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Total Drama Isle is a 2014 Total Drama fanfiction being written by It's a new season, a new island, and 20 new campers ready to take part in another season of Total Drama! But will this particular season bring more dread, panic, and fear to the campers than the norm, or will the campers be able to maintain their sanity after participating in Chris' sadistic game? One thing's for sure, this new season will certainly cause lots of drama!


The story is starts here on his dA page, and on Fanfiction, here, as well.

This work provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Bilingual Bonus: The Swedish Erika's dialogue is sprinkled with Swedish words.
  • The Load: Kylie is a justified example. She has asthma and, as a result, isn't very useful in physical challenges.
  • Made of Iron: Both Dan and Erika are able to tank fifteen milliamps of electricity running through their bodies and still be able to walk around, much less talk after the fact. Justified in both cases in that Erika's profession involves working around electricity based technology, therefore making her much more resistant to electric shocks and Dan's extremely pain tolerant to begin with.
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  • Nice Guy: Dwayne has all the trappings of a typical Jerk Jock, but he's actually a pleasant person.
  • Only Sane Woman: Kristin is much more level-headed and collected than any of the other players.
  • Satellite Character: Rebecca doesn't really have much besides being Oscar's crush.
  • Ship Tease: So prevalent that Jane and Damian are the only players who are not hinted to be part of a romantic couple in the making.