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Fanfic / You and Me (and Everyone in Between)

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You and Me (and Everyone in Between) is a 37-chapter RWBY fanfic by LacePendragon. The original version can be read here, and the re-release, with added commentary, can be read here.

James Ironwood is a single father who has lived in his neighbourhood for years with his daughter, Penny. One day a new family moves into town: Qrow Branwen and his two nieces Ruby Rose and Yang Xiao Long. Qrow is a troubled alcoholic who has been raising his nieces for over a decade. James finds himself befriending Qrow, but they soon find something else developing between the two of them.


This fanfic provides examples of:

  • Adaptational Mundanity: The story takes place in contemporary Earth instead of a futuristic sci-fi Remnant.
  • Adaptational Species Change: Penny is a human instead of a robot.
  • Disabled in the Adaptation: Penny is on the autism spectrum.
  • Has Two Mommies: Qrow and Ironwood end up creating a blended family with Penny, Ruby, and Yang,
  • Kid Fic: Qrow and James are two single parents who fall in love.
  • Parental Abandonment:
    • Summer and Taiyang died in a fire over ten years ago, leaving their kids Ruby and Yang in the custody of Qrow. Yang's biological mother Raven briefly tried to take custody of Yang, but she lost the battle because of her criminal record.
    • Both Ren and Nora's parents died in a fire when they were five. Glynda began fostering them soon afterwards.
  • Nephewism: Qrow has been raising his two nieces by himself for over a decade.
  • Related in the Adaptation:
    • James is Penny's father.
    • Ren and Nora are adopted siblings, not just Childhood Friends.
  • Slash Fic: You and Me (and Everyone in Between) is a Qrow/Ironwood fanfic. Qrow and Ironwood are two single parents who fall in love.

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