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Z Skit Theater is a series of One-Shot fanfics based on Tales of Symphonia, by Twilight Scribe. It can be found here. The namesake comes from a mechanic of the original. Whenever prompted, the player was supposed to top the "Z" button to watch a little conversation between the game's characters. These were called "Z-Skits". The tone of each skit ranged from dead serioues to silly, and sometimes there and back again. The skits showcased in Z Skit Theater, however, are thoroughly set on Silly Mode.


Each chapter features an exchange between the characters pointing out the Fridge Logic, Gameplay and Story Segregation, and Fridge Horror elements of the game. Some chapters even just poke fun at certain characters odder personality quirks (the author get a lot of mileage out of Zelos being...Zelos). The format of the series is entirely dialogue-based with each character being identified by the format of their dialogue (Lloyd is Normal, Colette is Bold, Genis is Italicized', etc.) which varies from chapter to chapter. This is done to get around the "No scripts" rule of Fan Fiction Dot Net.


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