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The Tale of Codrex Magna is a fanfiction (loosely) based on the LEGO BIONICLE franchise, or more specifically, based on the numerous fan-sites and discussion boards dedicated (at least inititally) to it.

In late 2009, as BIONICLE was in its death throes, an individual who called himself Wally Gudmunzsun founded a new BIONICLE forum, Codrex Magna. This marked the end of a long series of web-based shenanigans across BIONICLE fora, involving numerous renegade BIONICLE fans breaking off of larger fora and founding their own sites. Wally, along with his less personable duplicate account/alter ego, Maestro, is now in the process of telling the story of those shenanigans.

Beginning on BZPower, a small community of friends decided that BZP was too oppressive, bureaucratic, heavily-censored, and crowded for their tastes. Led by Zen “Slushie” Jorra and Maestro, serving as the technical supervisor, some twenty BZP members attempted to found BIONICLE Advanced Wars. After facing some technical difficulties, which discouraged them enough to abandon the idea for a time, they succeeded.

Zen Jorra and Maestro became co-administrators. Unfortunately, disagreements between members and heavy exploitation of the “free speech” BAW offered drove the site into chaos. In the confusion which followed, Maestro was fired and the majority of members stopped visiting.

Maestro created Codrex Magna, reinstating the no-swearing rule and inviting a few members from BAW he felt were not at fault for the site’s collapse. Although not without its own share of drama, Codrex Magna has remained a stable site for the past two years.

The Tale of Codrex Magna is much more interesting.

It’s set in the Outlands, a world where websites are incarnated as heavily-defended Fortresses in an otherwise barren and often dangerous place. Maestro is recruited by Wally, a completely separate character for story purposes, to found and moderate a new Fortress. Wally claims to have found an abandoned Fortress he wants to rebuild and reopen, and that he could use Maestro’s experience as an administrator. The two travel across the Outlands, taking in the sites of the internet and getting involved in conflicts between forumgoers which pose a serious risk to the safety of those involved.

Other notable characters include:

Notable for its Continuity Porn and Creator In-Jokes.

You can read it here.