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Toon City is a Crossover Fanfic Series written by Bearquarter 2008 on Deviantart and

Like other crossover fics, this shows what would happen if cartoon characters from Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney and Movie studios (Barring Pixar) would met each other and had adventures with each other in a small fictional Oklahoma town called, "Toon City". It also tackles some interesting themes, and is building up to a big event in the series' late run.


The story provides examples of:

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Adaptation Deviation: There are many in this fanfic series,

  • Jimmy Neutron is portrayed on his show and movie as a bright genius who tries to invent machines to help with everyday life, no one knew why, and probably didn't question it. Here, Jimmy invents because he wanted to be like his hero, Superman, because he helps people with his unique abilities, and Jimmy tries to do the same thing, but after Superman's battle with Doomsday, Jimmy tries to find another way to honor his his hero's legacy, even if it means putting his inventions aside to help others the way Superman would've.
    • In addition, by taking inspiration from Tom Holland's Spider-Man, he also shows an interest in Pop culture, new and old.
  • In the 2014 Mr. Peabody and Sherman film Sherman is portrayed as a smart, yet innocent boy, whereas Penny is portrayed as an Academic Alpha Bitch. While their personalities are kept, the author decides to expand on the two characters to make them like the voice of reason, taking inspiration from a familiar source.
  • If you were born in the early 80's, or the late 70's, then you might be vaguely familiar with a show about con-man ghost and his best friend, perky goth girl, as well as the film it was based on. In this fic series, the author uses the TV version of Lydia Deetz and Beetlejuice, as well as keeping the TV show's Neitherworld characters, as well as that he uses the Maitlands and Juno in some episodes of the fanfic series
    • On that minor note, there will be a deconstruction of a certain cloning trope, where a one-shot fic shows Lydia trying to use Beetlejuice's cloning perfume to spend time with Beetlejuice and be able to enjoy her summer vacation snowballs into Lydia having to play babysitter with her clones.
  • Johnny Test is infamous for its extreme unpopularity, but the first season is generally seen as decent. The author decided that it'd be best if he behaves like he usually does if he had a justifiable reason. Because of the fact that his sisters, his ex-best friend, and his rival are much more successful than he is, Johnny is a jerkass, but the author will try to get Johnny's character development in the series to get him to be likable and sympathetic.
  • Danny Phantom is often called clueless, but what if he took more after his father's behavior as well.
    • On that note, Dani Phantom, the female clone of Danny, is actually Danny's baby sister in this fic series' universe.
  • In the Loud House, there seems to be no episodes that deal with racial and homophobic issues on it. Well, the author promises to make an episode that shows how Social Justice Warriors would be dealt with by the Louds, as well as Clyde and Ronnie Anne being affected by Trump's presidency.
  • In Gravity Falls, only Pacifica was developed even more, and her parents' dark natures were revealed, but what if there was something more to Priscilla and Preston's past lives?
  • In Dexter's Laboratory, Dee Dee has always been playful and stupid throughout the series' run, but she only hangs around with Dexter in his lab, because Dee Dee has felt socially awkward around school and away from ballet.
  • Deconstruction Fic: There are various examples of deconstruction in this series.
    • Some cloning tropes are deconstructed in this fic. Throughout the series, Lydia has to put up with thousands of clones of herself, no thanks to Beetlejuice's U2 formula, and to pour salt into her stress wound, Lydia's clones are more childlike and playful than her.
    • And yes, Dang it. the infamous Luck episode of the Loud house will be deconstructed, yet again, but in a unique way.
  • Adaptional Backstory Change
    • As stated above, Jimmy Neutron looks up to Superman and the Man of Steel's heroic acts have inspired him to use his inventions to try to help people in his life, and as you'd expect (After watching the Jimmy Neutron Series), it doesn't go so well. Despite this, he never gives up on his goals.
    • The author said that Priscilla Northwest and Preston Northwest will have backstories that will get them to be more easy to sympathize with than in Gravity Falls.
    • If you know that Adam and Barbara from the Beetlejuice Movie will appear in this fanfic series, then the writer will find a way to connect the movie with its cartoon series.


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