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Survivor: Mint Version is a fanfic series created as a Spinoff of Survivor: Fan Characters, which is itself based off the real life TV series Survivor. It is done in a prose format rather than a comic format,note  and distinguishes itself from similar series by using characters that are not bound to any specific franchise.

The format is much like that of the works it is based on: 18 to 20 contestants are divided into teams and compete in challenges, where the losing team must vote a member off at Tribal Council. About halfway through the season, the teams are dissolved and the players compete against each other individually for immunity from the vote. This continues until there are only two players remaining, where a jury of the players they most recently eliminated votes for a winner.


The Mint Version series is strongly connected with related series Survivor Central Hub and Survivor Xover Version.

So far, two seasons have been completed and a third is in progress. The series can be found here.

Tropes associated with this series:

  • Canada, Eh?: The author is Canadian, and he has included a handful of references to Canadian culture, including setting the first season (Muskoka Hills) in Ontario.
  • Dark Horse Victory: In Season 1, Tipper makes the final two and wins, after being looked down on by much of the cast all season.
  • Friendship Moment: By nature of the competitive aspect of the game, these are rare. One noteworthy example happens in Inca Legacy, when Candace and Buddy confide in each other about feeling ostracized and laughed at by others.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: So far there have been 58 contestants and two hosts, and as the series continues that number will only grow larger.
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  • Mega Crossover: Subverted. Unlike related series, no characters in Survivor: Mint Version are tied to existing franchises.
  • Spinoff: Of Survivor: Fan Characters. The series also draws from fellow spinoff series Survivor Central Hub and Survivor Xover Version.
  • The Glorious War of Sisterly Rivalry: Jackie in Inca Legacy is the twin sister of Emily in Muskoka Hills. Jackie believes that she is the Smart Sister to Emily's Beautiful Sister, and desperately wants to get farther than Emily did. Upon being eliminated at 12th place, and realizing that she did not get farther than her sister, Jackie is devastated.
  • Tone Shift: After a decent focus on supernatural characters and events in the first two seasons, Survivor: Inca Legacy took on a more grounded and realistic tone, however, it does involve the exorcism and annihilation of the malevolent spirit inside Percival that was behind most supernatural elements in the early series.
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  • Twin Switch: Subverted. In Season 1, Tipper reveals that she and her brother Topper wore baggy clothes to more convincingly pull this off, but their Sibling Rivalry prevents them from cooperating long enough to do so.

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