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A Total Drama fanfic written by Knifez.

After the low ratings of the over-the-top TDAS and TDPI, Chris goes back to repaired and normal Camp Wawanakwa. 18 campers: 6 from each generation, are brought back to the island. Split into three teams, competitiveness goes into overdrive with a tough cast. Old and new romances blossom. Who will win the most dramatic season yet? Oh, Heather and Alejandro host the Aftermaths.

The competitors (before the team swaps in Chapter 10):

  • Team Alpha: Zoey, Lightning, Sky, Rodney, Izzy, and Noah
  • Team Oddball: Jasmine, Shawn, Bridgette, Owen, Anne Maria, and Brick
  • Team Nuclear: Gwen, Duncan, Jo, Scott, Sammy, and Beardo


This fanfiction contains examples of:

  • Ascended Extra: Beardo gets considerably more focus here compared to canon where he only made one appearance in Pahkitew Island.
  • Costume Evolution / Expository Hairstyle Change: Several characters (both in the competition and Aftermath) get this as a result of the Time Skip to varying degrees:
    • Duncan no longer dies his mohawk green and is currently in its natural black color. He also no longer wears nose piercings.
    • Gwen has longer hair which is occasionally tied in a ponytail and slightly less pale skin.
    • Zoey's hair has gotten longer and is braided down her back.
    • Lighting has a goatee.
    • Samey trades her cheerleading outfit for a plain light blue shirt, khakis, and normal shoes.
    • Lindsay now wears a blue dress.
    • Tyler replaces his tracksuit with a red shirt and jeans.
    • Cody no longer sports a gap tooth, has slicked back hair, is slightly taller, and has more stylish clothing.
    • Leshawna replaces her weave with an afro and has lost weight.
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    • Trent sports a goatee and wears a dark green shirt with black sleeves.
    • Eva now has a pixie cut.
    • DJ no longer wears a skull cap and shaved his beard.
    • Harold wears a short sleeve shirt, has gold chains, and is more muscular.
    • Geoff's shirt is fully buttoned.
    • Courtney wears a grey pantsuit and styles her hair in a bun.
    • Ezekiel (who recovered from his feral state from World Tour-All Stars) is bald, has braces due to how mangled his teeth became during his feral state, and has paler skin than his normal human state in the first three seasons.
  • Demoted to Extra: Despite being one of the most prominent characters from the Revenge of the Island cast in canon, Scott ends up being eliminated quite early in this fic. Subverted later on due to coming back in the merge.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: While Duncan's unapologetic attitude towards causing Sammy's elimination was cold, both Chris and Bridgette admit that it was an understandable decision as he was saving a friend of his from elimination, as well as how Sammy lying to Duncan nearly caused his elimination earlier in the story.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech:
    • Duncan calls out Gwen for causing the chain of events that nearly got him eliminated despite the two starting to become friends again.
    Duncan: "You rejected me. You have a boyfriend. That's fine. That's your call. I have to pay for my mistakes when I was a dumb kid. That's life. That's fine. But what's not fine is telling me we can be friends. Then we chat and have fun at the fire, and here I am thinking things are going fine! Hell, I was excited at the thought of becoming friends again! But no, turns out you were stringing me along and plotting behind my back to get me voted off. Like, what the hell, are you Heather now or something?"
    Gwen: "Duncan, no, I can explain. You don't understand-"
    Duncan: "Oh I understand. I understand everything now. I understand...that you are a selfish bitch."
    • Bridgette later gives one to Duncan for his actions post All-Stars, and continuing to be rude to Bridgette even when she was trying to be polite to him.
    Bridgette: "Oh, so that's how it's going to be?"
    Duncan: "You tell me, Malibu, you're the one that chewed me out after All-Stars at that party."
    Bridgette: "Because you were an ass, that's why! Parading about that party, boasting about how cool you were that your jail sentence was only 60 days because you were famous. Don't even get me started on how you were talking about Courtney and Gwen! Even Geoff was pissed, and he'll defend you to the ends of the earth!"
    (Duncan turned around to glare at the steaming mad surfer, but couldn't find any appropriate words to defend himself.)
    Bridgette: "So do you deny the fact that you were a huge jerk?"
    Bridgette: "Then don't give me that sulky 'I didn't know you cared', crap,"
    Duncan: "That was a long time ago."
    Bridgette: "It was. And from what I've gathered from Gwen you've changed…for the better. Right now, though? I'm not really seeing it."
  • Ship Tease: Sammy gets this with Scott of all people. Owen also gets this with Izzy while Sky and Lightning get this too.
  • Time Skip: Before introducing the contestants for the season, Chris states it has been three years since their last season.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: Downplayed with Noah. While he has his share of Pet the Dog moments, he's the most villainous contestant in the story, tricking Lightning and Sky into forging an alliance with him, only to immediately blackmail the rest of his team into voting off Sky with him, manipulating Lightning into thinking that Zoey orchestrated it afterwards.
  • Wham Episode: "Getting Board of This Game" ends with Bridgette, Jo, and Izzy swapping teams with Zoey relapsing into Commando Zoey after getting angry with Lightning one too many times.

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