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It is a Total Drama SYOC story by LadyLionheart73 found on It takes place in an alternate universe that takes place after season six of Total Drama.

It's been six years of radio silence from the producers of Total Drama. In that time, the former contestants have all moved on with their lives.

Suddenly, a mysterious company known as Phoenix Industries has backed Total Drama for season 7 of the series. Twenty-two contestants are once again being brought in, this time on the mechanical beast known as Pahkitew Island, with a prize of...wait for it...




Who will win? What romances and friendships will blossom? And what is Phoenix Industries up? Find out all this and more by tuning in for TOTAL! DRAMA! RELOADED!

The link to the story is here: Total Drama Reloaded



"Total Drama Reloaded" contains examples of:

  • Aftershow: Total Drama Reloaded has brought back the Aftermath segment seen in seasons 2 and 3. Bridgette and Geoff, now a husband and wife team, are once again hosting the show, where they talk about the show's events and interview previous contestants.

  • Beauty, Brains, and Brawn: A challenge based on this in chapter 2.

  • Confession Cam: As in Total Drama, contestants use the Toilet Confessional before, after, and even during challenges.

  • Corporate Conspiracy: As of the latest chapters, there seems to be something off with Phoenix Industries.

  • Damsel in Distress: A chapter based on this on chapter 5.

  • Everyone Meets Everyone: Occurs in the first chapter of the fanfiction, where each of the contestants are introduced while on the ship to Pahkitew Island.

  • Genre Shift: Downplayed. Like the canon Total Drama, TDR focuses on comedy and drama. However, this story has more serious episodes than its inspiration. See Wham Episode below.

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  • New Season, New Name: Set on Pahkitew Island with an all-new cast of contestants after six years since the last season.

  • Original Character: The contestants are original characters. That also includes Laila Ignis, the CEO of Phoenix Industries as well as Molly the intern.

  • Prison Episode: A challenge based on this in chapter 6.

  • Reality TV: Played Straight, given it's a Total Drama Fanfiction.

  • Ship Tease:

    • Ryuji and Jewel. Confirmed.
    • Ronan and Silver.
    • Amelia and Taylor.
    • Johnny and AJ.

  • Sanity Slippage: By chapter 9, Chris seems to have fully gone off the deep end.

  • Teleportation: The Port of Shame is a teleportation pad used to send away contestants who are eliminated out of the island.

  • The Food Poisoning Incident: Occurs in Chapter 12. While the teams try to complete a cooking challenge, almost all of the contestants come down with food poisoning. The cases are so widespread, Chef ends up calling off the challenge.

  • Time Skip: Six years have passed since the last season of Total Drama. By this point, the now adult contestants have moved on with their lives, necessitating the new cast.

  • Treasure Hunt Episode: In chapter 10, "The Pirate Episode," the contestants have to search for buried treasure.

  • Trust-Building Blunder: A challenge based on this in chapter 3, "Who You Trust."

  • Underwater Ruins: The challenge for chapter 11 involves the teams having to collect relics on the underwater ruins of Wawanakwa island.

  • Villainous Breakdown: Throughout the first part of the season, Chris's failure to get revenge on Phoenix Industries and/or get his host job back makes him increasingly desperate. This culminates in chapter 9, "Total Chis-asters," where he nearly blows up the island Scarlett-style.

  • Voted Off the Island: After every Elimination Challenge, the losing team votes on which member to vote off.

  • Wham Episode:

    • Chapter 2: At the end of the chapter, Ms. Ignis, the CEO of the company funding TDR, confronts Chris on TV. She proceeds to call Chris out for his callousness, and fires him from his job. To rub salt in the wound, she then reveals that Noah and Owen, two previous contestants, will be taking Chris's job
    • Chapter 8: Right in the middle of the challenge, Chris causes Silver to have an allergic reaction, nearly killing him. Then, as the contestants gather to comfort Silver, Chris manages to force control of the island from Scarlett and Molly. Ends with the cliffhanger of the contestants literally falling into the abyss.
    • Chapter 10: The episode, like chapter 8, starts relatively normal...and continues to be normal. Then, at the very end, AJ is approached by someone in the dead of night. This mystery man gives AJ the whammy that Phoenix Industries is putting her friends in danger, and hands her a mysterious MacGuffin before fleeing.
    • Chapter 12: The entire cast gets food poisoning. What makes it worse, however, is Noah's flippant nature.

  • Wham Line:

    • Miss Ignis: Chris McLean, you're fired.

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