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The Wormhole Chronicles is a series of Fanfiction Crossovers by General Rage. The saga is set just after the main storyline of Mass Effect 2 and its Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC, and follows the crew of the Normandy as they investigate the appearance of a mysterious wormhole that has suddenly popped up in deep space. They end up having to fly directly into the wormhole after being attacked by (unknown to them at the time) a Covenant cruiser, and travel through time and space before being dumped into another universe where another humanity is fighting a war of survival.


The Normandy ends up at on the planet Reach just as the Covenant invasion there takes hold, and as they assist in the planet's defense, Commander Shepard soon realizes that dark forces from his home universe have made a presence in this new one. While the Normandy works to uncover the extant of this insertion, the Covenant's presence in the Mass Effect galaxy threatens to ruin the fragile peace that has been established there, and with Shepard gone, his former teammates Liara T'Soni and Urdnot Wrex must safeguard their home in his absence.

Entries in the series so far:

When There Was a Tomorrow

Guilty Sparks



The Wormhole Chronicles provides examples of:

  • Big Bad Ensemble: The story has, at the moment, five different major antagonists:
    • First off, there are the Covenant and Reapers, who are willingly united. The Reapers provide the Covenant with their technology (under the guise of being forerunner entities who offer gifts to the Covenant), but in actuality, the Reapers are merely using the Covenant to find a/the Composer and use that to speed up the cycle.
    • Next is the Cerberus, who are trying to exploit the wormhole that links both universes to advance their own interests.
    • In the spinoff story Adventures of the Lucen: The Vykurcorp Conspiracy, there's the titular Vykurcorp. While it's in alliance in with The Covenant and uses their technology, their own scheme was something Orukuri was planning largely on his own. He wants to create a False Flag Operation that frames humans and various other aliens for a terrorist attack to revive Turian Nationalism and break away from the Citadel Council.
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    • From that same story, there's also The Singular, a Geth that merged with a Covenant A.I. with its own agenda.
    • Last are the Flood, who just want to eat everyone.
  • Crossover: Between Mass Effect and Halo.
  • For Want of a Nail: A lot of events have gone very differently from canon in the Halo universe due to the intervention of the Normandy. See the pages for the individual stories for the exact details.
  • Morality Kitchen Sink:
    • The main heroes of this story - Commander Shepard and his crew and the Spartans and low ranking UNSC forces that accompany them - are firmly on the side of good.
    • The UNSC High Command, ONI, and Liara's forces as the Shadow Broker are a bit darker, but still on the side of good, as while they have the best intentions, they're willing to commit morally grey actions to achieve their goals.
    • Ackerson and the darker elements of ONI also have sympathetic goals, but they are more willing to cross lines to achieve those goals and aren't really bothered by the lines they cross.
    • Citizens living in Omega and the various parts of the Mass Effect universe are mostly in the neutral area, being utterly ignorant of the story's conflict.
    • Cerberus and the Illusive Man occupy A Lighter Shade of Black, as his goals, while understandable, are not completely sympathetic and he will gladly commit crimes of varying scale to achieve those goals.
    • The Covenant are genocidally aggressive toward mankind, but they've also been lied to by their current leaders.
    • The Reapers and Flood are totally unsympathetic villains who want to kill/eat everything. Strictly speaking, the Flood are infinitely more evil than everyone else combined.
    • Finally, the Forerunner constructs run on Blue-and-Orange Morality - namely, keep the Flood contained at all costs.
  • Villain Team-Up: In this story, the Covenant and Reapers are willing allies.


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