • Recommended by Yarrik
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A summoning ritual gone awry accidentally sends six Champions in the League of Legends across dimensions to a strange new world: Equestria. The Champions must try to find a way home to Valoran, but a certain spirit of Chaos has other plans.
  • Note: This story is followed by The Redemption of Jericho Swain. What is that about? Well, read on for yourself.

Deus Exquestria: A Pony Revolution by TG divet3

  • Recommended by autobot
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Three months after the incident at Panchea, Adam Jensen is happy to be on his own in Detroit. Until one day, some bad guys appear, and Adam will find himself in a place quite opposite of his apartment in the Chiron Building...
  • Comments: Pretty good so far, slightly cliche.

EXPLOSIONS??? by Opticlaudimix

  • Recommended by Kriel
  • Status: Dead (last update August 11, 2016)
  • Synopsis: Mr. Torgue, a successful corporation eponymous who loves explosions and yelling comes to Equestria because Pinkie is bored. Ridiculous events follow.
  • Comments: Completely wacky, utterly nonsensical, and is guaranteed to have you clutching your sides laughing as you read about Mr. Torgue and his adventures in the last place you'd think he'd declare to be badass.

Wrong Hospital Niko Bellic by Sorren

  • Recommended by Pepsi Al
  • Status: Dead (cancelled by author)
  • Synopsis: After an incident with the heart of Liberty, Niko Bellic finds himself awake in an unusual hospital. He quickly learns that he is no longer in Liberty City. His rough, gravely world is about to be turned upside down.

My Little Wesker by Iamdanny 0

  • Recommended by Poptard
  • Status Dead (cancelled by author)
  • Synopsis: After Albert Wesker is defeated, he finds himself in a strange land. A strange land known as Equestria. How will a supposed god deal with the power of friendship and magic?
  • Comments: Everyone's favorite Omnicidal megalomaniac Albert Wesker drops into Equestria, and Hilarity Ensues. Although lighthearted and funny at times, as befitting anything crossed over with MLP, there is a overarching, darker plot that's very hooking. Wesker's characterization is perfect, still the arrogant Magnificent Bastard from before while also showing natural Character Development. Despite being a Resident Evil crossover, knowledge of that series isn't required to enjoy this story, as the author weaves in explanations so fans of both series can enjoy.

My Little Mission: Sneaking is Magic by Doctor Spectrum

  • Recommended by Hyperion 5
  • Status Complete
  • Synopsis: Whilst fighting Psycho Mantis in the original Metal Gear Solid, Solid Snake is somehow sent to Equestria by Mantis. Can he find a way back to Shadow Moses to complete his mission whilst surrounded by colourful, pastel-coloured ponies?
  • Comments: The author manages to work in plenty of references to other Metal Gear games; so Metal Gear fans will have a ball with this one. My Little Pony fans will enjoy seeing Snake fluster about in Equestria, not knowing how half of everything works. Plus it's a comedy, so it doesn't take itself too seriously.

Stardust by Arad

  • Recommended by Gentlemens Dame 883, Poptard
  • Status: Complete, its sequel Mente Materia is Ongoing, all side materials are Complete
  • Synopsis: Discord agrees to be reformed on one condition: Twilight has to survive a world at war with an existential threat, a world under alien attack, a world facing an... Enemy Unknown. But will the other side's paranoia prove too much for her?

Shepard's R&R by ed2481

  • Recommended by Poptard
  • Status: Dead (last update was Aug. 7, 2014)
  • Synopsis: Commander Shepard has been through a lot, but now that the Reaper War's over he can finally relax and take a little R&R, right? Soak up the sun, grab a few drinks, spend some quality time with Tali, introduce a new race to the galaxy... wait, what? In the aftermath of the war, a new species has been discovered amidst the destruction and fire. A species that have access to powers never seen before, powers which could prove vital to the continuation of galactic survival. The Citadel Council has elected to send Shepard, along with the rest of the crew of the Normandy, to introduce Equestria to the universe outside of their solar system. Now Shepard must wade through obstructive bureaucrats, antagonistic journalists, and the odd, angry prince in order to bring Equestria into a new age of space and adventure.
  • Comments: An interesting take on the first contact scenario fanfic. The characters stay true to their characterizations, the plot is engaging and concise, and there's an intelligent examination of the implications from magic-using species meeting a technologically-advanced one and vice-versa. Definitely worth a read, even if you aren't a Mass Effect fan.

Star Trek: Equestrian Assimilation by firelordzx5

  • Recommended by Pilot Solaris
  • Crossover with: Star Trek Online
  • Status: Dead (cancelled by author)
  • Synopsis: The Borg are a vicious race of cyborgs, seeking to raise the quality of life for all species... whether they like it or not. They're known for their catchphrase "Resistance Is Futile". And in the year 2409 they've adapted to the point that what they cannot assimilate... they will destroy. So when they abruptly stop attacking the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire, the Romulan Star Empire, and their counterparts in the Romulan Republic it takes everyone by surprise; and when they discover what has piqued their interest to the point of abandoning their campaign, it shocks everyone even further. For the Borg have discovered a world that appears to be the only one of its kind—one with a unique form of radiation that can be manipulated and controlled by certain members of its population, who look like sugar-coated Ponies. And everyone knows that if the Borg manage to assimilate one of those Ponies, it could spell certain doom for the rest of the world. Can they stop the Borg before it's too late?

Friendship Space by the dobermans

  • Recommended by Gentlemens Dame 883
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Isaac Clarke has been brought back to Titan Station after his misadventures at Aegis VII, but his "treatment" is rudely interrupted by... pastel ponies? It's Dead Space 2... but with ponies rather than Necromorphs. And not just any ponies, but The Conversion Bureau rejects. Second person from Isaac Clarke's perspective.
  • Comments: Creepy and trippy as all hell.

Pokemon: X-traordinary by Speven Dillburg

  • Recommended by zarpaulus
  • Status: Dead (last update Aug. 30th, 2014)
  • Synopsis: The princesses experience a strange vision of seven even stranger beings entering their world. Meanwhile, trainer Xavier and his loyal Pokemon, immortal following the events of Pokémon X and rather bored, take on Arceus, who proceeds to shrug off everything they throw at it and then offers to send them to a new world.

From The General by ISKV

  • Recommended by Madd Kossack 115
  • Crossover with: Command & Conquer: Generals
  • Status: Dead (last update Dec. 22, 2014)
  • Synopsis: Losing a one-sided fight, Equestria has been invaded by their long time enemies, in hopes of breaking open the oyster to harvest the pearl within. The Elements are useless against an army. The Royal Guard are inferior in both numbers and equipment.
    As a desperate last move, the princesses ask for help from a General who definitely has the power to turn the tide of this war. Thinking that this was all just a prank, he sends "help" in the form of wrecked enemy vehicles and a single construction dozer that got mixed in.

World In Conflict - Unknown Force by Merchent 343

  • Recommended by Madd Kossack 115
  • Crossover with: World in Conflict
  • Status: Vanished from the Internet. Please post a link if found
  • Synopsis: Because of a failed teleportation spell, Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and the two princesses are transported to Earth. The year is 1989. The Soviets have invaded Europe like a sledgehammer, smashing through the Iron Curtain pushing back NATO forces. With momentum running out, the Soviets try a last, desperate gamble, and the strike will be on America's homeland.
  • Comments: Now has a sequel here.

Snake Pie by Brown 25

  • Recommended by p0nypanda
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: The girls get to meet Pinkies Step-Father and he's not really what they were expecting....
  • Crossover with Metal Gear.

Ranger by Waderer D

  • Recommended by ~p0nypanda
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Unhappy that her future as a member of the monarchy is denied by Celestia, Sunset Shimmer escapes through Starswirl's mirror into another world, planning to take it over to prove once and for all she was fit to rule. What she didn't expect—besides a species change—was to arrive in a world already conquered.
  • Crossover with: XCOM 2
  • now has it's own trope page.

Fate of the Lostbelt Kingdoms by ElementBrigade

  • Recommended by ultimomant
  • Crossover with Fate/Grand Order
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: When Chaldea fixes the Lostbelts, instead of being erased from existence, the inhabitants wake up in Equestria.
  • Comments: So far, only the Russian Lostbelt has arrived. It is nice that Princess Luna was quickly able to befriend Ivan the Terrible and Anastasia.

    Web Animation 
Blue vs Red: Magic is Friendship by SergeantBuck
  • Recommended by Nightelf37
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: During his exploration of the Freelancer base, Caboose stumbles upon a lab of experimental Slipspace technology and does what he does best: pushes buttons. The next thing he knows, he's in a strange place talking to a tiny yellow filly and he couldn't be happier!

My Little Caboose: Blue is Magic! by DarkWing

  • Recommended by Nightelf37, coltrap and RLYoshi
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: What happens when Sarge and Caboose finally get Church out of the Epsilon unit? Caboose decides he wants a turn in the Epsilon unit and inserts himself into the device. Much to Church's surprise, it works. What place does Caboose end up? Well, let's just say he always said he wanted a pony and now he has a whole world full of them...
  • Note: The start of this is from the season finale of the ninth season of Red vs. Blue.

Nine Knackered Souls

  • Recommended by Poptard
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: MLP:FiM and RvB crossover. Post RvB Revelation and Season 1 of FiM. After a freak accident involving teleportersnote  sends them to Equestria, the Red and Blue teamsnote  must join forces with the the keepers of the Elements of Harmony to find a way back home and defeat an old nemesis. Rated T for swearing and violence that comes with Red vs. Blue.
  • Note: While it may be prone to grammar errors and lack of breaks (at first), it's a pretty decent story that can be appreciated by both Red vs. Blue fans and Friendship is Magic fans. Or at least the former and fans of both. Is AU as it does not consider Red vs. Blue's Season 9 since Epsilon-Church and Tex also somehow make it to Ponyville.

    Western Animation 
My Little Megas XLR by Alkem
  • Recommended by Stahn, autobot
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Coop ends up in Ponyville as a fat earth pony with MEGAS and the Glorft. As awesome as it sounds.
  • Comments: The author perfectly molds the 2 universes. Also, it's like the Megas XLR world got super imposed on Equestria. Even if you haven't seen XLR in a while, you WILL get the references.

Aqua Teen Pony Force by CartsBeforeHorses

My Little Phinny: Ferbship is Magic by Bpendragon

  • Recommended by Cabbit Girl Emi
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: "A crossover between Phineas and Ferb and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, The boys build a portal to Equestria and adventures occur in both worlds."

Legend of the Titans by Silent Bob

  • Recommended by Crazy Cracker
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: In the depths of the Everfree Forest, an artifact older than life itself activates, bringing forth five, resting heroes of old. Though they don't remember much, they still remember who they are. Yet in this new land of harmony and minimal crime, will they be able to be able to embrace the chance to finally live normal lives, or will they always be needed to heed the call? ~ Crossover with Teen Titans

Ed, Edd, 'n Pony by Cannox

  • Recommended by Nightelf37
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: After a spell gone awry, Twilight Sparkle comes face to face with three very special people: the Eds! What fate befalls our three Eds in Equestria, and can the Elements of Harmony possibly cope with the Masters of Discord themselves?
  • Note: Judging by the publish date, it seems to take place before Season 2 of Friendship Is Magic, so the author probably didn't mean any reference to the villain Discord.

Discord In Gotham by Jabberspike

  • Recommended by Nightelf37
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Thanks to a certain imp from the fifth dimension, Discord has come to Gotham City intending to prove he's the best there is at spreading chaos. Now the Joker has to stop the draconequus from taking his job as Gotham's chief chaos-causing clown.

Ponypuff Girls by Leo Archon

  • Recommended by Nightelf37
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: The latest scheme of a Townsvillain hurls The Powerpuff Girls to another dimension. In new bodies, and with different abilities each, the three must adjust to life in Ponyville. It helps that the locals are friendly. Maybe the Girls can have actual friends for once, rather than admirers...?

Fantasma by Cyneryk

  • Recommended by p0nypanda
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Danny Fenton was a normal boy, but when his DNA is fused with ectoplasm, he is turned into a half boy/half ghost hybrid. What does he have to thank for that? The Ghost Portal his ghost-busting parents had created, which they had originally deemed a failure. Danny had kept his secret for a little while from everyone except his best friends, Tucker Foley, a tech-nerd with a passion for meat, and Samantha Manson, a gothic girl who happens to be a hardcore vegetarian. He's been keeping the world safe since from ghosts hell-bent on wreaking havoc on the world under the alias of "Danny Phantom". He's had his share of fights, but for the most part, life was turning out...alright, albeit repetitive. However, one day, the Ghost Portal malfunctions, and instead of bringing them into the Ghost World, Danny, along with his two best friends, are transported into the distant land of Equestria with seemingly no way out. Will Danny, Sam, and Tucker find a way to get back home? Or will they be stuck in Equestria forever?

Transformers Prime: Friendship is Magic by thelastprime

  • Recommended by Tito Mosquito
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: A magical accident caused by Sweetie Belle coming into contact with a strange blue crystal opens up a portal to another planet, bringing fourth an adventure with the Heroes and Villains of two different worlds. (It could happen.... Only on The Hub!)
  • Sadly, the author seem to have lost interest in finishing the fic due to accusations of plagiarism.

Guilt of a Phantom by Powerdrainer

  • Recommended by Nano 6243
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Danny Phantom, terror of Amity Park. When Danny gets blamed for the death of the one closest to him he runs away, trying to hide from the nightmares that haunt him. But, as the saying goes: "You can run, but you can't hide."
  • Comments: This troper believes that this story is rather well written for several reasons. First, there are few, if any, grammar and spelling mistakes, which by itself helps to make a good story. Second, Shout-Outs are plenty, and people, especially those who watched cartoons on Nick, may end up finding a nostalgic feel on occasion. Thirdly, a few parallels have been drawn between the two shows, and Continuity Nods and Call Backs are prevalent to those who have seen either or both shows. Also, the plot is well made, and literary devices are creatively used. There are a few times when you may be tempted to skip some exposition, but overall, this story has a lot of effort put into it.

The Wheel and the Butterfly by Justice4243

A Homeric Epic in Equestria by KingHonorius12

  • Recommended by Redandready 45
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: A monster invades Equestria. A fat, yellow, bald monster. Naturally, Hijinks ensue.
  • Comments: The writer really captures Homer Simpson, his antics and dialogue never seeming out of character. The Mane 6 react to him in a manner that is believable. A must for any animation fanatic.

Dexter's Lab: Equestria by Renegade Alias.

  • Recommended by Redandready 45
  • Status: Dead; last updated December 2016
  • Synopsis: Dexter is a boy super-genius with a disdain for anything girlish and no desire for friendship. After an mishap in his lab, he get stuck in Equestria. How will he cope with the over-friendly ponies, and the girlish everything?
  • Comments: The author is very good at contrasting the friendliness of the ponies with Dexter's antisocial behavior, and thus creates a fascinating character study, along with some of Dexter's awesome inventiveness. A good read.

Bonds of Harmony by Fox-The-Writer

  • Recommended by White Phoenix 5
  • Status: Dormant; last updated July 2018
  • Synopsis: There are some bonds that can never be broken, especially if they are tied to that of the heart. It focuses on the relationship between two supporting characters, Ty Parsec and Princess Luna.
  • Comments: Although it's a bit slow-going, the build-up is great and Ty and Luna are IC! Now it has a sister story, The Ties That Bind.

The Little Pony Legend by MaggiesHeartLove

  • Recommended by Eric W
  • Crossover with: The Legend of Korra
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Twilight Sparkle and her friends travel to a whole new world unlike anything they had ever seen and meet a surprising new friend....Avatar Korra! But meeting the avatar was just the beginning of a growing legend that would last for years through their many adventures.
  • Note: On both Fimfiction and Also, please note that this is not one story, but a collection of several different stories, covering several different seasons and plotlines of both shows.

Thomas & Friends Equestria Girls Gold Dust and Harmony by Shimmering Sparkles

  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Sir Topham Hatt leaves Miss Celestia in charge of the North Western Railway while he is off on an important holiday. During her tenure as temporary controller, the new locomotive Diesel 10 and his driver Discord arrive to cause chaos for the North Western steam engines. Through all this, Miss Celestia realizes her gold dust supply is depleting and must figure out how to make more before it causes their worlds to fall apart. Meanwhile, a young girl named Twilight Sparkle finds herself making friends with five other young girls when she visits with her sister-in-law and brother, who may have the key to saving the Northwestern Railway...
  • Note: Combines the story of the original, uncut version of Thomas and the Magic Railroad, My Little Pony: Equestria Girls, and some aspects of the pilot of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic along with the Railway Series, with the Twilight, Shining Armor, Cadence, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and Queen Chrysalis taking the place of Lily, Burnett, Tasha, Mr. Conductor, Junior, and P.T. Boomer, respectively.

''The My Little Universe Seriesand Spinoffs'' by Equestrian Kirin

  • Recommended by: Eric W
  • Crossover with: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
  • Status: In Progress
  • Synopsis: What if, thanks to some off-screen shenanigans by a particular Draconequus, the plunder vines didn't just spread to Ponyville, but also to the grand fountain of Rose Quartz! And what a time for that: the grand gems themselves need it the most. Just how much trouble will both worlds end up in, especially when the worlds become connected? Will there be friends, foes, or both? Let's see where this ride will go. Many songs, adventure, and silliness to come! Ponies and Gems unite!
  • Comments: An ongoing story that gives a fair amount of Alternate Character Interpretation to gems and ponies alike (though more to the gems) Picking up at episode 24 of Steven Universe and the Season 4 opener of FIM, the author commits to telling a story that's..different from what's expected. Oh sure, there are some similar beats to what goes on in canon, but thanks to some unique spins, Equestriakirin ends up taking the overarching plot in a VERY different direction. Let's just say there's a few more than 5 crystal gems in this universe.

The Disney Chronicles by Dinodisneylover1 (FFN link) & (Wattpad link)

  • Status: Ongoing
  • Crossover with: The Disney Animated Canon
  • Synopsis: When Spike witnesses a falling star landing near the Castle of the Two Sisters, he discovers a book with a strange mark that he had never seen before at the impact site. Upon taking it home for Twilight and her friends to see, they discover that this book is the Book of Disney. Opening it, they find a multitude of stories, each of which opens a portal to another world in which the story comes to around them. On each adventure, the ponies not only make new friends and foes but also learn important lessons that will impact Equestria in ways that they cannot dare to imagine. Crosses over with many major Disney movies, both animated and live-action.
  • Note: This is not just one story, but an ongoing series of stories in which the author intends to cover nearly every major animated Disney movie, following in order of release date and year. He also intends to throw some live-action properties into the mix as well.
  • Comments: While it is quite similar to the Pooh's Adventures series in the premise of Twilight and friends getting caught up in the story and going along for the ride, Dinodisneylover1 actually puts a lot of effort into making it feel as real as possible. In that regard, the Mane Six and any other supporting cast members remain completely in character within the context of the story, especially when interacting with major Disney characters. In addition, the author makes changes where necessary [3] as a result of the Mane Six's intervention.
  • Now has a TV Tropes page!

Equestria Ninja Girls by ChaosMagemon

  • Fimfiction link here
  • Recommended by Flutterlina, bbb35
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Crossover with: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012)
  • Synopsis:
    • Equestria Ninja Girls: Twilight and the girls of Canterlot High travel to New York to take on the Dazzlings who have allied with a mad man bent on revenge. The girls only hope to face the trio of sirens and their ally is in the form of four mutant turtles, their master, and their two human friends. (Complete)
    • Equestria Ninja Girls in Space: Picking up where they left off, the Rainbooms after escaping the planet earth's destruction at the hands of the Triceraton Empire are given a second chance to stop them from destroying their planet. They return to their world on board a space ship where the turtles and their friend the Fugitoid set out into space to stop the Triceratons and save planet Earth. (Complete)
    • Turtles of Everfree: After a mishap with a portal, the Turtles and their human allies find themselves joining the Rainbooms at Camp Everfree where there's mystery and magic in the air. With the Rainbooms gaining new magical abilities, they take their next step in their ninja training to learn to control their new powers and defend their friends from a danger lurking within the camp itself. (Complete)
    • Equestria Ninja Girls: The Shredder's End: After the death of Master Splinter, the Rainbooms and Turtles team up to take the fight to the Super Shredder with the aim of ending him once again for all to avenge their sensei. Will their combined strength and friendship be enough to overcome the rage and evil of the most powerful mutant they've ever tussled with? (Complete)
    • Turtles of Equestria: After defeating Kavaxas, the turtles felt it was some time for a little break. So they join Sunset Shimmer in Equestria to meet some old familiar faces, and gain a little cultural experience. While also dealing with new threats and dangers as well. Still nothing has ever stopped these green ninja machines before, and they won't now. (Complete)
    • Equestria Ninjas: Shadow Play: The turtles and their human friends return to Equestria to uncover the truth behind the disappearance o Star Swirl the Bearded and the Pillars of Equestria. But will discovering the truth lead them to an even bigger problem? (Complete)
    • Rainboom Mutant Apocalypse: After the Mutagen Bomb, the world was wiped out, leaving the turtles and the Rainbooms separated from each other. Now they must fight to survive in the apocalyptic wasteland from the threat of warring mutant gangs all while trying to find the only place left in the world that has any life to it. (Complete)
    • Equestria Ninja Girls Rainboom and Crystal Ninjas: The Rainbooms and Turtles are back together again taking on old foes and new foes with the help of the girls of Crystal Prep and an old robot friend. But with a vengeful ex-principal out to prove the existence of their magic, they may be in for a load of trouble. (Complete)
    • Equestria Ninja Girls: Wanted Bebop and Rocksteady: Hoping to find some excitement, the Rainbooms visit the Turtles only to find out Bebop and Rocksteady have allied themselves with Krang and an alternate Shredder who hope to conquer their dimension. (Complete)
    • Equestria Ninja Girls: Forgotten Friendship: When Sunset Shimmer discovers the Rainbooms and the students have lost their good memories of her, she and Fugitoid must enlist the help of some unexpected allies to recover those lost memories before they're gone forever, and Sunset will forever be remembered as a bad girl. And they must succeed for another enemy has returned to exact his revenge on their ninja friends. (Complete)

Young Amazons

  • Recommended by Jimbodeek
  • Crossover with: The Batman
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: In her successful attempt to stop Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer ends up in the universe of The Batman. Now, with the help of her mentor Zatanna Zatara and two best friends—Barbara Gordon and Pamela Isley—she has to figure out her place in a brand new world.
  • Comments: An interesting "What if?" story where Sunset ends up in the universe of The Batman after stopping the native Twilight Sparkle from destroying the world of Equestria Girls. Her presence, in turn leads to key changes to how the stories of some episodes of The Batman play out, most notably the origin stories for both Batgirl and Poison Ivy.

    With Megan from G1  
A Mighty Demon Slayer Grooms Some Ponies by D. G. D. Davidson
  • Recommended by Burstkiller, Korodzik
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: The Rainbow Bridge is open once again, and the Mane Six arrive on Earth in order to establish diplomatic relations—and their idea is to reveal themselves to humans by entering a horse show. Charged with preparing them is the ordinary country girl Megan, who, along with her brother Danny and sister Molly, is remembered as a legendary figure who helped protect Equestria against monsters and other perils thousands of years in the past (though just some five years ago from her perspective). Megan is none too happy to have to deal with the often undisciplined equine ambassadors, even moreso when their presence brings back unpleasant memories about ponies of the past...
  • Comments: Even for readers unfamiliar with, or critical of G1 My Little Pony, this fic can be a pleasant read as it manages to convincingly make G1 into the "ancient past" of Equestria without making it feel grating.

The Elements of Harmony and the Savior of Worlds by RK_Striker_JK_5 (alternate link)

  • Recommended by Schizo Technician, Sun Tzu, autobot
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: "An old legend from Dream Valley returns to Equestria, but is there a place for her in this new land? Crossover between G1 and FiM."
  • Note: Also appears on the forums under the name "She Returns".

Megan Williams of Equestria by Mr Nelg

  • Recommended by Clato Lawa
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: Megan Williams had no big goals in life. Just to take over the family farm from her father. Then one day, her entire life is thrown into chaos when she finds herself transported to another world, full of magic and mythical creatures. A world where her very presence could threaten the precarious power balance that has existed for a millenia, for once there, she finds herself caught up in a political game of cat and mouse that threatens to plunge the world into war.
  • Comments: Takes a similar approach to A Voice Among the Strangers, with its protagonist struggling to learn to communicate thanks to a language barrier, but goes a step further by not including any characters recognisable from the show (at first), thus leaving it unclear who if anyone Megan can trust.
  • Note: Despite the title, the crossover tag, and a couple of other character's names, this story does not take any part of G1 as canon.

History Repeats by SaddlesoapOpera

  • Recommended by ultimomant
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: When an ancient evil returns, the ponies reach out to an ancient ally for help, but is she still the heroine she once was?

Not the Afterlife I Signed Up For by inoeitall
  • Recommended by Dynamic Dragon
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Usually when you are killed, you die. Of course there are exceptions to every rule. Usually those exceptions don't end up in a world full of colorful talking ponies with 3 other people from random points of Earth's history, but hey, I can't complain too much. Now if we can just figure out what happened, how we ended up in Equestria, and who is responsible for this mix up...
  • Comments: A hilarious "humans in Equestria" fic, with witty narration and a strong sense of mystery.

The Shogun Six by Warwolf

  • Recommended by Rider
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Taken from the Website: "AU. Dusk Shine is the apprentice to the Shogun of Equestria. When an ancient evil threatens to return, Dusk must gather the only thing that can stop it: The Elements of Bushido. Now Dusk begins a quest that will bring him together with five other ponies. Their journey will bond them together as brothers in arms for the rest of their lives. Their adventures will make them ... the stuff of legends.... First in a Saga."
  • Comments: A fanfic that takes place in an Equestria with a hyper modern (and in some cases futuristic) amount of tech where ponies can switch between a normal pony form and an anthro form. Equestria is a shogunate ruled, as the name implies, by a Shogun, a male version of Luna called Lunaris. His ward Dusk Shine must unite a group of ponies who will come to be called the Elements of Bushido to stop an oncoming evil. Humans, though not yet seen, exist in this world as well due to an event called "The Great Merger". The central protagonist, Dusk Shine, and his compatriots all appear to be trained in the martial arts and have thus far, been referred to as young Samurai or as Samurai in training. Appears to be an outright strange take on the pilot episode in some respects. The fic is currently on-going. So far three AU counterparts of the girls have been seen: Dusk Shine, Flash, and Ash Jade. (Counterparts to Twilight, Rarity, and Applejack, respectively, though according to Word of God, they are not necessarily genderflipped versions of the characters, but rather different ponies living lives that the Mane Six might have lived in different circumstances) Ash seems to break the currently established rules of the world the fic takes place in due to the fact that He's a Gunblader. However, this might fall in line with the tech that seems to exist in the world of the fic.
  • Tags: Crossover (though he hasn't said with what yet.), Dark, AU, Human, Adventure
    • The sequels (being written near-simultaneously as this fic by all indications) hint that the series will feature a crossover with the Kamen Rider franchise.

DEATH BATTLE: Equestria by RLYoshi
  • Recommended by Nightelf37, seconded by Missingno45
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: This story takes the concept of DEATH BATTLE! and carries it over into Equestria, pitting different ponies and other Equestrian creatures against each other in one-on-one fights to the death to see which is superior. Extensive research is done on both combatants to figure out who would win, and is presented as a written battle to be more entertaining. Readers are asked to suggest possibilities for battles in the comments, or by messaging the author. OC characters are allowed as long as they are from a story that is at least somewhat well-known.
  • Notes: At the moment, the story is currently running an "Equestrian Death Battle Tournament", where authors submit their own OC characters to fight against one another in a randomized tournament. The same research as usual is done, using the characters' original stories as information sources. As of this writing, the tournament is in the middle of its first round.

The League of Interdimensional Heroes by The 1597 Faceless Writer

  • Recommended by: Nightelf37
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Artemis Fowl is many things and now he's the leader of an elite group including himself and seven other heroes from seven other alternate dimensions. This group is known as the League of Inter-Dimensional Heroes and they have sworn to protect their worlds from all types of evil. But, now, a new threat is forming and an inevitable battle is waiting over the horizon. Crosses over with Artemis Fowl, Harry Potter, Spider-Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003), Kung Fu Panda, Sonic X, and Teen Titans.

My Little Pony vs.......... by Ecthelion Yuda

  • Recommended by Clato Lawa
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Nightmare Moon, Discord AND Crysalis have returned to exact their vengeance on the six little ponies that caused them so much grief. But they aren't going to fight them themselves, what fun is there in that? So they decided to send them to a suspended reality where they can pit Twilight, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Applejack against some of the greatest fighters and monsters ever invented in bloodthirsty duels to the death. Will anypony survive?
  • Comments: What might otherwise have been a loosely connected series of Ultimate Showdowns stands out because of the author's bold decision to match the ponies, in several if not all cases, against heroic or sympathetic anti-heroic characters. Rarity's horrified reaction to being forced to kill Toph Bei Fong and subsequent Due to the Dead is a particularly moving moment and suggests some great material to come.