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"It all started with a girl, her father, and her best friend finding a dog on the side of a lake..."
—First line of The First Story, last line of Last Peace.

The stories written by Wario Barker, some over the course of at least a decade. Some of these were published, others...notsomuch.

The Four Stories

The four that began this whole lineup. The early ones were conceived when the author was very young, and hence may seem childish in nature.

  • The First Story - A girl, her father, and her best friend find a dog on the side of a lake... (originally written circa 1994)
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  • The Second Story - Four sentient animals find themselves face-to-face with a certain blue box... (The Lion King / Doctor Who Crossover; originally written circa 1996)
  • The Third Story - Four Pokémon are sucked through a Time Gate, meeting a lamb who would later be Susan Wise... (originally written circa 1999)
  • The Fourth Story - Ash Ketchum and friends travel to Poorfield Beach, where they discover much more about not only themselves, but just how many worlds there are... (originally written circa 2002)
  • The Twelve Dimensions - The result of combining the above four. A young man collapses, then awakes in a strange land 1,000 years into his future with no way to get home...but with so much to see and do in these new worlds, would he even want to go home if given the chance? (originally written circa 2004)

Doctor Who: The Continuing Adventures

Chronicles the Doctor as he lives out an unstated incarnation, albeit long after he should be dead...

  • Azumanga Who - The Doctor finds himself and his three daughters stranded in Japan, thanks to an inexplicable fault with the TARDIS. Although he merely wants to fix the Ship and leave, the Doctor requires help from a certain prodigy at a certain school — but several people from his past have other ideas...and it seems the Doctor is missing his memories of them. (Doctor Who / Azumanga Daioh crossover)
  • An Azumanga Halloween - Tomo gets Yomi to dress up as the "super cow" from an anime they like, but Yomi doesn't feel comfortable with how "real" her costume seems to be. Those aren't prosthetics.
  • Jani's Birthday Trip - The Doctor and Hannah take Jani Bodmann into his future, but the TARDIS ends up overshooting its destination...landing on an Earth ruled by the Supreme Overlord.
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  • R&S Depression Syndrome - Rebekah and Sarah are captured, as are the Doctor and Hannah...but Rebekah and Sarah are helpless, and when all is revealed it sends the Doctor to the brink of sanity.
  • An Insignificant Choice - The Doctor feels a strange sense of dread and weight about something that should be considered trivial at best. Making this decision won't change anything...right? note 
  • Phases of the Moon - The Doctor and Hannah, now alone, travel Earth as the TARDIS regrows. In March 1984, a strange girl calls for help from an abandoned German mansion... (Doctor Who / Moon Phase crossover)
  • Master Slave - The Doctor's first incarnation, walking the Earth without his Ship in 2009, visits the residence of a young girl he knows is being held there against her will.
  • The Matter of the Cake - The Doctor gets moody. Hannah tries to build a cake. There are words. And slapping.
  • Terror of the Zypedrians - The Doctor is summoned by the White Guardian to stop a Zypedrian before it kills Chris Davola, the first Human to meet the Venusians, before he is born in 1990.
  • The Final End - The Doctor, Hannah, Allura, and Chrissie discover that all is not well on the Eye of Orion...and the menace behind it, who claims to have secretly controlled the Time Lord since his Eleventh incarnation, wants the Doctor dead for what may be the most plausible of reasons.
  • The Dreamer Wakes - Perhaps the Doctor shouldn't have known about this...
  • Death is But a Whisper - Someone is after the Doctor, Hannah, and Allura, and nothing will get in its way...not even the Brigadier.
  • The Path of the Doctor - The Doctor regenerates once more, and things go very awry...

Other Fics

Stories where the focus is on someone other than the Doctor, but are in the same Fan Verse.

  • New Year's Eve: Azumanga Style - Six years after Azumanga Daioh, the girls get together to discuss what they'll do in the new year...and meet Nanami, the seven-year-old daughter of Yukari and Nyamo.
  • Allura's Hospital - Allura and her friends, having escaped the clutches of an old foe, find themselves in an abandoned Japanese hospital in 1951. To protect themselves and not look out-of-place, they use their combined knowledge to restore the place back to working order as a "cover", which also requires they legitimately help those requiring medical aid. The story covers the next 50 years, an era full of events large and small...until 2001, when the Doctor enters their lives again.
  • "Princess" Allura McCoy in the WWE - A familiar woman takes down a renowned Superstar in her bookstore, and finds herself employed by a certain man who thinks her "I've lived for over three millenia" story will guarantee big ratings.
  • The Reason Why - As Allura fights a deadly menace, Chrissie begins feeling a strange sense of dread and a young girl named Nadimia discovers the truth about the world...
  • Glass Life - Autobiography written by Allura in an attempt to clear her name, following events that completely destroyed her reputation.
  • Project RINI - Susan Wise wakes up in a white cell, finally captured and put in a prison designed to drain her powers...but can she really change, as Miss Glowbug believes she can? And just what is her greatest secret?
  • The Wise Imprimature - A gynoid named Jolyn succumbs to a great and ancient force, becoming someone who will continue to haunt the Doctor...
  • Last Peace - Hannah finds herself in a familiar Alternate Universe and, with no way to leave and full knowledge of what happened to the Doctor, prepares to make the worst decision of her life... (last story in the author's canon)

Altiverse Fics

What if...something, or somebody, had done something differently?

  • "New Beginnings" Altiverses (in which how we saw things begin may not have been the truth)
    • An Unearthly Hannah - Two teachers follow a strange ten-year-old student of theirs into her otherworldly home, and meet her father, a strange man who calls himself "the Doctor". (Doctor Who / Azumanga Daioh Crossover; alternate of "An Unearthly Child")
    • Stars and Money - Six girls are thrust into a bizarre game of high stakes in a familiar place, helmed by a familiar face, in a time long before they were born.

  • "Dreamscape" Altiverse (in which the author dreams strange things)
    • Mission to Pluto - The Doctor encounters "the Boss", who plans to turn the Time Lord into a killing beast...and only his mother and brother can save him.
    • Hawk, Bull, Slim, Slash - The Doctor finds himself involved in a lottery he can't understand, as he plans to help a man save his own life.
    • Prodigy Girl - The Doctor, again teaching, discovers a girl obtaining information that simply shouldn't exist.
    • School of Hard - The Doctor attends a strange school where cheerleaders are for-(ahem)...dessert.
    • One Man's Existence - The Cybermen have found the Doctor, who really shouldn't be alive anyway...
    • The Quickness of Death - The Doctor's mother is missing, and his brother appears to have been killed.
    • Evil World - A disease has been spread from its contained area, and the Doctor is the target of those affected.
    • Purchase of a Lifetime - A failing student discovers that things won't be bad for much longer...
    • Test #144 - There are several doors, all leading to different sub-tests, with deadly punishments for those who fail. Can the Doctor survive?

  • "Grim AzuBastion" Altiverse (in which the events after "Jani's Birthday Trip" go very, very wrong)
    • A Grim AzuBastion, Indeed - The author mourns the passing of a former "home", while the Doctor faces off against a fierce race of beings who want to consume him alive.
    • Revenge of the Fallen - The Doctor finds himself in a strange new world, and fate gives him the task of tending to a Kirlia who has also found herself in this place.

  • "Author's Immersion" Altiverse (in which the author finds himself inside the world he created)
    • Twenty-One Candles - Written for the author's birthday in 2009, the author struggles between the world he lives in...and the world he wants to live in.
    • Dreams...and What They Mean - The author's recent decisions scare him, and Hannah arrives to straighten him out.
    • Doctor Who and the Phoenix - The author is drawn to a contest where near-perfection is desired far more than people who would actually benefit from the services offered to the winner.
    • Mind's Vortex - The author relives the period of May 2008 to Fall 2009 while in a state of limbo, then decides to pull a Sam Tyler.
    • The Grand Eulogy - The author discusses thoughts on his father's life and (then-very recent) death with his characters, then forces himself to come face-to-face with his father's fictional counterpart — Samuel Dleifneb.

  • "Azumanga Who" Altiverses (in which things played out a bit differently from the author's canon...)
    • Deerfield Beach, 2050 AD - The author, living in a world that is near destruction, shares his deepest regret as death approaches...
    • Azumanga Who (The Scripts) - The original version, published in 2008. More stilted, more basic, and completely non-canon as of now.
    • Azumanga Who (First-Person Novel) - The second version, now written from the Doctor's point of view. Was also viewed by the author as constricting.
    • AzuDaniel Draboh - Little cutaways starring various characters.
    • Tomo's Padlocked Box - Tomo and Yomi discover a strange box, and end up making a new version of a legend as old as time itself...
    • You Shouldn't Have Done That - The Doctor discovers just how quickly things can go to Hell...

These stories provide examples of:

  • Action Girl: Allura. Although she was that way before these stories, she hardens over the course of centuries to the point of using a gun in The Reason Why.
  • All Just a Dream / Or Was It a Dream?: Dreams are a common thread in these stories.
    • Dream Gates existed since The First Story — if the events in the dream would benefit the greater good in reality, it happens. Susan Wise appears to have had some power over the Gates, since no dreams involving pain upon her ever came to pass.
      • Related to this, Allura has written several books on the Gates (looking into both their positive and negative aspects), including one specifically aimed at children. A book published under her name which promised get-rich-quick schemes regarding the Gates was quickly pulled once it was realized that no, Allura didn't write that one.
    • Several stories discuss the power of dreams, such as Azumanga Who (which also states that dreams of one Realm take place in the other, a thread visible in Hawk, Bull, Slim, Slash and Revenge of the Fallen).
    • There are a few hints that this may overlap with Dream Apocalypse.
  • Alternate Universe Fic: When the author began writing this continuity, Series 4 was still airing and he hadn't seen it. The Doctor hence regenerates into Ronald Howard, then Jonathan Gundrie, then Hugh Laurie...and then things get complicated.
    • The remainder of Ten's life was added later on, with An Insignificant Choice marking the major point of divergence.
    • In early 2011, the author made the timeline diverge at Nine's regeneration, although the sole difference was the Doctor's appearance/voice — Rich Karley, not David Tennant. That said, it seems Karley's Tenth Doctor is a result of the current Doctor's memories being faulty for whatever reason.
  • Arc Number: DB082319882358, appearing across time and universes. First appears in Azu-Who, last appears in the more positive ending of Last Peace (and the latter is suggested to be the same instance that appears early in Glass Life).
  • Backstory: The Twelve Dimensions builds many of the characters and concepts, along with the reason why the Doctor doesn't recognize Allura and her friends in Azu-Who despite being from his past.
    • Glass Life is an In-Universe example, being Allura's autobiography and all.
  • Berserk Button: Don't hurt children when the Doctor's around, especially not his daughters. And if you kill one (or more) of them...basically, run, for all the good it'll do you.
  • Bittersweet Ending: After all is said and done, the Doctor gets one.
  • Book-Ends: The more positive ending of Last Peace has Chiyo starting to tell The First Story.
  • The Cameo: Many, from fellow authors to the Doctor's various incarnations.
  • Crossover: ...Yeah.
  • Curtain Fic: The Matter of the Cake, for one.
  • Dark Fic: Project RINI is the biggest example, but the Death Is But A Whisper-The Path of the Doctor-Last Peace trifecta also qualifies...if only for what happens to the Doctor.
  • Downer Ending: The other ending to Last Peace. Oy.
  • Everything's Better with Princesses: Allura. Chrissie and Soval would be heirs to the throne of Arus...if the planet still existed.
  • Fanverse: Nearly all of the author's stories share one continuity.
  • Five-Man Band: From the "Allura's Hospital" period,
    • The Hero: Allura McCoy.
    • The Lancer: Samuel Dleifneb; to a lesser extent, Soval.
    • The Smart Guy: Miss Goldwood/Glowbug, who actually owned the hospital but intentionally took a lower job so she didn't attract attention. She also fills the peacekeeping role.
    • The Big Guy: Wem/Mew.
    • The Chick: Chrissie.
  • Game Show Appearance: Stars & Money.
  • The Hero Dies: The Doctor, but this isn't really too surprising...until the Death Is But A Whisper-The Path of the Doctor-Last Peace trifecta, where he suffers a Fate Worse than Death.
  • Meaningful Name:
    • Susan Wise is taken from her original name (The Wise Old Lamb) and her real one; indeed, she even resembles her "actress" as she appeared circa 1993.
    • Project RINI, in relation to Susan. Miss Glowbug believes, against all odds and despite having witnessed Susan's wrath over many years, that Reformation Is Not Impossible.
  • Never the Selves Shall Meet: Mainly because the Doctor actually died long ago; Daniel, a companion of the Doctor, had his memories "splintered" by the Ship after the latter died to make him believe he regenerated. In The Final End, the Doctor meets the Author, who is behind the death and destruction in that story.
  • Person of Mass Destruction: Susan Wise.
  • Rage Against the Author: The Final End.
  • Rage Against the Heavens: Several times.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Oh, so much.
  • Real Song Theme Tune: All chosen for having similarities to the Doctor Who theme.
    • The Dreamscape series uses a portion of DEVO's "Disco Dancer".
    • Revenge of the Fallen uses portions of Pat Benatar's "Invincible".
    • Last Peace uses the short theme from AIR.
    • Other songs used include a portion of "Land of Confusion", most of this, and the theme heard here.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: R&S Depression Syndrome is easily the biggest example, and for good reason.
  • Shared Universe: Occasionally, the author's characters have been seen elsewhere by other authors — the Doctor and Hannah in AzuDrabble Daioh; Hannah in Azumanga Politburo: Project Alice; Allura's alter-ego Arulla in Every New Day; the Doctor, Hannah, and the First Doctor in It Was Upon A Space Christmas; and the Doctor in Memories.
    • While very likely unintentional, the Fifteenth Doctor in Two of a Kind seems to resemble Daniel's, with Mystery somewhat resembling Hannah.
  • Shout-Out: Oh, so much.
  • Shown Their Work: A header in the author's works (only his own private files) is dedicated to him using what he wrote to figure out the best slotting in his canon.
  • Stable Time Loop: Nanami. After dying from the energy taken to save Earth and restore it (and its inhabitants), an act which also ripples back three years and causes the TARDIS to go berserk, her last breath creates a glass coffin which shoots off into space. The coffin ends up landing on another Earth during the "Allura's Hospital" period where Allura, now hardened due to various reasons, extracts the DNA which results in Yukari and Nyamo conceiving Nanami and a sequence of events that results in the girl being entrusted to "M".
  • Time Travel: Well, duh.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Hannah, Allura, and the "good side" of Lavos enjoy tea.


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