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Wishing Well is a My Little Pony fanfic by BlueSkyScribe. It is based on the early My Little Pony (G3) toys.

Queen Sunsparkle loosely rules over the kingdom of Ponyville, a small community of just under twelve ponies. There used to be more ponies but a plague killed most of them. Queen Sunsparkle may not be an important ruler - she was just a hedge princess prior to her coronation - but she takes her job seriously. With no unicorn or pegasi left in Ponyville, it's up to Sunsparkle to ensure her kingdom survives.

Past Tense is an unrelated story set in the same universe. It's set prior to Wishing Well and is themed around Kimono visiting a graveyard, where he sees a family mourning the recent loss of their mother. It takes place in the early stages of the plague mentioned in Wishing Well.

These fanfics provide examples of:

  • Belligerent Sexual Tension Wysteria and Sparkleworks have a voltaile, sometimes physical, relationship. They always argue and Sparkleworks sometimes ends up bruised, but they always make up in the end. During this make-up period they're Sickeningly Sweethearts.
  • Curse Cut Short: In a past event, Sparkleworks called Sweetberry "a total bi-", but was cut off when Sweetberry entered the room. Rainbow Dash had understood what Sparkleworks was saying, but Sweetberry heard enough and gave him a black eye.
  • Dark Fic: The tone is much darker and more mature than the saccharine G3 toys, or even the G1 works. The story deals with issues such as politics and plagues.
  • Dead Fic: Both Wishing Well and Paste Tense are unfinished. The former hasn't been updated since March 2004, while the latter hasn't been updated since July 2009.
  • Disabled in the Adaptation: Rainbow Dash, now a male instead of a female, suffers from short-term memory loss. In canon she has no such issue.
  • The Ditz: Deconstructed with Rainbow Dash. He's described as "vapid and innocent", but this is due to essentially brain damage. He was fond of eating a fruit that was later found out to cause short-term memory loss. Rainbow Dash's memory issues and childish personality make him unpopular and awkward to be around.
  • Embarrassing Nickname:
    • Baby Tiger Lily hates being called "Baby" due to her nearing adolescence. However, her brother's nickname of "BLT" is even more embarrassing.
    • Minty likes to call Kimono "Kimmy", which he hates.
    • Minty calls Razaroo "Roo", but Razaroo doesn't like that.
  • Family Theme Naming: Baby Star Shadow named herself Sunsparkle to signify independence from her mother, Star Shadow.
  • Gender Equals Breed: Colts are born resembling their father and fillies are born resembling their mother. As they age, they gain more individual colors.
  • Gender Flip: G3 doesn't have any stallions. In order to introduce males to the story, some of the ponies are gender-flipped. For example, Kimono and Minty are now male.
  • Hold Your Hippogriffs: The term "didn't give a flying clod of manure " is used once.
  • Mama's Baby, Papa's Maybe: None of the stallions in Ponyville will admit to being the father of Cotton Candy's daughter Pinkie Pie, so there's much rumor on who it could be.
  • Mythology Gag: The first letter Sunsparkle receives is from G1's Majesty. G1's princess ponies are also referenced in passing.
  • Naming Ceremony: Foals all have the title "Baby" attached to their names, Upon reaching adolescence, they rename themselves on "Naming Day".
  • The Nondescript: Rainbow Dash is described as a very nice but incredibly forgettable pony.
  • The Plague: An illness known as the "Three-Day Drop" (named for its quickness) killed off all the unicorns and pegasi in Ponyville. It also killed most of the earthlings. Ponyville became cut off from the rest of Ponyland because no one wanted the potentially contagious ponies near them.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Starshine is so old that there are legends about him. Myths even cite that he's older than the sun itself, but that's unlikely.
  • Related in the Adaptation:
    • Pinkie Pie's mother is given as Cotton Candy.
    • Razzaroo and Minty are brothers.
  • Rite-of-Passage Name Change: Foals are named "Baby [x]" and are born looking like their parents. Upon reaching adolescence, they are renamed during Naming Day. This correlates with ponies developing their adult colors.