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Fanfic / Une Monde Plein De Danger

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"The Core Timeline is an amalgamation of chaos. The so-called real world has been overlapped with the realms of movies, comic books, anime, and more. Fanfictions have literally come to life.

Several months have passed since the city of Chicago was saved using the "Return To The Past" program, and it's a chilly winter in France... but for Stingray Industries employee and Forge member Jeremie Belpois, it's going to be a day when everything he thinks he's left behind is gonna Emerge, all guns blazing..."


Une Monde Plein De Danger is one of various stories set on the Coreline Shared Universe.

Currently under construction. Please add tropes as you see them!

This Coreline story contains examples of the following:

  • A Birthday, Not a Break: The situation occurs on the day of the first anniversary of Jeremie's and Aelita's Emergence on the Core Timeline.
  • A Day in the Limelight: For the Alternate version of Jeremie Belpois that first appeared on the Tales Of The Vanguard story The Great Senzu Bean Heist and his friends.
  • Continuity Nod: This story will deal with consequences that were triggered by the climax of The Great Senzu Bean Heist.
  • Pun-Based Title: The story's title adjusts the name of the Code Lyoko main theme song ("Une Monde Sans Danger" -"A World Without Danger") to mean something more dire and setting-appropriate ("A World Full Of Danger").
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  • Save This Person, Save the World: The Lyoko Warriors being the collective "this person".
  • They Do:Jeremie Belpois and Aelita Schaefer, at least on a "stop badgering around and accept you'd be good as steady girlfriend/boyfriend material" level. They've had a pretty wild year to make the decision.
  • Urban Warfare: The story deals with a full-blown rescue raid and subsequent Escort Mission through the streets of Boulogne-Billancourt. Happening in January, there's also an amount of Winter Warfare tossed into the mess as well.

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