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A Verse composed of a number of french fanfics made by Totor 999. Usually based on parodies of video games, the original characters get much more attention than the plot of whatever game universe they're on, thus creating a slowly develloping world of its own.

Debuted with a (now Old Shame) Pokémon Parody and introduced plenty of the recurring OCs that would then appear in other settings such as Kingdom Hearts, Mass Effect or even Kamen Rider, only slightly changing on terms of personnality, appearances and abilities no matter where they go.


The latest fic has implied that these characters are in fact "actors" living in their creator's head and playing in all the stories he comes up with, so he can then write what happens in his mind and publish it on the Internet. The characters themselves have a mind of their own and can even interact with Totor's Author Avatar, going so far as to complain to him about his convoluted and hard-to-follow plots, and his tendency to derail from the material he was basing his fanfics on the first place to focus on his own characters.

List of works:

  • Pokémon D/P: Plus qu'un jeu (Pokémon Diamond/Pearl : More than a game), also simply called DP+QJ: A Pokemon parody that tried to follow the plot of Diamond/Pearl rather correctly, only with a sociopathic hero, cynical, Boisterous Bruiser hero who never hesitated to complain about every little weird thing he was confronted to in the world he had to explore, and often resorted to directly other trainers or Pokémon just to get to the end faster. This fic is now seen as an Old Shame by it's author and got an Enhanced Remake with the exact same name. The remake was unfortunately abandoned at one chapter from the end, as it was reaching premature Ending Fatigue, as well as the author losing interest in the Pokemon franchise. The original one is finished and still somewhere out there, but the author kinda ignores its existence.
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  • Pokemon X Terra: A sequel to DP+QJ set in the real world and a much more serious tone, with humans being forced to live hidden from Pokémon who are waging war against them for a yet vague reason. The main action happens in Phi, a space stations that some humans and their own loyal Pokémon use as a shelter from the ongoing war on Earth. But a mysterious organisation that took on the same name of a benevolent organisation from DP+QJ is actively trying to destroy people and Pokémon deemed as "shadow", as in infected with powerful but hard to control dark powers. Unfortunately, Lucas, The Hero, as well as some of the people he cares about, are shadow, and thus must fight back. That story also features most of the OCs from DP+QJ, who however changed radically and are now hiding their past identities to the point that readers couldn't recognize them until they revealed who they were out loud. Currently abandonned for the same reasons as DP+QJ.
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  • Projet Orion (Orion Project): A Crossover made with other french Pokémon Fanfic writers, abandoned because pretty much everyone got too busy in their real lives to continue the convoluted story that was going on together.
  • Un Noël obscur (A Shadow Christmas): A One-Shot made for the 2009 Christmas holidays especially on Pokébip, the french Pokémon-based site where Totor 999 publishes most of his works. Slightly expands the past of two important "shadow" characters in events preceding even DP+QJ.
  • Zen Effect: An attempted Mass Effect parody. No Shepard to think of, only OCs. Unfortunately, nobody ever gave a single constructive comment, let comment at all; after two chapters, leading the author to simply abandon it.
  • Kingdom Hearts: Another Ride, Another Story: An attempted Kingdom Hearts/Kamen Rider Crossover. Unfortunately drowned for the same reasons as Zen Effect, combined with the unfamiliarity of French readers with Kamen Rider.
  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorateurs d'une autre dimension (Explorers of Another Dimension): A Spin-Off / Alternate Continuity short fic that can be placed between DP+QJ and X-Terra, featuring DP+QJ's hero having to be a part of the guild, but quickly faces something related to the ultimate challenge he would've faced in X-Terra of it wasn't discontinued. Basically made very fast by Totor just to show how to make a decent fic to some really bad writers he was arguing with, and also to at least show X-Terra's true Big Bad at least once since X-Terra was already abandoned at the time.
  • Pokamen: Gotta Ride'Em All!: A Pokémon/Kamen Rider Crossover. Or Rather a TotorVerse/Kamen Rider Crossover with some Pokémon sprinkled atop of it. Currently ongoing and the first fic amongst the other to actively use the concepts of the OCs being actors living in their creator's mind. Unfortunately, some dimensional disturbance happens, apparently linked with Kamen Rider Decade going through, and every OC is now lost in the Rider Multiverse. The main group of heroes is composed of DP+QJ's sociopath hero, the villain of Explorers of Another Dimension, who happens to be a rather nice guy... Uh, alien, as an actor; as well as Tsukasa Kadoya himself who got stranded along with them.

This series provides example of:

  • Agent Peacock: Alexend, a Bishonen who works with the Anti-Shadow association, is incredibly skilled at sword fighting and Pokémon training... And is actually the Big Bad, or rather his good side.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Feather is a lot stronger than she seems. She actually manages to make Emperald flinch by punching him.
  • By the Power of Grayskull!: Characters having Pokégauntlets/Pokéguns can simply say "Henshin!" to activate their Poké-armor. Drakness once says "Madou Henshin!" in order to summon his dark armor when he appears in the Orion Project Crossover.
  • Characterization Marches On: Zeronos/Zen was originally supposed to be an Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist. Now he's still a selfish jerk, but he has a lot of moments that make him look like a mix between a sociopath and a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, especially when he saves his unconscious companions in his fight against Kalyzto, even though he spent most of his time expressing his annoyance over their mere existences or simply not caring about them the rest of the time.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: The shadow people and Pokémon, even those from the Neo-Shadow organisation, are not evil because of their shadow powers. The evil behavior of Neo-Shadow members is mainly because they decided to answer "Then Let Me Be Evil" to all the non-shadow people who shunned and harrassed them because of their "evil" shadow powers. Lucas and Feather are the main characters of X-Terra and both have heavy shadow powers, and they are genuinely heroic, even if Lucas is The Stoic and Feather did a Heel–Face Turn when Neo-Shadow was defeated and disbanded.
  • Delayed Explosion: In the Crossover, naturally.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: Armored villains Drakness and Emperald have very deep and echo-y voices, mainly because of their armors. Emperald is never seen out of his, but Drakness has a naturally deep voice when he goes armor-less.
  • Face Palm: Zeronos/Zen tends to do this, courtesy of being a Deadpan Snarker, as well as the Only Sane Man most of the time.
  • Fiery Redhead: Stray from X-Terra, although she didn't have many opporunities to show her fighting skills. Its even handwaved in the Kamen Rider Crossover where she's useless in battle while Feather does most of the job along with W and Accel.
  • Geographic Flexibility: Totorville can apparently change its own geography for the sake of the Fanfics Totor wants to make, so his characters can play in it like in a movie set. That includes adding entire regions from Pokémon games next to the city.
  • Good Is Not Nice: Zeronos/Zen is a jerk most of the times. He still genuinely want to take down the bad guys, while he just expresses his annoyance and frustration to the other good guys, who are often the source of his anguish. Although he WILL violently and swiftly take down anyone who gets in his way, good or evil.
  • Hates Everyone Equally: Zeronos/Zen, again. He always has something bad to say to or about anyone. He did give a few positive comments to some people, but it was in a very light way and he resumed to being negative shortly after that.
  • Hot-Blooded: Zeronos/Zen. Altough it tends to come back to bite him hard since most of his opponents are more calm and skilled than him.
  • Shoe Phone: Rarely mentionned, but Zeronos'/Zen's Pokégauntlet can take the form of a simple watch and turn back into it's actual form with the press of a button.
  • Super Wrist-Gadget: Pokégauntlets.
  • Transformation Trinket: Pokégauntlets, again, as well as Pokéguns in X-Terra, when supercharged and put back into their holsters, so they can transfer their energy to the Guardians' suits and activate their Poké-armor. And of course the Kamen Riders' belts in the Kamen Rider Crossover.