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Fanfic / The Hunter Amongst Villains

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Wounded, lost, but growing, the lone wolf awakens in a land not his own of which more colorful and vibrant life thrives, but also young and weak. Similar to home, but so different, Garou must wander the lands and find his purpose in a world where heroes were frail and weak, where the pain of the powerless was ignored by the many. And he will change that world with wrath and fury.

Taking place after the Monster Association saved him from his near defeat against Bang, Bomb, and Genos; Garou disappeared when surrounded in an unknown black mist (Kurogiri's Quirk being enhanced for testing) and have woken up in a different world. After saving a young Quirkless boy named Ghin, from being kidnapped and learning his surroundings, Garou resolves to change the unfair Hero society by shaking the status quo to the very core.


Written by i4md347h, this My Hero Academia/One-Punch Man crossover story can be read here.

All spoilers beyond chapter 3 will be unmarked.