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"However, dear reader, do know that -even though I am not exactly like you in the physical, mental and emotional sense- my sense of morality forces me to protect you and the ones you love from... the ones that I hunt"
The second line from the prologue

"The Siphon" is a Creepypasta, written by "Den Man". The story is about a man who became gifted with the unique power to host the vengeful spirits of the ones that were killed by Creepypasta monsters, who he in turn hunts down and kills. Hosting such spirits will then also enchance his strength and healing rate.


The first few chapters are the protagonist's origin story; they introduce the reader to the protagonist's motivation, and how he first achieved his power.

The latter chapters will be about how the protagonist and his rag-tag group of adventurers go out on their hunt.

Naturally, it being a Creepypasta, it is prone to be filled with some Nightmare Fuel. And although the Five-Man Band does tend to get very brutal and violent, most of them are true examples of Good Is Not Soft and Dark Is Not Evil.


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