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Fanfic / Twins (Lobb)

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Twins is a Fate/stay night fanfic by Lobb. It focuses on the polyamorous relationship that Shirou, Rider, Sakura and Rin build after the Holy Grail War...a relationship that is complicated when the Tohsaka sisters fall pregnant with twins.

Cue fluff.

The fic was last updated in 2019, and is likely a Dead Fic.

This fic includes the following tropes:

  • Morning Sickness: Both Sakura and Rin have it, and therefore fight over who gets to use the house's one bathroom.
    Rider: Motherhood is a wonderful miracle.
  • Superpowerful Genetics: The main reason Luvia asks to adopt one of Rin and Shirou's daughters. All of them are powerful magi, so if Luvia transferring an Edelfelt Mystic Crest on top of that, would give the daughter the traits of three bloodlines.
  • Women Prefer Strong Men: Sakura is turned on by the knowledge that Shirou would kill to protect her if he had to.
    Sakura was disgusted with herself at the primal, unrelenting thrill she’d had at that thought. The dark thoughts had mostly gone, but she was still a woman drenched deep in neediness.