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An Ideal To Fight For by Jeremy

  • Recommended by ANewEnigma
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: "As Yang Wen-li reluctantly battles the forces of the Galactic Empire, a cancer within the Free Planets Alliance will cause a change that will affect the life of the hero and divert the flow of history."
  • Comment: An ongoing For Want of a Nail Legend of Galactic Heroes fic primarily from the perspective of Yang and the Free Planets Alliance, with only some focus on the Empire. While it has mostly followed the Stations of Canon (at least the most vital parts), it adds in many extra details and scenes to further flesh out the mindset and motivation of the characters (including characters who we never really got to see their side of the story like Arthur Lynch, and the world they live in. Eventually, the story begins to deviate in small but significant ways such as changing the reason and timing of Jessica Edwards' death, and some more major ways that I won't spoil. All the while it does it’s best to keep to the general style and tone that Legend of Galactic Heroes is known for. Overall, a pretty good read so far. - A New Enigma

Our Universe by Jaenera Targaryen

  • Recommended by Aki-no-hikari
  • Status: Dormant; last updated March 2019
  • Synopsis: "Siegfried Kircheis survives the assassination attempt by Commodore Ansbach. As a result, Reinhard remains whole and now, the galaxy and the known universe will change."
  • Comment: Recommended if you found Kircheis' death unjust, or just would like to see what his stabilizing presence can do for Reinhard and the empire.

The Lion Awaken by Jaenera Targaryen

  • Recommended by larrynguyen
  • Crossover with: Mass Effect
  • Status: Dormant series, with The Lion Unleashed as the sequel sets after the First Contact War and the peace treaty with the Citadel. (Last updated March 2018)
  • Synopsis: Thirteen years have passed since the death of Emperor Reinhard the Invincible. Humanity has begun to rebuild, but tensions are high in the realm of the Golden Lion. But as new enemies emerge, and a bigger galaxy is discovered, it seems that the old adage may yet be true: only a common enemy can bring Humanity together.
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  • Comments: A very well written story with a much more realistic take on the Mass Effect Galaxy, how the Empire deal with the Citadel, and showing how obsolete and limited the technology of Mass Effect was compared to the technology of the Empire. The Council in this fic is also much more rational-minded and was much wiser than the Alliance politicians from the OVA series. Another note, Desolas instead of becoming a Husk is now a First Contact War veteran who have respects for humans, while Saren motive for his human xenophobia is now much clearer as it was the shame from the defeat of the Hierarchy in the First Contact War. Garrus also make an appearance as a military advisor for the Fleet Admiral of the Turian Fleet, which reminded me of the moments when several Admirals in the OVA also tend to neglect their staff officer's advice and incompetent to the point of making grave mistakes which endanger their lives and reputations.

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