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Fan Fic / Your Servant Mistress

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A Maleficent fanfic on Archive of Our Own, by Mawgon. It's a Transplanted Character Fic, wherein all protagonists are human and live in the real world. The plot, in short: Diaval and Maleficent are both into BDSM; Diaval is submissive and Maleficent is dominant. The plot is that of the original, with changes made as fits the changed setting.

The short description on Archive of Our Own reads as follows:


When twenty-two year old Diaval ventures into the BDSM-community, he soon realizes that it's not all love, peace and harmony; there is evil, even in this subculture that he thought would be accepting of his desires. When a man with a dog-like face makes it clear that he considers all submissives his slaves, and tries to bully Diaval around, Maleficent steps in. Diaval is spellbound by the queenly woman, and offers his service. His protector is embittered, cold and distant, but Diaval has his own sad past to cope with, and yearns for the safety and peace that Maleficent offers. In his craving for love, he claims to have no limits, save one; under no circumstances will he ever wear a dog collar.


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