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Hold onto hope, I'm homeward bound
In the darkest of night, there's Light to be found
From a spark will be born a fire
Shine through the shadow of doubt
JT Music, "Fireborn"

The Forsaken Prince is a Crossover between Bungie's Destiny game series and Rooster Teeth's Animesque series RWBY. It is written by TheStrangerThatCameFromNowhere of Fate/VRAINS and Kamen Rider Zero-One: Edge of Dawn fame.

Guardian Uldren Sov does not remember his past. All that he knows is that none of the Guardians like him for something he did in the past. A past he is not allowed to recall. A mission on the Moon leads to a fateful, dark encounter with one of the ghosts of the Guardians' pasts, but it also leads to him having a chance at redemption. He finds himself on Remnant — a lost world under siege by the Darkness that inhabits it: the Creatures of Grimm.


On December 24, 2021, TheStranger announced she will be rewriting the story so as to fit what is happening in the gamenote . Additionally, Stranger revealed that she would post a new Destiny/RWBY crossover following a Guardian born on Remnant during the events between Volumes 6 and 7.

Due to the nature of the story, there will be unmarked spoilers for the Forsaken campaign of Destiny 2.


Forsaken Prince contains the following tropes:

  • Acceptable Breaks from Canon: As the game's Beyond Light expansion revealed, Uldren was renamed as Crow after he is found by the Spider and made an enforcer out on the Tangled Shore. At the time the story was published, the Shadowkeep expansion was around the corner.
  • Adaptational Badass: While we don't know how good in a fight Uldren was before Forsaken, he was skilled enough to become Mara's spymaster and was an excellent pilot, if The Taken King is of any indication. After being resurrected as a Guardian, Uldren is an expert marksman who almost never misses his shots and is quite experienced with a combat knife.
  • Adaptational Heroism: Pre-resurrection, Uldren Sov was not the nicest person. In Forsaken, he staged a prison outbreak, released some of the most dangerous criminals inside it, and killed fan-favorite Cayde-6. As a Guardian, however, Uldren is practically a new man and does whatever he can to help others, even fellow Guardians despite their feelings towards him. The sole reason he stays behind in Remnant? He wants to give humanity, and by extension the Faunus, a fighting a chance against the Darkness that inhabits the world.
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  • Adaptational Nice Guy: Tying with Adaptational Heroism above. When the Young Wolf is introduced to Uldren for the first time when they come to the Reef in order to learn the location of the Black Garden, Uldren openly shows his disdain towards them, with the game's Grimoire Cards openly stating he's both envied and despised the Guardians because of their powers and freedom from politics. After he's resurrected by Pulled Pork, Uldren has taken several levels in kindness and is almost indestinguishable from his past self. After all, would the Uldren of old willingly stay behind in Remnant in order to help humanity fight back against the Grimm?
  • Amnesiac Hero: Since being resurrected as a Guardian, Uldren has no knowledge about his past nor his more recent actions during the events of Forsaken.
  • The Atoner: While Uldren doesn't know exactly what he did to make the Guardians so angry at him, he does express a desire to try and make amends, whatever they may be.
  • BFG: Uldren isn't a big fan of them, but even he can't deny the usefulness of the Gjallarhorn.
  • Coming of Age Story: Word of God describes The Forsaken Prince as much, explaning that the fanfic isn't just about Uldren redeeming himself in the eyes of the Guardians, but also becoming a Guardian in his own right.
  • Dark Is Evil: Dredgen Yor. When Uldren meets him, he's "clad in shadow and his eyes glow like the will-o-wisp'', and gives off a very sinister air. This also applies to his gun which, upon laying eyes on the weapon, Uldren visibly reacts with disgust. Not that you can blame him, since it's been grafted with Hive bones.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Post-resurrection, Uldren is typically wearing a jet-black helmet with a tattered cloak and wears dark armor. He's also a crack shot as a Gunslinger, and since being made a Guardian, Uldren is nowhere near as evil as he once was. Dredgen Yor, on the other hand...
  • Deadpan Snarker: Uldren. He's developed quite the tongue since he became a Guardian.
    Uldren: You know me?
    Eris: Only by reputation. The Uldren Sov I know was...not a pleasant man.
    Uldren: Hm, you don't say?
  • The Dreaded:
    • Uldren has two reasons for staying away from the Last City. The first, and most understandable reason, is that no one there likes him. The biggest reason, however? The Young Wolf. They were not happy that he was made a Guardian and make sure he remembers that fact every chance they get. Be it out in the field, or in the Crucible.
    • Dredgen Yor is one to everyone who knows of him. When Eris Morn realizes who Uldren is fighting, she frantically tells him to run. And she is not without reason, given his reputation.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: The first chapter alone solidifies just how alienated Uldren is from the Guardians in their entirety. What few Guardians help him in Crucible matches do so because they are on a team and nothing more, but others will leave him out to dry. Ikora glares at him whenever she sees him and Zavala is restraining himself from indulging in his fury. And that's to say nothing about how the Young Wolf feels. Uldren doesn't even know why they hate him so much, nor is he any position to find out why thanks to the law keeping Guardians from seeking out their pasts.
  • I Hate Past Me: When Uldren dreams about his first meeting with the Young Wolf during the events of the first Destiny game, he feels that every word that comes out of his mouth tastes like ash and poison. He also notes that he feels no need to have emotions like pride or arrogance, something the Uldren of the past had in abundance.
  • Hunter of His Own Kind: Dredgen Yor, a Fallen Guardian, was known to have killed many Guardians when they were still active before they were ultimately killed. It's subverted at present as the Nightmare of Yor isn't the actual Dredgen Yor, but it is hunting other Guardians and taking their Light to make itself "real."
  • Meaningful Name: Not Uldren, but his weapon — the hand cannon, "Thin Line." Word of God states that it was the most fitting for Uldren, an Unwitting Pawn who acted with dark intent and is now a warrior of the light, especially given his last words at the end of the Forsaken campaign.
  • "Not So Different" Remark: Yor knows who Uldren is and who he used to be, remarking that an Unwitting Pawn of the Darkness is now a Guardian, whereas he was a Guardian who fell to the Darkness and committed horrible atrocities.
  • Oh, Crap!: The second the Phantasm Uldren is fighting utters the line "Same meat. Same bones. But so very different.", Eris realizes that the Phantasm is none other than Dredgen Yor and tells Uldren to get the hell out of there.
  • Pet the Dog: While most of the Guardians hate Uldren, two that don't show him active hostility and offer him some level of kindness, or at least give him a chance, are Devrim and Petra. In Chapter 5, Devrim treats Uldren amicably and respectably and even offers him some tea while telling him about the EDZ. Petra, despite recognizing him, offers him weapons to defend himself after they save him from the Scorn shortly after he's resurrected for the first time and gives him a ship. They also warn him that the Guardians may not treat him kindly, knowing of his role involving Cayde's death.
  • Resurrective Immortality: Uldren typically tries to avoid this, as he doesn't want to rely on Pulled Pork's ability to revive him as it would mean he would get sloppy and reliant on his resurrections.
  • Shout-Out: The first chapter features the first verse of JT Music's "Fireborn" rap featured at the top of the page, reflecting the fanfic being a Coming of Age Story for Uldren.
  • Unfortunate Names: Uldren questions who in the world would name something "Pulled Pork" of all things. That being said, even he prefers that name over PP
  • Vengeful Ghost: He's not vengeful, but Dredgen Yor is one of the "Nightmares" that was ushered into existence at the same time as the Scarlet Keep. And out of all the "Nightmares" the Guardians will face, he's easily the worst out of all of them. After all, he used to be a Guardian, and a damn good one at that.
  • Wham Line: Anyone savvy with Destiny's Lore will find themselves doing a Double Take when they see this line uttered in Chapter 2 by the same person who spoke it in the Grimoire cards. It's also what alerts Eris Morn to who Uldren is fighting and tells him to run.
    Dredgen Yor: Same meat. Same bones. ...but so very different.