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Fan Fic / The End Is Near

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The End is Near (available at and Livejournal) is a Lighter and Softer Alternate Universe Death Note fan fiction by Tierfal.

Mello only wants his Cocoa Puffs, but Near just has to spoil his quest for sugar-laden cereal by disappearing, leaving behind nothing but puzzle pieces. Since Near would never, ever leave toys lying around, Mello deduces that something’s amiss. He grabs Matt, and the two of them head off to Japan to enlist the help of the Great Detective L— and, by extension, the pretty-boy L’s handcuffed to— in recovering the white-haired wonder.


That’s where the fun begins.

Chock-full of puns, UST, crossdressing, Double Entendre, and other things of that nature, it’s a well-done AU that forgets neither that canon does, in fact, exist, nor that it itself is supposed to be really, really funny.

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