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No Mary Sues to be found here!

Lily Note never really stuck out at High Hopes Orphanage. She was just a regular old unicorn. OR WAS SHE??

Yeah, turns out she's the first natural alicorn (that is, a pony born as an alicorn) in over 1000 years. As soon as Celestia and Luna heard about this, the younger sister decided to take Lily under her wing as her adopted daughter.

Lily Note is both anxious and elated about her new position. After all, is it not every filly's dream to be a princess? However, the gilded appearance of royalty is much more complicated than dancing at balls, living in luxury, wearing beautiful dresses, and getting what you want. It does not help that her adoptive mother and aunt are having issues of their own.

Story can be found here.


The following tropes are associated with The Youngest Alicorn:

  • Alternate Universe:
    • Luna adopts an orphan. 'nough said.
    • It is stated that this takes place sometime between the events of Magical Mystery Cure and Equestria Girls.
    • Luna also reads a book in the Prologue about a possible future where Celestia never recovers from the Nightmare Moon incident. It is apparently very popular, and even the Princesses enjoy it!
    • There are also tweakings to episodes from the first three seasons.
      • Rarity is not as much of a social climber after the events of this universe's Sweet and Elite.
      • Discord's reformation is different than the show's. Fluttershy genuinely wanted to be Discord's friends, but he was playing her the fool. Eventually, Flutters is attacked by demon beavers, and Discord saves her because she was the first pony to ever be genuinely nice to him.
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  • Bodyguard Crush: Luna and the Captain of her guard, Nebula, certainly enjoy each other's company! They even spend much of Lily's birthday party together.
  • Call-Back: There is a short reference to Rainbow Dash's love of cider.
    • Played for Laughs: Celestia makes a joke referencing Nightmare Moon. Luna's reaction just makes it even funnier.
    Celestia: Did it last forever?
    Luna calmly put her cup of coffee onto the table and glared daggers at Celestia. There was a still silence, before she sighed dejectedly.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: One of Lily's handmaidens, Morning Glory, has one that made her go completely mute!
  • Noodle Incident: Apparently, a fanatic cult member tried to assassinate Luna for whatever reason. All that we're given is that Luna is perplexed and amused at his murder weapon.
    She would never quite understood how that crazed stallion had gotten the idea that a combination of baking soda and vinegar would kill her.
  • Orphanage of Fear:
    • Averted with High Hopes Orphanage. The head of it, Miss Sunny Smiles, has a sunny disposition, and the few orphans seen are happy (well, aside from the whole orphan thing).
    • As the author herself says:
    I've also decided to make the orphanage a kind one, because the "hero who lived in a horrible lifestyle stayed good" cliche is overused anyways.
  • Princesses Rule: Celestia and Luna. Lily will also be crowned once she comes of age.
  • Sibling Rivalry:
    • Played with for Celly and Luna. In the original story, there was a huge prank war, but the author re-wrote the story (but she may include it later on).
    • The two also have share some jests in the first chapter.
  • Unfortunate Names:
    • Played for Laughs: Cadence apparently calls Celestia "Auntie Tia," which Lily points out to mean "Auntie Aunt" in Hoofspanic/Spanish.
    • Luna even goes the extra mile and deliberately gives her a new nickname the next day!

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