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"It's coming. It's here." Said the female Revenant. Artwork by Vanette Kosman

Written by Kanius , Urban Legends is a Persona 5 and Code Vein crossover, with elements of Nioh, and Kakegurui. It is the sequel of Persona Vein.

It is part of the Akane no Mai series.

The former Phantom Thieves and new companions are having normal lives. One day later, time is reset back to 2018 that the cause of this is an anomalous force called the Yami Matter. With their powers regained, alongside the awakening of the Revenants in modern times, they set on a new adventure to handle the Yami Matters and new developments along the way.

With this fanfic being the first time Kanius handles the writing, it brings expanded concepts to the sequel.

Spoilers are unmarked.

Also, an upcoming consolidated story remake of both Persona Vein and this is coming in 2020. It will bring new changes/corrections relating to Persona 5 Royal and the completed Code Vein, alongside other things serving as a revise/final draft.


Archive On Our Own Link.

This fanfic provide examples of:

  • Class Reunion: Chapter three provides one in Shujin Academy where the cast and their new friends take part of the event.
  • Kotobagari: The word gaijin is mentioned in Ch. 3 with one of the fanfic's major focus is foreigner interactions in Japan.
  • Shout-Out: The Pack, a group of bullies of Shujin Academy, are inspired by the same name from Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Season 1 episode.
  • Youkai: They make their return as part of the first Yami Matter event. The protagonists have to team up with the Nioh cast to slay the demons.