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Fanfic / The Shikigami Ranger and the Monster Mashers

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"The Core Timeline is an amalgamation of chaos. The so-called real world has been overlapped with the realms of movies, comic books, anime, and more. And on Halloween, Michiru Kururugi, the Shikigami Ranger, must fight alongside his loved ones to save this world from utter annihilation!"

The Shikigami Ranger and the Monster Mashers features the titular team, Alternates of multiple girls from various shows and their friends, led by an Alternate of Michiru Kururugi and boasting the firepower of the Power Rangers, taking down an attempt to devastate New York (and then the world) by a supernatural invasion.

This story is part of the Coreline Shared Universe.

Currently under construction. Please add tropes as you see them!

This Coreline story contains examples of the following: