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The Longest Hunt is a Bloodborne/RWBY crossover fanfic by NaughtFiction.

The story begins with the Hunter, Sibyll, meeting Gehrman at the end of the nightmare and being offered death as a way to escape the dream. Sibyll accepts, and just before Gehrman can decapitate him, a shadow covers the moon and shows a city overrun by monsters created by the Beast Scourge: an omen. The shadow attacks and Gehrman tells Sibyll to find the place and warn them of the imminent threat. The Hunter accepts and takes a leap through the clouds surrounding the Hunter's Dream, before waking up in Forever Fall.


This fanfic has examples of:

  • Adaptational Heroism: Adam gets this. In comparison to canon, he helps defend a Human-Faunus settlement and becomes an ally of Sibyll to save Faunuskind.
  • Badass Longcoat: Sibyll wears one. Adam as well.
  • Bash Brothers: Sibyll and Adam become this when defending Addersfield.
  • Blood Magic: Like the other Hunters in Yharnam, Sibyll heals his wounds each time he causes someone to bleed. It's believed by Ozpin and Glynda to be his Semblance.
  • The Berserker: Sibyll becomes this when he's overwhelmed by blood-lust and the Blood Echoes. Blake is beginning to show similar symptoms as well.
    • He also unwillingly takes someone's memories, their Blood Echoes, as Sibyll has done with Blake and Ozpin. With the latter, it drove the Hunter to madness.
  • Character Development: Adam gets a decent amount of it in his recent appearances, especially when he helps defend Addersfield from the Scourge spawn.
  • Get a Hold of Yourself, Man!: Sibyll slaps Blake after she blames him for the loss of her Faunus traits due to becoming part of the Hunter's Dream. Apparently, Sibyll had been given the same treatment by Gehrman when he had found out about the tainted blood in his veins.
  • Idiot Plot: Fortunately, this does not degrade the story-writing and entertainment value of this fanfic. The only thing moving the plot as a whole forward (but the sub-plots are self-propelled) is everyone being absolutely pants-on-head when it comes to Sibyll. Which results in easily preventable tragedies whose consequences further or deepen the plot.
    • Though, sometimes it is due to innocent ignorance or naivety (usually only applies to the students), depending on circumstance.
    • Not that Sibyll is innocent of idiocy, though. His inability to simply explain the threat of the Scourge in the first place exacerbated the snowballing idiocy driving the plot and made things far worse for his mission. This is despite the fact that part of his entire reason for being in Remnant is to warn them of the Scourge.
    • Somewhat averted in Sibyll's case, however. His decision to stay quiet on the Scourge was a deliberate choice made because the plague was not currently spreading, and he fears that someone might deliberately seek out the power of the blood if it became common knowledge, or begin the twisted experiments of Yharnam anew. Given the actions of the White Fang, his fears are justified.
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  • Lightning Bruiser: Sibyll is this when he gets overwhelm by the Blood. He's already a quick and lethal fighter, but when in a berserk state he combines these traits with Feel No Pain and a vampiric Healing Factor. Only killing him outright can stop him.
  • Mercy Kill: Sibyll thinks he does this each time he kills someone affected by the Beast Scourge. He says that the infected are still conscious of their actions, and all he can do as a Hunter is ending their pain. Later, this worsens what little trust the other characters have in Sibyll, after he keeps proposing to put Blake out of her misery after she was injured by a Beast.
    • After Sibyll returns to the village accompanied by Port and Oobleck, he finds Cormack at the final stages of the Scourge, cradling a photo of him, his wife and his daughter Chisa. Sibyll apologizes for his current state and puts him out of his misery.
  • No Social Skills: Sibyll. Perhaps it's due to having had very little contact with others during his time in Yharnam, but he tends to be extremely blunt, doesn't talk much and isn't very apt at giving explanations. If he did, he could avoid a lot of problems with the other characters.
  • Poor Communication Kills: Sibyll's own lack of social skills combined with the protectiveness of Yang and the rest of RWBY causes a lot more consequences than normal.
  • Resurrective Immortality: Due to being connected with the Hunter's Dream, this applies to Sibyll and later, Blake.
  • The Bait: Sibyll becomes one to save Teams RWBY and JNPR from the Alpha Beowolf.
  • The Corruption: The Beast Scourge. Ironically, Sibyll, who came to Remnant in order to warn them, is the one who starts it, having been injured by the Alpha Beowolf and causing it to transform.
  • Torture Always Works: Or at least, Ironwood believes so. He can't wait for Ruby to slowly 'pry all the necessary answers' from Sibyll and decides to just beat him until he surrenders. It doesn't work since he knows nothing in the first place.
  • Weak, but Skilled: Sibyll doesn't have enough physical strength to wield a Kirkhammer or heavier weapons, having prompted Gehrman to laugh at his attempts and the Doll to clap seriously at his efforts after he had fallen backwards from the weight. Instead he focuses on speed, technique and careful strikes in the right spots.

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