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Proof that the remaining 10% is worth Light never picking up the Death Note for here.

These are recommendations made by Tropers for Death Note For Want of a Nail fic, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own finding to the list, but remember to use the template found here.

You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. Refrain from posting Conversation in the Main Page though; that goes in the discussion page.


Aduro Odi et Amo by Fury of the Night

  • Recommended by fanfictionlurker1
  • Status: Dormant
  • Pairing(s): Light/L, one-sided Misa/Light
  • Synopsis: When Raito gains victory as Kira, he takes L prisoner as an example of what happens to those that stand in his way. However, as L's captivity lengthens Raito finds himself unable to kill his once dangerous adversary.
  • Tags: Dark Fic

The Aftertaste Of Death by oursolemnhour49

  • Recommended by whiteladydragon 00
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopis: "Taking the world from a god is an act of sacrilege requiring will, courage, and an intelligence to match the god in question. Having two of those three traits is a problem for the would-be desecrator, but it won't stop her trying." Basically, what if Light won the showdown at the Yellow Box Warehouse, having killed Near, the entire task force and SPK, and the only Wammy’s child left to stop him was...Linda?
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  • Tags: Alternate Universe Fic

Apples Equals Cyanide Equals Light by Silver Pard (TVTropes Page)

  • Recommended by coffemocha, feral
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopis: Ryuk’s favourite equation. It means the death of boredom, the only death that actually matters.
  • Tags: Continuation, Revenge, Rebirth.
  • Comments: Probably the best Shinigami!Light ever written and an excellent Revenge Fic. Immensely satisfying, deep, and chilling. Author understands the characters very well and writes them masterfully. Everyone – Ryuk, Light, Near, Matsuda – is kept wonderfully in character in this story where all is not well after Light's death. Pretty much must-read for Light fans, but can be enjoyed by anyone. It might make you feel like this fic could be a great official continuation of the manga/anime. One of those rare stories that are perfect just the way they are, but still leave you hungry for more.

The Better to Kill You With, My Dear by The_Maiden_of_Autumn

  • Recommended by feral
  • Status: Updated February 2014
  • Pairing(s): Light/L, one-sided Beyond Birthday/L and Misa/Light
  • Synopsis: L has a history of failed successors-the most infamous being Beyond Birthday, who escaped from prison a year ago. When L is kidnapped, the only thing he leaves behind was a cryptic message for Watari and Light- and it's the only thing Light, now the newly appointed "L", has to go by to find L. Light finally locates and rescues L a year after his kidnapping, but he's shocked to find that Beyond's done something to L that left him not fully human...

Broken Hallelujahs by Tallulah

  • Recommended by EJ
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings/Characters: Mostly gen, a few unusual pairings developed over the course of the story (notably Misa/Mogi and Matsuda/Ide). Ensemble cast, with almost all major characters (and quite a few minor ones) who are alive at the end of canon featuring at some point.
  • Synopsis: AU. Neither Raito nor Near's victory went as planned. Now the task force and the SPK are on the run with Kira's notebook, and all the power of the new world against them.

Broken Facades by Arysthae-niru

  • Recommended by feral
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: Light/Misa
  • Synopsis: AU, Light encounters Misa when he's 16 right after Misa lost her family.

Change of Circumstances by wordbombs

  • Recommended by feral
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: L/Light
  • Synopis: Sometimes all happiness takes is a change of circumstances. AU What if Light was a Wammy?

Childhood Rivalry by Shadow_of_Quill

  • Recommended by feral
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopis: He was challenging him. He must be a rival. Even if he was only three years old.
  • Tags: Alternate Universe Fic, L, Light, Back Story, friendship, rivalry

Death And His Shadow by sugarswirls

  • Recommended by PhoebeMurdivine, Ellamew
  • Status: Dormant
  • Pairings: Raito/L with some Mikami/Raito and Matt/Mello/Near
  • Synopsis: Raito Yagami is your typical star student. That is, until one night when he catches a deadly fever and L, a bored god of death, phases through his bedroom window to take his soul away. But how can he steal the soul of someone who won't die?

Death Note: Blank Pages by The Stranger That Came From Nowhere

  • Recommended by Worst Otaku Ever
  • Status: Dormant; last updated July 2018
  • Synopsis: What if Light had been smarter in using the Death Note? Would he have succeeded? He knew that, by killing criminals, he would become a criminal himself. And he was fine with that. After all, you can't change the world without getting your hands dirty. [I do not own the artwork. Credits go to Deviant artist winterlastillusion]
  • Comments: A very underrated For Want of a Nail fic, and one of the more recent ones. To use the author's own words, a "humanized" Light rejects the idea of becoming the god of a new world, accepts that he is a monster, but still intends to go through with his plans.
  • TV Trope page currently in the works!

Death Eraser by Greyliliy

  • Recommended by RubberLotus
  • Status: Dead
  • Pairings: Light/Misa
  • Synopsis: Kira is dead. N has become L. The world is getting back up on its feet. But, Ryuk is bored again... and he decides to give Light a second chance.

Death Note Chapter Zero by Timothy Okun.

  • Recommended by Yoyoddd
  • Status: Dormant
  • Pairings: Light/Misa, Sayu/Taro Kagami
  • Synopsis: Taro Kagami note , the original Death Note owner loses the notebook, but does not lose his memories. Blaming himself for the rise of Kira, he sets out on a mission to stop the new him, and possibly find L in the process.

The End Is Near by Tierfal

  • Recommended by feral
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Light/L and Matt/Mello and one-sided Beyond/L
  • Synopsis: When Near goes missing Mello and Matt enlist the help of the world's three greatest detectives and his chain buddy in order to find him.

The Faceless by Disguise of Carnivorism

Fade by xLion'sRoarx

  • Recommended by fanfictionlurker1
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: L/Light
  • Synopsis: When a mysterious notebook falls from the sky, bearing the story of a world in which Kira reigns supreme, L is forced into a desperate struggle to change both his fate and the fate of the world. But his attempts are complicated when he discovers that he only holds half of the story—and that the other half resides with the living paradox that is Light Yagami. The resulting chaos finds two geniuses from different worlds thrown together, racing to change the future.
  • Comments: Expect canon-esque mind games, L/Light romance, and a delicious, ironic, well paced story of L Slowly Slipping Into Evil. NOT a Fix Fic.

Fever Dreams by Sashocirrione

  • Recommended by feral
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Light/L, L/Light
  • Synopsis: AU, episode 25. After pulling the plug on the plan to kill L, Light (with the help of Rem) must scramble to cover his tracks, protect Misa, and keep clinching proof that he is Kira just out of reach...

Genius Is A Curse by Bloodshot Eyes (AU)

  • Recommended by Zashiki-Warashi
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: If Light had never touched the Death Note, would he ever have found an escape from the depression and boredom that plagued him? Would he have had a future at all?
  • Tags: Alternate Universe Fic, depression

God of the Machine by The Carnivorous Muffin

  • Recommended by Holotenty
  • Status: Dormant; last updated January 2018
  • Pairing(s): Hints of OC/Light if you squint
  • Synopsis: Upon entering the world of Death Note Anna Jones considers her survival and the prices she is willing to pay. Later becomes a Post Modern, surreal look at self-insert fanfiction, including the author as a character.

The Heirs to a Spider's Web by Arysthae-niru

  • Recommended by feral
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: L recruits a young Light to be trained at Wammy's House.

If It's Not Me, It's You by Self-Inflicted Insanity

  • Recommended by: fanfictionlurker1
  • Status: Dormant (last updated October 2017)
  • Synopsis: "But this pride... I'll just have to... get rid of it!" In which Light's personality doesn't change when he loses his memories of the Death Note, and he deduces that the only possible solution to the Kira Case is that he's Kira and just doesn't remember it—or that Ryuzaki is Kira and framed him for it.
  • Comments: A suspenseful and simply awesome psychological thriller with canon mind games and plotting. The cast is flawlessly in character, both the major and minor characters alike. Especially Light and L keep all of their canon smarts and the skill of Awesomeness by Analysis. Original Flavour to the max!

Justice And Vengeance by theonlyone101

  • Recommended by Theweirdwarrior
  • Status:
  • Synopsis: An AU retelling of the first 3 manga volumes, only Naomi isn't killed by Light and gets to meet and work alongside L.It retells the early chapters (where L tries long-distance surveillance), but makes just enough small changes early on to create a major ripple effect that ultimately leads to a very different climax and ending. Vaguely has some shipping-type moments between Naomi and L, but not enough for it to be a shipping fic.

Kingdom Come by Nyx-Zephyrus

  • Recommended by fanfictionlurker1
  • Status: Dead
  • Pairing(s): Light/L, one-sided Misa/Light, some Light/Mikami
  • Synopsis: The Killer God has won his Utopia. Kira has the world in the palm of his bloodied hand, and he keeps his trophy chained up in his basement.
  • Tags: Dark Fic, Alternate Universe Fic

Low Light by Dragonrider 4000

Markings Of The Mind by Ratt 9

A Mask Of Perfect Smiles by theladyavaritia

  • Recommended by feral
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing(s): Matsuda/Misa
  • Synopis: Light really isn't Kira, and the real murderer is just around the corner.

The Monsters Who Always Lie by Rubygirl 283

  • Recommended by feral
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopis: A dramatic alternate ending to the series. Whole series spoilers and Dark.

My Intentions Couldn't Have Been Purer by spaceleviathan

  • Recommended by feral
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopis: L, working for the police after moving to Japan, confiscates a book from a group of school children which states it has the ability to kill someone simply by writing down their name.
  • Tags: Alternate Universe Fic, Character Swap

New World Without End by CameoAmalthea

  • Recommended by feral
  • Status: last updated 08-10-10
  • Pairing(s): Light/Mikami
  • Synopsis: AU, Mikami works to atone for his mistakes and Light says good-bye to his old life at the dawning of the New World.

Paladin by PlannedbyReaperLight

Perfectly Hollow by Silver Pard

  • Recommended by: Coffeemocha, Dame-Amaryllis
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: What happens when two fated people never meet?

The Prince by Neverending Odyssey

Reflect Fail by XxHeartlessKissxX

  • Recommended by feral
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: implied L/Light
  • Synopsis: Light has kept his secret throughout the Kira case, as Near arrives to unravel it he finds himself all too willing to let it spill from his lips, because he made a promise, all that time ago.

Remorse by Trismegistus

  • Recommended by feral, coffeemocha
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: "People Change." Dark Fic.

Sex Note by anonymous

  • Recommended by feral
  • Status: Updated April 2014
  • Synopsis: What if the Death Note weren't a "death" note at all, but something that controlled sexual matters? (A cracktastic concept played seriously.)

Shadow Of The Valley by Disguise of Carnivorism

Shattered By Tori-Color-Baastia

  • Recommended by Color Lawliet
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: L x Light, yaoi OCxOC
  • Synopsis: A boy named Khol goes to Winchester on vacation and is possessed by "Light" and "Kira". He is sucked into the world of the paranormal and has a lot of trouble coping.

Speechless by [Sjezza]

  • Recommended by Shimmer 712
  • Synopsis: Light loses his voice in an incident that alters his views regarding criminals. He discovers a strange notebook one day but it soon goes missing. Light is now plagued by shivers whenever the serial killer named "Kira" strikes.
  • Comments: This troper higher recommends this fic.

Spira Mirabilis by Nilah Dante

  • Recommended by Envie, feral
  • Status: Apparently dead
  • Synopsis: Sayu, worried about her brother, decides to sneak into his room to steal his diary, triggering the explosion that causes her death and Light's serious injury. With a scar and no memories of the Death Note, how will Yagami Light's life unfold?

Stalemate by Trismegistus

  • Recommended by fanfictionlurker1
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopis: Light begins to suspect. Specfic, circa page 30.

This Black Lamb by Chance XIII

This is How I Disappear by TzviaAriella

  • Recommended by: Azelf 2010
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: After an international tribunal condemns nineteen-year-old Light Yagami to death, the Kira Task Force must come to terms with the fallout of the case...and with Light's surprising last request.
  • Comments: Written by a popular Light R Per on Tumblr, TIHID is a tearjerker in all aspects of the word. While it does focus quite a bit on Light's own emotions as he comes to terms with the actions that led to his arrest and impending demise, the true heart of the story is witnessing how everyone involved with the Kira case - Soichiro, L, Matsuda, and the rest - cope with the knowledge that a dear friend and colleague with a promising future was singlehandedly responsible for the largest mass murdering spree in history. The author doesn't sugarcoat the situation or take the easy way out via a contrived case of deus ex machina - in fact, there's not a single supernatural element to be found, and the story is all the stronger for it. The reader is left to ponder if the punishment Light receives truly fits his crimes, if L is just as guilty as he for enacting it, or if they were both simply tragic figures caught up in a game bigger than themselves and were simply too conceited to realize it. Absolutely stunning.

Those Who Stand for Nothing Fall for Anything by halfpromise

  • Recommended by feral
  • Status: Dormant, updated November 2018
  • Pairings: L/Light, Light/Misa, Matsuda/Sayu, Raye/Naomi, Matt/Naomi, Light/Naomi, Mikami/Shiori, Light/Takada, OC/L, L/Gevanni, and one-sided B/L, and B/L/Light.
  • Synopsis: AU. Light is a politician. What could go wrong?

Triangle Mind Game by Flairina

  • Recommended by Fanficcer
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: Ryuk tries to find someone he thinks he'll get maximum entertainment out of rather than just dropping the Death Note randomly. The time he spends searching for "the right one" goes on a little too long, and the entire play steps out of sync.
  • Comments: Very Original Flavour. By the author's own words they are "trying to emulate canon style wit-matching and the subsequent results", and seem to be succeeding thus far. Misa, of all people, is the one who kicks off the story and killings, which is itself not something you see often, if ever. The author has also promised no romance, because the series itself didn't have any "real" romance, so check it out if that's more your taste than the endless number of shipping fics out there.
    • Seconded. Very interesting twist on canon. This time Light doesn't get his hands on the Death Note from the start, but he plans to find the person who does - and not just to put a stop to the killing. The plot is intriguing, and feels true to the spirit of the series. The author keeps the characters IC, doesn't bash them, and creates a unique AU scenario that is absolutely worth checking out for those who want to read a good Death Note Gen Fic.

Thirteen Days by PrinceDarcy

  • Recommended by fanfictionlurker1
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopis: After Higuchi's death, with the Death Note in the task force's hands, the end of the Kira case seems in sight—and L is willing to go further than even Light had predicted to secure his victory. Or: every action causes ripples without logical end.
  • Tags: Alternate Universe Fic

To Break A Path by NightOfAThousandDreams

War Without End by lyrainthedark

  • Recommended by feral
  • Status: Dead
  • Pairing(s): Light/Misa
  • Synopsis: AU alternate ending / Continuation Fic Ryuk is bored again, so he brings Light back to life with the death eraser, Light goes public as Kira to claim his kingdom. Kira has the will of the people, what could possibly stop us now!

Xanatos by CelticKawaii

  • Recommended by Stoogebie
  • Status: Dormant
  • Characters: L, Light, Mello, Near, Matt, Linda
  • Synopsis: AU, episode 24; L fakes his death, and sets in motion a plan to catch Kira; but when Mello and Near don't cooperate, he enlists Matt, in hopes that the latter can convince Mello and Near to get along.
  • Comments: Definitely worth reading, with moments of both intensity and hilarity. Quite a few Plot Twists even with only twelve chapters, and some minor characters are greatly expanded upon.

We Will Stumble Through Heaven by susieboo

  • Recommended by Adele Potter
  • Status: Dead (last updated August 2016)
  • Paring(s): Misa/Sayu
  • Synopsis: "A single choice can set your whole life off-course forever. For fifteen year old Sayu Yagami, that choice was picking up the notebook she found outside her English class one day. Too afraid to let the Shinigami that owns the Death Note kill her, she decides to use her newfound power to do some good, in hopes of keeping Ryuk entertained and herself alive. But Sayu soon finds she can't handle her new position alone, and decides to confide in the person she trusts the most: her older brother, Light. Unfortunately, she may have put her faith in the wrong person." An AU where Sayu picked up the Death Note instead of Light.
"Secrets and Lies - The_Cackling_Cat - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]" by Secrets & Lies (Fanfic) - TV Tropes"• Recommended by zzzzzzz• Status: Ongoing• Synopsis: In another world, Light Yagami doesn’t become Kira. But the presence of a death note in the human realm still exists. Meanwhile, Light’s life becomes increasingly difficult as events both horrible and strange keep happening to him. As time goes on discoveries are made, secrets come to light, and lies are stripped away.• Comments: This fic is well-written and has some interesting twists to it.

Silent Partner, Unfinished Business by Huitzil

  • Recommended by yma
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: "They told Naomi Misora she was dead for three minutes when paramedics revived her. She sure didn't feel alive. She couldn't even remember coming back to Japan, much less Kira taking her fiance, much less Kira sending her to suicide, maiming her and robbing her brain of speech. She had almost given up hope of recovery until a mysterious figure gave the promise of revenge: the chance to kill those who wronged her, if only she can find them. Aphasic and adrift, Naomi's going to join the Kira investigation to win her life back. She's going to help Misa Amane discover who she is, and discover a connection with her. She's going to make Light Yagami have to think on his feet, and present him with a new opportunity. She's going to solve some serious problems for L, and then make some serious problems for L. And she's going to make a hell of a lot of things get a lot more complicated."
  • Comments: Technically, for want of 2 nails: Naomi Misora survived, and got a trump card of her own. Excellently written, with intelligent characters making smart decisions and right amounts of suspense and humor.


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