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A series written by RebukeX7 and 117Jorn. A shared cast of Reality Warpers try to save worlds by empowering characters with video game powers. There is no free saving or loading, no resurrection of KO'd protagonists (other than controlled bouts in Marvel vs. Capcom) and all reality resets come at a great cost. That said, it gets pretty over the top. PCs unlocking harems is also a recurring theme.

Notable Works:

  • Spidey's Life is a Game has a Reality Warper bring a large number of Capcom fighters into the Marvel universe for a game-based tourney complete with the Street Fighter announcer and instant healing after every match. Spiderman, Chun-Li, and X-23 are Team Amazing and together they take on heroes and villains, until they're ready to face down gods.
  • Mass Effect: Life is a Game and its sequel have a Reality Warper offer Male!Paragon!Shepard a one-way trip from Mass Effect 3's endgame to the beginning of the series. Upon arriving in his past, Shepard realizes that a Female!Renegade!Shepard has accidentally fallen into his world as well, so he introduces her as his wife.

For Life Is A Game stories by authors who write outside this cosmology, please see "The Video Game Plot" community, Groundhog Peggy Sue and Sudden Game Interface.


The Life Is A Game Multiverse as a whole provide examples of:


Spidey's Life is a Game provides examples of:

  • After-Combat Recovery: All injuries and deaths suffered during matches are instantly undone when the battle's over.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Can happen when a fighter is put under too much stress during repeated battles. They usually rewrite their own short-term memory with more 'logical' events when they calm down.
  • Finger Poke of Doom: Once Iron Man is down, Spider-Man takes him out with one.
  • Good Thing You Can Heal: Deadpool gets a knife buried in his skull for a snarky comment said during lunch. He pulls it out and keeps on eating.
  • Trickster Mentor: Rebuff. While as deranged and bombastic as she is, her actions throughout the story, namely the tournament and other multiversal shenanigans are to improve the heroes involved, namely Spidey and X-23.
  • Fix Fic: Functions as one for Earth-616 as a whole, with Rebuff helping shift the course of history.
  • Gods Who Actually Do Something: Many godly characters actually engage in divine intervention to help the heroes.
  • Killed Off for Real: In the Ends of the Earth adaptation, Talon/Future Laura Kinney does this to Rhino, thus allowing Silver Sable to be Spared by the Adaptation.
  • Continuity Porn: Rebuke freely acknowledges several convoluted and controversial events that occurred throughout the history of Earth-616, namely having with Anansi the Spider-God resurrect Peter following his death at Magik's hand, Red Sonja's possession of Mary Jane Watson, in addition to reincorporating characters not acknowledged, like Kida from Comic Book/NYX.

Mass Effect: Life is a Game and its sequel provide examples of:

  • BFG: The Cain, Jane's favorite toy.
  • Eye Twitch: Sometimes this is John's only warning that Jane is about to do something Renegade.
  • In Spite of a Nail: To John's shock, Jane has killed Wrex, Mordin and Legion in her first playthrough. Except, despite her joking about it, there is absolutely no way she'd promote Uldina to the council over Anderson, something she and John are in complete agreement about.
    • The fact that the divergent Paragon and Renegade paths both inevitably led to them facing down the Star Child in the same way at the same time really ticks her off.
  • Mental Time Travel: John, yes. Jane, no. Guess who has to get chopped up by Cerberus?

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