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Fanfic / Valkyrie Nights

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Valkyrie Nights is a Robotech fanfic about the test piloting of an experimental aircraft- the VF-1 Valkyrie.

  • Ace Pilot: Roy Fokker and the other test pilots are these.
  • Big Damn Heroes: the test pilots have this moment when they use the Valkyries to rescue some POW's in Africa, including one of their own.
  • Clear My Name: Roy Fokker is accused of murder.
  • External Retcon: a serial killer was operating out of the under-construction SDF-1. When the police try to capture him, he detonates a grenade that damages the hyperspace fold drive, thus setting the stage for the entire Macross saga.
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  • Foregone Conclusion: Roy is cleared of murder charges, obviously.
  • Genre Shift: the story's focus changes from the testing of a new aircraft that would be a staple in the series to trying to clear Roy Fokker of murder charges.