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Aurus, our eponymous visionary

Aurus: "Taken? Love is not a commodity. You talk of it like it is money. Even if it was like that, even money is not meant to be stolen. It is meant to be earned. Perhaps it is our lot in life to be liars and thieves because of how we are designed. But I have based my entire life on the belief that love earned is far more powerful than love stolen through trickery or force. Instead of trying to enslave our neighbors or replace them through disguise, I would have appealed to them. Would have become one of them honestly, not just in image alone. There is no better way to be loved, councilman,"

Peace ends with prosperity, comes with hope and starts with a visionary.

Written by Razorbeam of the FI Mfiction community, Visionary is a journey and exploration that deals with peace, with the first step taken by a young changeling. After Queen Chrysalis' defeat at Canterlot and the failure of the Canterlot Invasion, the changelings are lost, without a leader and a future to lean towards. One changeling manages to step up to the helm of his fellow changelings, speaking words of kindness and peace. Through his travels, he strives to find the abilities to realize what he is considered. But the darkness doesn't sit still. Enemies of peace still roam, even with peace at the heel of their hooves. Creatures of arrogant hearts and corrupt souls still go about their dark machinations. Only one changeling is fitted with pure heart and brave soul to combat these who do not advocate peace, Aurus Marz.



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