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This is a list of side material and spinoffs for The Bridge.

A midquel called The Bridge: Sound of Thunder, made by the same team; details the story of another kaiju named Raiga who is sent to the Mirror Universe version of Equestria. It is now complete.

A midquel/spin-off from the same team has also been released, which involves a small scale crossover between The Bridge and another My Little Pony fanon universe, The Shimmerverse. It is called The Bridge: A Shimmer in the Dark. It is now complete.


A one-shot from the same team called The Bridge: Phoenix Night details a friendship between Rodan and Phoenix Flamez, a character created by FallenAngel5414.

A short story from the same team called The Bridge: The Eclipse Times, covers a traumatic time in Princess Celestia's early solo rule.

A side story from the same team called The Bridge: Building Bridges covers moments with several romantic couples and is pure fluff. It is now complete.

A distant spin-off called Equestria Girls: Dinosapien takes place in the same altered Equestria girls timeline, but aside from shout-outs and nods it's a standalone story that is a retelling of Dinosapien rather than a kaiju crossover.

A one-shot called The Sentry Legacy involves Flash Sentry looking back on his life and those of his ancestors and wondering if he is truly a hero.


A one-shot called The Bridge: Hocus Smo'cus features the now reformed Sirens attempting to understand what Halloween is about.

A one-shot called The Bridge: the Eternal Dilemma features a debate between Harmony and Bagan that delves into their history and motivations.

A spin-off called The Bridge X Pokemon Masters - Kardas is a crossover with Pokémon, more specifically, Metroid Prime's Masterverse. Many eons ago, a group from the world of Pokemon attempted to colonize the land that would become Equestria, accompanied by a living monolith called Kardas. They were forced to leave, and left Kardas dormant and buried. In the present, two groups, one with less than noble purposes, arrive in Equestria to retrieve Kardas, with the Bridge characters caught in the middle.

The A'Bridged: Shower Time is a one-shot spoof where Rainbow Dash and Rodan have a shower together, but Fluttershy eavesdrops on them.


The Bridge: Birthday Bash! Chibi Moon's Quest For Cake! is a side story that celebrates The Bridge's seventh anniversary. Chibi Moon goes on a cross-country quest to get the ingredients to give Godzilla Junior the perfect birthday cake. It is complete.

The Bridge: Alicorn is a one-shot where Starswirl the Bearded teaches young Celestia and Luna the responsibility of being Alicorns.

Hunters: The Bridge and Hunters: The Bridge, Part 2 are a non-canon crossover co-written by Tarbtano and The Psychopath where Godzilla Junior and Captain Blueberry Frost team up with Equestrian versions of Monster Hunter veterans to investigate the disappearance of several ships.

A spin-off by BlazingPhoenix17 called The Bridge: Humanity's Stand shows what is happening in the Kaiju's world, Terra, while this is going on.

A spin-off cowritten by Tarbtano and HeatseekerX51 called Mane-iac: Shadow of Vengeance features the heroic Mirror Universe version of the Mane-iac attempting to stop a vigilante who is brutalizing criminals before the city gets turned into a war zone by the police and mob. It is now complete.

A spin-off by Godzillawolf called The Bridge: Among Giants explores the events of the story from the perspective of a pony named Dr. Ghost Story.

A spin-off by thatguyvex called Tales of the Amalgamverse: Mirror Image focuses on the adventures of a heroic Mirror Universe Diamond Tiara and Jeog. It is a sequel to The Bridge: Sound of Thunder. It is now complete.

Thatguyvex has also created a crossover with Equestria Girls: Friendship Souls called Hunters and Hollows, where the Dark Hunters scout alternate universes and stumble upon Hueco Mundo. It is now complete.

Thatguyvex wrote Tales of the Amalgam'verse, Mirrorverse Side: Guardian of Skull Island, where a heroic Mirror Universe Ramarak and Gaw defend Skull Island from the evil Kong.

A spin-off by KingXanaduu called Cool Monster, Loving Protector, Terrible Chef involves Monster X and Aria Blaze's first anniversary and is complete.

A spin-off by Corona Blaze called A Day in the Life of Numidium Forge involves a young dragon named Numidium Forge and her adoptive parents moving to the Crystal Empire. It has a sequel called The Life and Times of the Forge Family, which which details the family's adventures in the Crystal Empire, while Numidian Forge must confront a dark secret about her past.

A non-canon Recursive Fanfiction (in which Tarbtano gave the author special permission to use his versions of the characters) called Godzilla Junior's Secret focuses on a romance between Godzilla Junior and Princess Luna.

A Recursive Fanfiction called The Force of Nature and The Element of Kindness is a non-canon one-shot about a romance between Fluttershy and Gojira, referred to as Lucky Dragon. It has a prequel/sequel called The Bridge: Ancient (formerly known as The Alpha Predator), which details Lucky's adventures in Equestria. A spinoff called The Militant Alpha features a darker version of Gojira being sent to Mirror Universe Equestria. All three stories are complete. Sadly, as of December 8, 2020, the author decided to delete all of their stories.

A Recursive Fanfiction called The Bridge: Prisoners of War is set in an alternate universe with certain details changed. Two years after the events of Rainbow Rocks, the Sirens and the Dark Hunters attempt to cope with life as somewhat ordinary humans.

A Recursive Fanfiction called The Pale Horsemen is an AU where several soldiers who regularly fight Kaiju and several civilians get sent along with the six Kaiju to Equestria, except it is an Equestria ruled by the tyrant Daybreaker. This story has a prequel called Serving His Empress, which details Shining Armor's service under Daybreaker (warning, Serving His Empress contains sex scenes).

A Recursive Fanfiction called What if Biollante went to Equestria? is Exactly What It Says on the Tin.

A Recursive Fanfiction called The Bridge: Earth, Wind, and Fire is a sequel to Equestria Girls' Bizarre Adventure: Stars of the Phoenix, where the Kaiju Varan is sent to that world and teams up with the characters.

A Recursive Fanfiction called The Bridge: Paradise Lost written by several users with the approval of Tabtano, is a prequel explaining Ultraman Belial's Start of Darkness.

A POV Prequel called Godzilla New Era written by Tarbtano retells the events of the Amalgam'verse's version of Godzilla 2000. Taking place in 1999, humanity is still unsure if the new Godzilla is friend or foe when a new threat causes calamity. Unlike most Bridge stories, the kaiju featured are not the focus characters and instead it follows the human cast reacting to them.

A Recursive Fanfiction called Tales of the Amalgam'verse: A Tale of Three Kings written by DiverseInterest47 details an event Gojira recalls to Kong about a time he encountered a mysterious, Godzilla-like entity and was aided by Godzilla Junior.


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