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//Un//masked, also spelled Unmasked, Is a Warrior Cats fanfiction written by Sparrowheart838. After a successful rebellion against the Clans, DarkClan is formed- a place where no emotion is allowed, and brute force is a must.

The first book follows Nightpaw, the apprentice of the truth-teller- the storyteller of DarkClan. As he learns the history of his Clan, he becomes more aware that there are two versions of each story when there should be only one.


You can read it here. Two sequels, //Un//marked and //Un//made, have also been published. Unmarked is completed, and Unmade is still being written.

Unmasked contains examples of:

  • Anyone Can Die: Established as early as the prologue, which Sootstar is killed by the end of. In the epilogue it's revealed that four other rebels died in the fight against DarkClan.

  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Heatherstar, resident mythic bitch.

  • Darker and Edgier: Much darker than the source material, having much more death and violence and covering topics such as rape.

  • Dead Guy Junior: Subverted; Spiderthorn suggests naming one of his and Dawnstar's kits Morningkit. It doesn't go well.

  • Downer Ending: By the epilogue, the rebellion has failed, five rebels are dead, including Wrenflight, the survivors are living in a cramped alley, and Nightchaser is a shadow of his former self.

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  • Emotion Suppression: Played straight; DarkClan has outlawed emotions such as love, empathy, and grief. Instead, brute force and relentlessness is praised.

  • Forbidden Love: Since love in general is outlawed, every romance between characters is forbidden.
    • Nightchaser and Wrenflight are the primary examples.
    • Thistleshade and Oakshade. These two were mates before they fell in love.
    • Hailwatcher and Sandfeather.
    • Spiderthorn and Morningfire. These two were also mates before they fell in love.

  • Secret Relationship: See Forbidden Love.


Unmarked contains examples of:

  • Child by Rape: Dewpaw is the kit of Cinderblossom and Smoketalon- the latter of which is heavily implied to have raped the former.

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