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A Pretty Cure fanseries written by G.A.S.A at

When the Magic Realm is attacked by the evil organization Darkwinn, the crystal which protects the multiverse is shattered and its pieces fall on earth. A magician named Kyou goes after them but his body gets trapped between the dimensions and his soul is trapped in the body of a cat plushie (Who becomes a real animal after that). At the same time a girl named Shidou Akane transfers to Shinjuku Middle School and is chosen to be a Pretty Cure, while searching for the other four Pretty Cures and the crystal fragments.


Zoomorph means in form of an animal, as the entire series is animal themed: from the heronies to the mascots and even the villains and the chimeras. The author also had a bit of influence in Tokyo Mew Mew when writing the story.

The main characters are:

This fanfic contains exemples of:

  • Aloof Big Brother: Subverted, Akane has two older twin brothers but she is stronger than them
  • Animal Theme Naming: All villains have the name of their respective animal in their names:
    • Wollien - The Wol part is short for Wolf
    • Oclula - The Oc part is short for Octopus, lula means squid in portuguese
    • Touro - Means bull in portuguese
    • Borbobella - The Borbo part is short for Borboleta which means Butterfly in portugese
    • Shabat - This doesn't need to be explained
    • Serpentina - Neither this one
  • By the Power of Grayskull!: Pretty Cure, Zoo-Henshin!
  • Gilligan Cut: Episode 4
    Usagi: There's no way I'm gonna lose to a girl!
    Usagi: I can't believe that I lost to a girl!
  • Glass Cannon: Oclula can see the future (Altough it can change) and fire very powerful water beams from her crystal ball. The catch? One punch and she is down.
  • Good Old Fisticuffs: The magical attacks only work on a weakened chimera and only serve to purify it, which means that the Pretty Cures fight with punches and kicks to weaken their enemies.
  • Idol Singer: Niwa Makoto in the sixth episode.
  • In the Name of the Moon: Parodied and lampshaded in episode six. Akane comes up with speeches for them to say. Everyone coments on how lame they are and how they feel like idiots.
  • Irony:
    • Usagi shrink to the size of an elemental school girl when transforming in Cure Bunny, while Yuki who is already the tallest of them in human form gets even taller (Even if by some centimenters).
    • Another case, even tough Usagi is a boy, Cure Bunny has bigger breasts than any female character except Serpentina.
  • Meaningful Name:
    • Tsubasa means wings
    • The Mizu part of Mizuki's name means water, also the Umi part of her surname means ocean
    • Usagi means rabbit
  • Missing Mom: Akane's mom died when she was little, the causes are unknown
  • Monster of the Week: The chimeras. Like in Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash★Star where the villains created Uzainaas from their elements, the villains create chimeras based on their animals:
    • Wollien creates chimeras using mammals.
    • Shabat creates chimeras using birds.
    • Oclula creates chimeras using fishes and sea creatures.
    • Borbobella creates chimeras using bugs.
    • Serpentina creates chimeras using reptiles.
    • Touro is so strong that he doesn't need chimeras and fight on his own.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: Tsubasa was based on a real classmate of the author
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Borbobella loves ice cream. It doesn't matter the flavor, if it's ice cream she'll eat it.


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