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Though the main Homeworld universe is already overflowing with myth and legend, it hasn't stop some intrepid writers to make their own spinoffs.

General Fics

Homeworld: Legacies

  • Recommended by Victormikeactual and Piemanlives
  • Status: Parts 1-3 Complete, Part 4 Dormant
  • Written by: Chrome
  • Symphosis: The Hiigarans, Vaygr, Taiidan and -later on- the Kadeshi unite to fight against the Big Bad Progenitor
  • Comments: Epic barely even covers this story, it's very well written and very detailed, it continues where Homeworld 2 left off and takes it up to eleven. If I'm honest, words just cannot describe the epic this fan-fic has. It's like an Epic of The Epic basically.
  • Parts:
  • Sadly hasn't updated since 2011 so the possibility of it being a Dead Fic is rather High.

Tales of the Vjel Amaj

  • Recommended by amitakartok
  • Status: Complete
  • Written by: Sgt-Sparki
  • Synopsis: The orphaned foreign girl, Aira, is an enigmatic crewmember of the Vjel Amaj, a starship cruiser serving the Kiith Amaj. Venturing into the star system shrouded by its dead super gas giant, Aira confronts the quest of her fate and distant heritage.
  • Comments: 274,414 words in 26 chapters; prepare for a looong reading session for this one. The author is apparently a fan of Battlestar Galactica and this shows in certain expressions and the heavy spirituality present in later chapters. The story itself happens post-HW2, starring a cast of Ragtag Bunch of Misfits including the main character who is (unusually for a Homeworld fic) a Shrinking Violet Mysterious Waif serving as the titular ship's navigator. Despite the ship's initial mission of searching for resources, the focus eventually shifts to exploring the various characters and the Kadeshi religion. In essence, this is one of the fics you end up with once Sturgeon's Law worked its magic on every Homeworld fic currently in existence.
    • Originally intended to have a sequel but said sequel died after a single chapter.