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Fanfic / Where on Earth, Spies

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Yes, Waldo, her fingernails do count as weapons.note 

"She had such a tiny frame it was hard to believe she could kill a man seven ways without the use of a weapon. Eight if her fingernails didn't count as weapons."

Waldo, a Tall, Dark, and Handsome Frenchman spy, works for the World Spy Organization, combatting the dastardly designs of an evil entity called VILE. Carmen, the sultry Russian adopted daughter of the original Carmen Sandiego, is the VILE agent Waldo has sworn to stop. She traverses the world in pursuit of artifacts to steal and has been eluding Waldo for a while by the time the story begins, their first meeting face-to-face.

Where on Earth, Spies is a Fan Fic written in Web Serial Novel format by Pentharis, published on Deviant ART. It's essentially a Mega Crossover Alternate Universe Spy Versus Spy Fic centered around the Foe Yay-charged antics of Carmen and Waldo. Their respective spy teams are comprised of a number of Darker and Edgier iconic advertizing mascots including Erin Esurance, her partner Erik, the GEICO Gecko (Martin), Progressive's Flo, the Taco Bell Dog (Carlos), and Allstate's Mayhem. All of them are interpreted by the author from their perspectives as spies, but they're kept in some line with their source material to fun effect. Maybe that Waldo wears a fedora.


It can be read starting here, continuing backwards through that gallery folder.note 

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