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Fanfic / The Norse Hero: Fenrir

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Common Quirks are based on simple things. Even Bakugo's strong flashy explosion Quirk is just like dynamite. But there is absolutely nothing simple about your Quirk being based on the Norse God: Fenrir.

With the great strength of the wolf god, Izuku is sure to claw his way straight to heroism.

The Norse Hero: Fenrir is a My Hero Academia fanfic written by GoldenGecko. It can be read on Archive of Our Own here.

Tropes in this fic include:

  • The Ace: By the time Izuku makes it into his first class of UA, Izuku already won the Superpower Lottery with his Fenrir quirk, but he has also learned how to use it by two long-accomplished Pro-Heroes (one of which being the Number 2 Hero Endeavor) and has an emergency hero license that allows him to act when given permission by a licensed hero.
  • Adaptational Badass: While canon!Izuku was quirkless, here Izuku was born with a quirk with the qualities of the beast of Norse Mythology Fenrir. He has Super-Strength, Super-Speed, all of the enhanced senses of a wolf, a Healing Factor, the ability to exude smoke and embers he holds limited control of and a number of werewolf-esque Super Modes he can shift between.
  • Adaptational Jerkass: Bakugo is in the firm belief that Izuku's quirk makes him a villain and has done everything in his power to ensure that such a thing would happen. Every class they ever shared Bakugo has ensured that his fellow students would be afraid of him, and has tried to nail it into Izuku's head that he is not hero material even if he was too intimidated to try and beat it into him. It eventually reaches I Reject Your Reality levels when he thinks that Izuku is a member of the League of Villains when both of them get kidnapped, and when Ragnarök is fighting All For One, Bakugo wants to stick around to watch Izuku die.
  • Adaptational Nice Guy: canon!Monoma was a conceited jerk who spends all of his free time mocking 1A out of an envy for their in-story fame. Here, he possesses a hatred for people who pretend to be good, only to act in the contrary out of spite, his best friend having died when a hero ignored him because he had a "villainous" quirk.
  • Bad Powers, Good People: To say that Izuku's powers are terrifying at first glance would be an understatement. He basically has the ability to shift between a human and Hellhound wolf-man form and can sometimes be overwhelmed by his more animalistic instincts, his Ragnarök form becoming famous as the "Demon Werewolf". He has powers over smoke and embers, is strong enough to decimate the Zero-Pointers and let's not forget he was based off of a Beast of the Apocalypse. With that in mind, he is still Izuku, with all of the idealistic heroic qualities you would expect from him, not that Bakugo will ever acknowledge it.
  • Death by Adaptation:
    • In-canon, Izuku's father works overseas, hence why we never see or hear from him. Here, he was a pro-hero that died in the line of duty.
  • Famed In-Story: The first time Izuku shifts into his Ragnarök form, it was an accidental maneuver in reaction to a mugger shooting his mother in a public place. Videos of this transformation went viral on the internet, becoming famous as the "Demon Werewolf". Even four years later in his time at UA, people still recognize Ragnarök whenever they see it or the first time in-person.
  • Heroic Second Wind: Just as All for One overwhelms Izuku in their fight with each other, All Might steps in to save Izuku. While All for One manages to sucker punch All Might, it gives Izuku the brief respite he needs to rejoin the fight and ultimately defeat him.
  • Malicious Slander: Bakugou attempts to do this to Class 1-A, but fails because Shoko exposed Bakugou as a pathological liar.
    • He succeeds with 1-B, but after Ibara gets the explanation about why Bakugou hates Izuku, she is left with disgust at believing a liar.
  • Point of Divergence:
    • Shoto Todoroki is a girl in this version, going by "Shoko", and has already started dating Izuku by the time their first day of class starts.
    • The fact that Toshinori starts dating Izuku's mother Inko and eventually marries her was completely by coincidence, though it was a lucky break for Izuku as Toshinori was able to get Izuku training for his beast-form by the Cougar Hero Pounce and control over his fire-based abilities by Endeavor. Izuku doesn't find out that his step-dad is All Might until this first encounter against the Sludge Villain and Inko doesn't learn this until their fight against All For One.
    • Mineta gets a brief mention, but he doesn't become a member of 1-A. Instead, Monoma is a member of the class.
    • In canon, UA doesn't become a boarding school until after All Might retires. Here it's a boarding school from the start.
    • In canon, Bakugo's antagonistic behavior, while acknowledged, is often brushed off as something they could work on later, and he does get better with time. Here it is taken very seriously: after Bakugo nearly collapses the entire building during the Heroes vs. Villains exercise to get to Izuku, All Might has him sent to the principal's office as soon as Recovery Girl is done with him. They have him transferred to Class 1-B as a warning, Vlad King having more experience dealing with rowdy students that fit Bakugo's profile. Later, Bakugo continues to issue warnings that he will kill Izuku, only to discover that Aizawa was hiding in the rafters of the room and Izuku was recording their conversation, getting Bakugo expelled right before they take their Hero Licensing Exams.
    • Izuku makes first-place in Aizawa's quirk assessment.
    • Izuku is voted class representative, but here he doesn't pass that onto Iida.
    • Izuku manages to kill Nomu from the USJ incident before All Might shows up.
    • Izuku wins first-place at the Sports Festival.
  • Shout-Out: The design of Izuku's wolf forms are all based off of Fenrir from Smite, his Super Mode Ragnarök based off of his Ragnarök skin.
  • Smart Animal, Inconvenient Instincts: It is routinely brought up with those with animal mutations like Izuku, Tsu and Tokoyami tend to act on instinct in certain circumstances and can sometimes be a hinderance. With Izuku's power, he is often acknowledged as the apex and not much usually comes of it until Monoma copies Izuku's quirk and uncontrollably shifts into his own Fenrir form, both Monoma and Izuku compelled by their instincts to fight for dominance.
  • Super Mode: When Izuku is at his most enraged, is in a life or death situation or if his loved ones are in that situation, he takes on a form he dubs "Ragnarök". He grows to be 13-feet tall, he grows a pair of horns on his head and his eyes and embers go from orange to purple.
  • Took a Level in Badass: While Izuku was impressive as he was, when All Might gives him One For All it compliments his preexisting quirk almost as though they were meant for each other. For one thing, Izuku's transformations are much easier, capable of shifting between his human form, beast mode and Ragnarök without the needing to be threatened before hand, and even is able to take on a "light"-mode that gives him a power boost without having to do a full transformation and waste energy. With his preexisting strength and Healing Factor, Izuku can tap into One For All's overwhelming threshold of power without breaking his limbs, though it does speed up quirk exhaustion. The power boost it gives him was enough for him to defeat All For One the first time they meet.