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Majora's Mask[1] by Fake Jake 93

• Recommended by: Wolf Fang 26

• Status: Complete

• Synopsis: After stumbling upon the troubled land of Termina, seemingly cut off from the rest of the world and doomed to an inevitable apocalypse, Link finds his own past reflected all around him. He must deal with these echoes while attempting to prevent the world's end.This fic presents the story of the game while giving it those drop of realism that makes it a novel all by itself. Giving background and responses to the actions of Link in the game in a "realistic" manner, while still being fantastical.


• Tags: Dark Fic, Gen Fic.

• Reviews of the Fanfic[2]

Gankona, Unnachgiebig, Unità by KH freak 813

  • Recommended by KibaDoku
  • Status: Complete
  • Character(s): Germany, North Italy, Japan
  • Pairing(s): Gerita, Itapan
  • Synopsis: One of them seems all tough and harsh on the outside, but is actually soft. The other seems all cold and calculating on the outside, but is actually warm. How is Italy to choose between Germany and Japan, his two closest friends? Can he even? Gerita vs. Itapan. Shounen-ai.
  • Tags: Romance, Shounen-ai, friendship-to-romance, light to dark mood, bullying, surprises

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