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Fanfic / The Strawberry Shortcake Chronicles

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The Strawberry Shortcake Chronicles is a series of Trollhunters fanfics by Agent Evey.

  • How to Make Strawberry Shortcake
    • In which Barbara comes over for dinner. And dessert.
  • Cold Skin
    • The changeling and the doctor spend a passionate evening beneath the clouds.
  • Doctor, Doctor
    • In which Dr. Lake gets a visit from a surprise guest, and briefly becomes the center of hospital gossip.
  • Creature Comforts
    • "If we shadows have offended,/ Think but this and all is mended,/ That you have but slumbered here/ While these visions did appear." -Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream.
  • Violet, Darling
    • Chapter 2 of "Creature Comforts." Separated for rating.
  • Wormhole
    • Did he really have a choice?
  • Bridge of Diamonds
    • Strickler gets a visit from his hired hand, and sees a different side of the assassin.
  • Andaman
    • Two months have passed since Jim's disappearance into the Darklands. Having lost her memory of troll-kind, Dr. Barbara Lake is left with the assumption that her son has been kidnapped, or worse. With a police investigation yielding little evidence, the doctor decides to take matters into her own hands.


This fanfic provides examples of:

  • Bizarre Alien Biology: While changelings have many biological similarities to humans, their is a noticeably difference. Changelings are sterile by nature, their semen a noticeable violet color. Strickler explains to Barbara as a harmless genetic condition brought on by a manganese based reaction.
  • Broken Angel: It turns out that Strickler once had wings. Because Gunmar foresaw Strickler potentially betraying him, he had them ripped off.
  • Everyone Can See It: Vendel could tell that Strickler’s feelings for Barbara are genuine by smelling the pheromones he emits.
  • Evil Is Sterile: It is mentioned that changelings - by design as hybrid creatures not unlike mules - are sterile. Because of this, Strickler comes to see his students like his own children.
  • Involuntary Shapeshifter: In Cold Skin, Strickler accidentally shifted into his true form while he was having sex with Barbara.
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  • Reality Ensues: Strickler visits Angor Rot in the sewers, naturally the smell would cling to him afterward.
  • Romance Arc: The Strawberry Shortcake Chronicles is all about exploring the relationship between Strickler and Barbara.
  • Unusual Euphemism:
    A shadow caught her eyes, and she hesitated. "It's been a while," she frowned up at him. "You know..since I've made strawberry shortcake."
    "That's alright," he smiled, leaning forward to her ear. "You're not alone. I'll be gentle," he whispered. He placed a kiss upon her cheek, then another, and another, and another before the door clicked behind them.
  • You Did Everything You Could: In Cold Skin, Barbara tells Strickler that she lost a patient; an abuse victim who’s husband stabbed her vital organs with a broken spoon. While she acknowledges that as a doctor this will happen, she can’t help but empathize with the patient’s twelve-year-old daughter and picturing her son in the same situation.


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