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The Iron Life was first published on 4 September 2018 by Jojoboy 914. A Fanfic developed based on the Young Justice and Marvel Cinematic Universe series (so there's elements of Fusion Fic, but no replacements), its a Self-Insert Fic with Joseph Myers reborn into the DC continuity for Young Justice as David Stark, growing up to become the title character of Iron Man.

After a couple of chapters to set the stage, Jojoboy914 follows The Stations of the Canon to collect Superboy and Miss Martian. David Stark grew up from a newborn to 14 and has been successfully operating in Gotham City without his parent's knowledge for five years in the Iron Man armors. David retains all the information from his past life, but uses it mostly to act with a few seconds foreknowledge rather than exploiting the ability.


The fic has been updated regularly up until January 2019, and can expect to continue in this manner. Find it here, on Fan Fiction Dot Net.

The Iron Life provides examples of:

  • Description in the Mirror: The primary purpose of Joseph Myer's college friends are to describe him as a 5'10" white/Hispanic male before being reborn as David Stark. His appearance may be roughly the same, but being reborn had vastly accelerated his growth rate at least since he was 5'4" by the time he was nine.
  • I Just Knew: David's meta-knowledge for Young Justice allows him to anticipate events slightly before they happen, such as the Team going on a mission to Cadmus or who Batman is under the mask.
  • Title In: Preserved from the original work, once "Independence Day" begins, each scene change opens with the location and date/time in bold.


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