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"Stay safe, stay away from binge drinking, and know that there ARE people who will help you, even if it doesn't seem like it. Thank you."

What happens when you give a yukkuri a account and access to alcohol? You get the works of Talos Angel.

Talos Angel is an aspiring writer on Fan who releases a new chapter or story altogether every month or so. As an Otaku, she tends to write shows with girly characters as well as more gritty, action-packed video games and anime. The fanfictions have recurring themes, such as cool weapons, paraphilias, and anti-homophobic ramblings fraught with misandry.


Her fan fictions undergo a lot of criticism. Her more fervent critics consider her a hilariously bad storyteller, comparing her to Peter Chimaera and Squirrelking. Despite negative reviews, she's a very good sport about such grievances and extracts the advice from it, always striving to be a better writer.

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