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Winter in Líf's Holt is a How to Train Your Dragon fanfic written by Midoriko-sama.

Hiccup is back on Berk after having been missing for five years, just on time to hunker down for the Winter. But will the seemingly endless season hold beauty and happiness for him, or will everything that happened so quickly finally catch up with him?

Can be read on Fan Fiction Dot Net here. Is the second of the "Becoming Saga", made as a sequel to Becoming Lífþrasir and would be followed up by Meeting At Ioavollr.


This fanfic provides examples of:

  • Babysitting Episode: In Chapter 3, Ruffnut leaves Woodnut in Hiccup's care. Annoyed by Gobber's insistence of Astrid's maternal capabilities, he leaves Woodnut in his care. Being two men and a dragon (Toothless) in a forge, things turn wacky.
  • Embarrassing Nickname: "Tuffnut the Chicken Destroyer"
  • Happily Adopted: Hiccup and Astrid end up adopting Astrid’s niece, Ætta, after the deaths of Ætta's parents; her father (Astrid's older brother) was lost at sea and her mother died of an illness.
  • Heel–Face Turn: While Snotlout's bad influence on Gustav had turned him into a bully by the events of Becoming Lífþrasir, by now Hiccup's discipline and his bond with his nadder had turned his attitude around.
    • Snotlout himself, as well. Ashamed of his actions toward Astrid and "Cattongue" in the prvious story, Snotlout decides to be Hiccup's "wingman" and essentially act as a pseudo-bodyguard for his cousin. Ends up proving to be fairly capable at this, helping Hiccup out several times throughout the story.
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  • Meaningful Titles: The whole fanfic is an Act Break cool-down from the high octane story of Becoming Lífþrasir, a "holt" being a wooden cabin or domicile and Astrid playing the role of "Líf", with the primary story being Hiccup and Astrid learning about each other and their role in this new world they now live in.
  • Related in the Adaptation: Camicazi is revealed to be Gobber’s daughter; Bog Burglars tend to just pick men from other tribes to father their children with only a few chosen to be actual husbands.
  • Unresolved Sexual Tension: Having not seen each other for years (as well as the circumstances that led to their engagement and reuniting), Hiccup and Astrid are stuck trying and failing for most of the story trying to kindle a relationship, trying to figure out just how much the other had changed and adapting to it.
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  • Used to Be a Tomboy: While Astrid is just as capable as any warrior woman on Berk, she wound up taking on more "feminine" duties around the village ever since she became an unofficial member of the Haddock clan (cooking, laundry, healing, etc). This is troubling for Hiccup who, having only ever known her as a tough-as-nails shield-maiden, thinks that she is denying herself all of the things she wants to do because of him.
  • What Did I Do Last Night?: Apparently the last time Hiccup got into a drinking contest with Thuggory, he woke up the next morning "in just [his] britches with war paint all over [him], up in the mountains and Toothless sitting on a bear." He is yet to recall just how that happened.


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