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Fanfic / The Knight And Fairy Of The Forward Unto Dawn

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The Knight and Fairy of the Forward Unto Dawn is a Halo and Game of Thrones crossover fanfic by Truce D Jee on

Set after Halo 3 and two years before the first episode of Game of Thrones, the story chronicles the efforts of the Master Chief and Cortana to survive on Westeros after the Forward Unto Dawn crashes near Winterfell, and making the North the most advanced kingdom in The World of Ice and Fire along the way.


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  • Adaptational Heroism: Varys seems to be more interested in the upkeep of the realm this time around, rather than backing just the Targaryens. This ends up taking the show's Adaptational Heroism Up to Eleven.
  • Closed Circle: Robert doesn't express any interest in learning about what happened in the North, preferring to focus on enjoying life as the king as best as he can. Varys, the one who brought the subject up, is absolutely fine with this, as it means that his rivals won't notice the developments for just a little longer, giving him more time to exploit them for his own benefit.
  • Cool Sword: Fire. It's a nanolaminate blade with a titanium guard and scabbard. The Celtic-designed wolves are also a nice touch. Chief gives it to Ned as a goodwill gesture, with Ned then passing it on to Robb, declaring that this will be the Stark's new tradition: the Lord of Winterfell will own Ice, while Fire will belong to his heir.
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  • Disproportionate Reward: In exchange for allowing him to use some of the North and staying at Winterfell, Chief gives the North the locations of all of the valuable metals in the North, including gold. However, the gold ends up being under a Weirwood forest, so the Northerners decide to ignore it and Cortana deletes the information so that no-one else can use it, along with any other deposits that were under Weirwoods. This is in addition to teaching them to produce antibiotics and other innovations down the road. Justified, though, in that most of these rewards are goodwill gestures for diplomacy.
  • Doing In the Wizard: Averted: While Chapter 9 confirms that Valyrian steel is apparently made out of titanium, it's been explicitly cofirned the steel still has magical properties. It's implied this has to do with the unknown element holding the steel together.
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  • Food as Bribe: After several servants help the Master Chief set up camp in Winterfell, he ends p paying them for their services with sugar, since he doesn't have any currency to actually pay them with. They initially assume it's salt, which they would have taken anyway, as it is hard to obtain in Winterfell, but after he tells them what it is, they thank him and go away.
  • The Faceless: Master Chief, for the first eight chapters, played this Trope Straight. It's finally Subverted in chapter 9, when he's persuaded by Cortana to go to a formal dinner with the Starks without his armor, revealing his face.
  • Fridge Logic:
    • In-Universe, this is Cortana's reaction to the fact that Westeros' culture and technology have not changed in 8000 years, while the Middle Ages on Earth lasted around a thousand years.
    • Additionally, she's also surprised that Westeros, despite being similar to Medieval Europe, has potatoes, pumpkins and turkeys, which originated in the New World on Earth.
    • Furthermore, she's perplexed that the Northerners haven't realized that potatoes can be grown in some of the harshest climates and could be cultivated in many places in the North.
  • Flat "What": The reaction the Northerners have when they learn about Titanium, as it is both lighter and stronger than iron and never rusts.
  • Giving Radio to the Romans: The Master Chief and Cortana's presence has caused a lot of changes to the North, but due to the pacing of the story, it's Downplayed at the moment.
    • Luwin has already built a model of a vertical wind turbine they brought with them, so there's that.
    • The Master Chief also showed Bran and Arya how to make kites, because he needed something to keep them off his tail.
    • As of the most recent chapter, they also planned to help Luwin make antibiotics.
  • Innocently Insensitive: Shortly after crashing, Chief and Cortana end up finding a Weirwood Grove, which includes a never before seen Weirwood that has the face of a woman carved on it, along with several saplings. Not knowing their importance, he takes a few samples, as well as six of the saplings (the rest had either been eaten by animals or starved by the grown trees). The minute he finds out how important these are to the Northerners, he returns all of them.
  • Mundane Object Amazement:
    • The people of the North are surprised by many of the things used by the Master Chief, but the first one to have a real impact on them (besides the ones Ned's party sees while at the Dawn) is a Vertical Wind Turbine. Justified, because this is the first object that actually makes sense to them, while highlighting how advanced the UNSC is (as Luwin notes, a vertical windmill doesn't need to be adjusted to catch the wind, making it a Game Changer for Westeros).
    • Similar reactions occur when Chief gives his last set of gifts to the Starks, which include items for playing baseball, Legos and puppets. Bran and Arya, in particular, are drawn toward the baseball set, while Sansa is interested in the puppets and Rickon with the Legos.
  • Mundane Utility: It turns out that the Dawn had a Cyclops onboard it. What does the Chief use it for? To build a playground in Winterfell. It's downplayed because the Cyclops originally was designed for construction and maintenance, so he's really using it for it's intended purpose.
  • The Plague: Cortana and Chief find out about Greyscale after the meet a girl named Melon who has scars from it on her face. After briefly examining the scars, Cortana determines they were caused by bacteria, and convinced Chief to help the North make antibiotics to help wipe it out.
  • Shout-Out: The Northerners compare the Warthog to a Puma.
  • Simple, yet Awesome: The reason why the author had the Master Chief and Cortana power all of the machinery they brought to Winterfell with a Vertical Wind Turbine: while it is a relatively simple design, it's both something that is known to be used in Halo canon and would obviously appear advanced to the North (Additionally, it's importance is obvious, which would discourage people from messing with it).
  • Spanner in the Works: The Chief's involvement in the North is this for Varys' plans. However, Varys is also willing to work those advancement's to his favor.

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