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Fan Fic / The Complete Works Of Krystalynne Riddle Cullen

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Hi! Welcome to my Tv Tropes page! :D :D :D :D This is where I write about the Twilight and Harry Potter Fan Fics that I write. I write these for fun in my spare time sometimes. Please leave me lots and lots of good reviews!

I have lots of good ideas! People don't like them though D: If you're a flamer go away! NO FLAMES!

If you don't like them I didn't pay you to read them! I just do this for fun! I'm just a teenager so I don't know why people don't like me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You all suck! I'm never writing fanfic again! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?!?!?!?!?!?


Um. Er. That was odd.

Krystalynne Riddle Cullen is the...persona...of a particularly snide and unpleasant troper. She, a proud denizen of Ye Olde Pit 'O Voles, woke up one fine day to discover that fanfiction writers such as herself were in regrettably short supply. Resolving to rectify the situation in the only way she knew how, our heroine put on her Troll hat, created a new moniker for herself, and ventured forth on her heroic quest to rid her beloved country of fangirls.

She may or may not have picked the right way to go about her evil mission.

Krystalynne Riddle Cullen's works include:
  • Angel Of Plague: In which Carlisle Cullen contracts the Black Death. His (inexplicably Chaotic Evil) lover Aro is little comfort, alternating between saccharine platitudes and violent shooting sprees.
  • Arctic Lust: A pointless, ridiculous Slash Fic in which Draco and Harry fall in badly-punctuated love, suffer through questionable tragedy, and die. Her most popular story so far.
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  • Out Of The Ashes: An equally demented love story, featuring Draco and Ginny in a timeless romance that will shatter the ages! Or not.
  • The adventures of Krystalynne Riddle Cullen![sic]: An epic featuring an Author Avatar who, as her official profile states, is "part witch, part vampire and she's Voldemort's daughter and Carlisle's cousin (because the Riddles were really related to the Cullens all along)," Beige Prose, and at least four plot twists per chapter.

Her works contain examples of:

...I got a good review!!!!! :)

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