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Three of Me: School Society (formerly Three of Me vs. School Society) is a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic High School A.U. Fanfic by the author Killjoy.

It's about the author's self-insert Razor Graze and... well, a lengthy explanation is in order.

Basically, he took the Good Angel, Bad Angel concept, mixed it with Double Consciousness, and took the whole thing Up to Eleven. Razor has two "separate consciences" that manifest themselves as "light and dark" versions of himself, named Kill and Joy. Also, they are apparently Omniscient, as they somehow have knowledge of things like Cupcakes and the TARDIS. Recently, he added a third "conscience", Grace. Along with making it a bit confusing at times as Grace and Graze are only a letter apart, it pretty much invalidates the fic's current title.


Other characters have multiple consciences too, most notably Pinkie Pie, who repeatedly attempts to rape Razor because her consciences are in love with his, but he's dating Derpy. Pretty much every OC that appears in the fic also has at least one "conscience", too.

Even if you don't count the consciences, there really are a lot of characters. It's gotten to the point where entire chapters can go by without a single canon character appearing, with the possible exception of Derpy, Razor's love interest.

This fic should NOT be confused with the remake, Everfree and Tartarus, which is improved to a quite surprising degree. This page is about the original, vastly inferior "School Society" version.


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