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Fanfic / The Last Ringbearer

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A The Lord of the Rings fanfic by Kirill Eskov, offering an examination of the War of the Ring from Mordor's point of view, based on the assumption that Tolkien's account was propaganda written by Gondor.

The story describes Mordor as a small, but prosperous and peaceful constitutional monarchy, a land of Free Men that celebrate the institutions of art and science, and which is now on the verge of ushering in an industrial revolution. But the feudal and warlike Gondor and the conservative Elven Kingdoms, whose rule over their lands is enforced their mastery of the ancient art of magic, see Mordor's rapid sociological and technological advancement as a threat to their respective bases of power, and decides that something must be done to put the upstart kingdom back in its place.

Originally written in Russian and published in Russia in 1999, it has been translated and sold in many languages, although the Tolkien estate has prevented the work from being commercially released in English. As such, the English translation can be downloaded for free here.


This work provides examples of: