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Trickster of Fate is a Alternate Universe story of Persona 5 written by The Stranger That Came From Nowhere (alternatively The Stranger From Nowhere on Space Battles).

The story diverges from canon in two aspects, the first being a popular choice by having the protagonist, named Ren Amamiya, live with Sae Niijima as he was intended in the original drafts for the game, and the second being that he attends Kosei Academy rather than Shujin. The result is a new journey, one that could alter the trickster's fate...


Trickster of Fate provides examples of:

  • Adaptational Wimp: The case for Ren early on in the story, most played for the sake of realism. He's frustrated by his circumstances and initially doesn't get close to anyone at Kosei, all the while being very jittery and uncomfortable. At one point, he even considers withdrawing completely.
  • Alternate Universe Fic: Naturally the case. As Ren attends Kosei rather than Shujin, he doesn't have any idea how bad Kamoshida is. He hasn't even met the man. The only reason he even finds out about Kamoshida is when he, Daiki and Hifumi tag along with Yusuke to see Ann...on the day Shiho tries to commit suicide.
  • Ascended Extra:
    • An odd case, that being Kosei Academy. It is only mentioned and hardly ever seen. From what is shown during Ren's time there, it has a heavy emphasis on the cultural arts, with the library's walls having different paintings and the cafeteria being one giant mural all by itself. The staff at Kosei is all primarily composed of OCs in order to fill out the roster. Special mentions go to Honoda, Ren's homeroom teacher and Kasai, who warmly welcomes him to Kosei Academy.
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    • Of course, there's also Hifumi Togo who, according to Word of God, is to become a part of this AU's band of thieves.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Apparently what Ren is shaping up to be, once he awakens to his Persona. His newfound strength allows him to finally vent his frustrations and pent-up anger on the perfect outlets: Shadows! While the Persona Awakening has yet to occur, the author has hinted that Ren is going to fit this trope to a T.
  • Call-Back: Per Word of God, the cast of P3 and P4 is implied to have a role. As to what kind is yet to be confirmed, nor at what point would they appear.
  • Demoted to Extra: Sadly the case for the Shujin cast and original members of the Phantom Thieves, sans for three canonical members who will remain a part of the cast. That being said, Ann, Ryuji and Mishima do receive more attention as Chapter 3 is devoted purely to their life at Shujin.
  • For Want of a Nail: The overall premise of the story, due to Ren choosing to attend Kosei. The narration stated that Ren did have the option to attend Shujin. He just chose Kosei on a whim.
    • The decision has some major effects on the Phantom Thieves in general. For starters, only three of the original cast will remain members. That being said, only one of their members is an Original Character, that being Daiki Fujimura. Two of the three original members are obviously Yusuke and Morgana, Yusuke because, should Ren play his cards right, can learn about Madarame much earlier and Morgana because of his role in the story. The third member is speculated to be Futaba, given her overall importance.
    • Aside from Daiki and Ren, another member is confirmed to be Hifumi Togo, who was supposed to be a member, but was Adapted Out due to the game being too long.
  • Hidden Depths: Early chapters are spent analyzing Ren following the month after his encounter with Masayoshi Shido and his life being thrown into the dumps. He's hopelessly depressed and sometimes envisions himself being guided down a hallway without end with his hands and feet bound in shackles.
  • In Spite of a Nail: The first villain the Phantom Thieves of Kosei are to encounter is Kamoshida, who is fought in canon. The author has stated that this was done purely out of moral reasons, and also because she raised a good point: if Kamoshida is left unchecked for too long, not only would Shiho be in an even worse state than she is already with Kamoshida still around, but Ann would be hounded and Ryuji still targeted.
  • Named by the Adaptation: Ren Amamiya is the protagonist's name from the anime series.
  • Original Character: Several, though mostly limited to those in Kosei Academy. The ones of particular note are:
    • Tsubasa Kasai - Kosei's PE Teacher. He is very cheerful and jovial and the first person aside from the principal of Kosei to greet Ren warmly to the school, as well as encouraging him to make friends. If what Honoda says is to be believed, he and Ren may not be too different from each other.
    • Saegusa Honoda: Ren's Homeroom teacher. While she might be seen as something of a Expy of Kawakami, she is mostly seen as a strict but fair teacher who is trying to help Ren get used to Kosei. She even has Daiki help him get used to the layout of the school.
    • Daiki Fujimura: A character created by Daemon of Wrath, who coincidentally has helped fellow P5 writer Starlight's Poet in several of his other stories. Word of God confirms that he is one of the new members of the Phantom Thieves, codenamed Maestro with Antonio Salieri has his Persona. He's a skilled fencer and musician, and the first friend Ren makes at Kosei Academy.
    • Principla Shikibu: In game, it's been stated that the Principal writes poems, which are then sold to the student faculty. In the story, he's seen as a warm old man who tries to cheer Ren up and telling him to enjoy his time there.
  • Parental Abandonment: Ren believes this is the case. His father left his mother for unknown reasons, and was primarily raised by his grandfather who wanted him to take over the family business. After he was arrested, he was more or less disowned. By the time Ren arrives at Tokyo and he hasn't received any messages from his mother, he speculates that his grandfather has forbidden her from contacting him.
  • The Quiet One: A sense of heavy realism, as part of Ren's characterization in the story. He is presented as a loner and quiet as a mouse, barely speaking. Understandable, as the story has this take place only a month after his arrest.
  • Traumatic Superpower Awakening: Apparently ramped Up to Eleven for Ren in this story, when it comes time to awaken to his Persona.