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Luffy's adventures took a much different start. It wasn't the Gomu Gomu fruit that Shanks and his crew brought to that sleepy town, and the consequences will reverberate throughout the Grand Line! With the power of the Sun in his hands, the Mugiwara Crew will take on the world!
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A One Piece story by Primordial Vortex (who also wrote The Emerald Phoenix) where Luffy ate a different Devil Fruit, specifically the Enten Enten no Mi (Sun-Sun Fruit). As a result, Luffy gets some extra training from Shanks so he doesn't accidentally incinerate someone. Follow Luffy's journey as a Sun man as he sails to become the Pirate King.


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This fic contains examples of the following tropes, in addition to those already present in the source material:

  • Adaptational Badass:
    • Luffy knows the Rokushiki due to training from Garp.
    • Shanks still has both arms since he didn't have to save Luffy from the Lord of the Coast.
    • Nami's training in Rokushiki allows her to gain combative skills that allows her to fight early on instead of just hiding and looting after all is said and done
  • Adaptational Early Appearance: Nami's Clima-tact first appears after Arlong's defeat.
  • Adaptational Superpower Change: Since he ate a different devil fruit, Luffy has The Power of the Sun instead of being a Rubber Man.
  • Adaptation Name Change:
    • Miss Valentine's real name is Valerie rather than Mikita, as the chapter where she was named was written prior to her canon name's reveal.
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    • Nami and Zoro's epithets are changed from canon with Nami gaining "Storm Empress" And Zoro gaining "Demon of Three Swords". Luffy averts this by keeping his "Strawhat" epithet.
  • Adaptation Relationship Overhaul: Because Nami is now in a committed and intimate relationship with Luffy, she's less amused by Sanji's overt flirting and rather than finding it useful for delicious treats instead finds it annoying and continuously tries to let him know she's not interested.
  • Arbitrarily Large Bank Account: After looting Arlong Park and Nezumi's base, the Straw Hats have more money than the Going Merry can safely transport.
  • An Arm and a Leg: Pearl's arm is burned off when he tries to punch Luffy.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: Subverted; initially, Nami manages Soru as early as the fight against the Black Cat pirates but the strain on her legs makes her collapse in pain immediately afterwards. By the end of the East Blue arc, however, she can use it as easily as Luffy, if not as fast as him.
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  • Bait-and-Switch: When they first meet, Nami threatens to throw Luffy overboard. Luffy very firmly tells her she can't do that... because he'll die.
  • Berserk Button: Zoro rips Tashigi a new one when, like Kuina before her, she attributes her loss to women being weaker than men. Besides reminding him of his dead rival, it's an insult to his skill that he won simply because of his gender.
  • The Big Damn Kiss:
    • Kaya gives one to Usopp before he leaves with the Straw Hats.
    • Luffy and Nami share one after he defeats Arlong.
  • Big Eater: Luffy is still one despite having no Gum-Gum fruit. This is explained by stating that mastering the Rokushiki allowed him to learn Life Return which allows him to control the speed of his metabolic intake. For obvious reasons Nami also wishes to learn it as stated in Mundane Utility.
  • Bi the Way: After more women join the crew, Nami implies she'd be up for "some fun" with them, though she was, mostly, teasing Valentine and Vivi.
  • Blade on a Stick: Usopp takes to using Krieg's exploding spear as a backup weapon.
  • Body-Count Competition: Luffy, Zoro, and Nami compete to see who can take out the most Baroque Works agents at Whiskey Peak. Luffy wins because he takes out all the mooks while Nami and Zoro are facing the heavy hitters.
  • Book Dumb: Luffy is still an Idiot Hero but he's good at reading people. He realizes the crew can trust Robin because she has the same look in her eyes as Ace used to: a Broken Bird who questions if they even deserve to live.
  • Character Development: Over the course of the East Blue arc, Nami develops from running from every fight and generally fearing dangerous situations to relishing a good fight and being far more relaxed about danger. Unlike canon where Nami panicked at the idea of facing a Warlord, here she comes across as more exasperated and mildly incredulous.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle:
    • Luffy versus anyone from the East Blue quickly ends in his favor.
    • Nami versus Gin ends quickly and brutally in her favor.
  • Cutting the Knot: Luffy regularly simply melts through safe doors.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Miss Valentine saw her mother die in a robbery gone wrong.
  • David vs. Goliath: Nami vs the much larger and stronger Don Krieg.
  • Death by Adaptation: Mr. 5 is killed at Whiskey Peak, for pressing Luffy's Berserk Button of attacking one's own comrade.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Implied offscreen, but unlike canon, Sabo's persumed death at the hand of the World Noble and his inability to arrest him made Garp realize that he would never be able to convince Luffy and Ace of becoming marines as he had dreamed. Considering One Piece's views on dreams and working towards them, the loss of Garp's dream is treated with a rather deserved somber atmosphere.
  • Door Stopper: Shaping up to be one, As of Chapter 8, there are around 169,000 words, depending on whether or not you count spaces and paragraph breaks, meaning that each chapter averages to around 20,000 words per chapter and well putting in the Epic Novel.
  • Double Jump: Geppou or the Moonwalk, of the Rokushiki is this, which is described as kicking the air so hard that it becomes a platform from which to jump from. As of chapter 8, while most of the Strawhats can use it, Sanji and Nami; an Extremity Extremist and Fragile Speedster respectively use it the most out of them all followed by Luffy who obviously uses it to keep himself out of the ocean.
  • Effortless Amazonian Lift: Nami displays her growing strength by effortlessly carrying Vivi back to the Going Merry.
  • Elemental Rock–Paper–Scissors: Because smoke is simply particles that fire doesn't burn, Luffy's Devil Fruit easily overpowers Smoker's, instantly incinerating a large portion of his smoke.
  • Everyone Has Standards: The upper echelons of the marines may be knight templars who believe in villainy is inherited, but Axe-Hand Morgan and Nezumi were so corrupt that even they would throw them into the the depths of Impel Down for more reasons than just to save face.
  • Exact Words: When Tashigi mentions Roronoa Zoro, Zoro comments that he hears that name often. She later accuses him of lying about who he was, only for Zoro to point out he said he heard the name often; he just never mentioned that was because it's his name.
  • Extreme Mêlée Revenge: After getting hit by Krieg's exploding spear, Nami hits him in the groin repeatedly, even using the man's own spear for the finishing blow. Luffy tries to stop her, only for her Death Glare to cause him to say he just saw Krieg twitch and suggest she hit the man some more.
  • Eye Scream:
    • Nami takes out one of Krieg's eyes with her staff during their fight.
    • Played for Laughs when Usopp accidentally gets chili sauce in his eyes.
  • Fights Like a Normal: Luffy mostly fights without using his Devil Fruit powers, in large part because the sun/plasma abilities it gives him are incredibly destructive and he could easily kill people if he's not careful. This draws a stark contrast with Smoker who uses his Devil Fruit constantly while fighting (Luffy actually lamenting that he doesn't have a power that he can use as much Smoker uses his), and is shocked when Luffy reveals that he's a Logia, having assumed that he'd never seen a Logia before. It's not until the end of their fight that Luffy uses his Logia powers which overpower Smoker's easily.
  • Flash Step: As of chapter 8, Luffy, Nami, Zoro and Sanji (Usopp has yet to show any capacity at using it) know Soru at differing levels of mastery. The current order are Luffy, Sanji, Nami and then Zoro; with Nami losing out due to her below average stamina.
  • Food as Bribe: Nami attempts this to get out of fighting Buggy's crew, only for Luffy to prove how serious he is by refusing.
  • For Want of a Nail:
    • Because Luffy ate a Logia fruit, Higuma couldn't take him hostage, meaning Shanks never had to save Luffy from drowning and still has both his arms.
    • Because Luffy ended up on Nami's dinghy rather than simply crossing paths, it allows them to form a rapport that turns Nami's worldview on pirates on its head early on. This eventually turns into friendship and later an intimate romance. It also changes the Arlong Park arc by subverting her defection.
    • Nami gaining the will to fight early on in the series and losing her normal tactic of hiding behind the fighters unless otherwise occupied has her gain a bounty earlier than in canon, which along with Luffy is higher than their original starting bounties, 20 million and 50 million compared to their canon 16 million and 30 million respectively. Zoro hilariously inverts this by starting out lower at Luffy's original 30 million.
    • Miss Valentine joins the crew at Whiskey Peak after Mr. 5 tries to kill her and Luffy.
    • Since Luffy's a powerful Logia, Robin is willing to join the crew when she first meets them, even if she doesn't trust them yet.
    • Without Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine, Mr. 3 and Miss Goldenweek can't properly take on the Straw Hats at Little Garden, forcing the pair to follow them in hopes of killing them later.
  • Fragile Speedster: Nami is fast enough to basically dance around Krieg's attacks but has trouble doing significant damage and the one blow Krieg lands nearly takes her out of the fight.
  • Grew a Spine: Over the course of the East Blue arc, Nami goes from terrified of fighting and of Arlong to enjoying a good fight as much as Luffy or Zoro and openly declaring that Luffy will kick Arlong's ass.
  • Guys Smash, Girls Shoot: Discussed. Vivi assumed Nami was a fragile ranged fighter due to her "sorcery", only to watch the girl casually do squats with an 800 pound dumbbell on her shoulders.
  • Groin Attack: Nami unleashes several against Krieg to end their fight. Then continues to do so out of rage.
  • I Am Not Left-Handed: Luffy usually fights without his Devil Fruit powers but is willing to break them out when sufficiently angered or pressed.
  • It Gets Easier: After Luffy accidentally kills a bandit, Shanks admits that killing does get easier. Some kills will be so easy, they'll be forgotten the next day. The trick is to never enjoy killing.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: Miss Valentine surrenders after Luffy outright ignores her attack.
  • The Law of Diminishing Defensive Effort: Inverted with Luffy. Because he was trained to avoid accidentally turning intangible, he tends to reflexively dodge attacks rather than let them harmlessly pass through him. Because, and especially in the case of a physical attack, there wouldn't even be ashes coming out on the other side as Pearl demonstrated, he is now one arm down and gained a cauterized stump for his efforts
  • Logical Weakness:
    • Since Logia's don't disperse into their element automatically, they can be hit by attacks too fast for them to follow.
    • Using Tekkai requires one to tense one's muscles to the point they become like iron, shutting down any form of mobility. If the incoming blow is sufficiently powerful enough, all it does is it makes the user a sitting duck.
    • Nami has only really begun to properly train and exercise after joining the Strawhats, before relying on her wits and sexual appeal to get out of sticky situations, as such her stamina is lackluster and can only use Soru and Kami-e for a set period of time. Obviously, her continued training will soon render this weakness moot.
  • Magic Knight: Both Luffy and Nami are equally comfortable using melee weapons and their Devil Fruit powers or "sorcery" respectively.
  • Making Love in All the Wrong Places: Luffy and Nami were getting intimate on a building's roof before the arrival of Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine interrupted them.
  • Masterof Your Domain: Luffy knows the Life Return ability, something Nami is greatly interested in.
  • Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal: Valerie leaves Baroque Works after her partner, Mr. 5, tries to kill her along with Luffy.
  • Mundane Utility: Nami wants to learn the Life Return technique so she can eat without having to worry about her figure.
  • Muscles Are Meaningless: Nami is noted to having the same figure she has in canon but still able to squat 800 pounds and able to lift Vivi up with no problem. Unlike canon, which this ability was noted only when it was comedic, here she can use her strength just fine in combat, though she still prefers a Fragile Speedster approach as the training for Tekkai and Shigan scare her.
  • Normal Fish in a Tiny Pond: Luffy is powerful enough to be a serious threat in Paradise, but in the East Blue, he's completely unstoppable.
  • No-Sell: Even without his Devil Fruit powers, Luffy completely ignores Miss Valentine's "10,000 Kilo Press" attack.
  • Not Hyperbole: Luffy promises Nami that he'll "feed Arlong his nose". During their fight, Luffy breaks off Arlong's nose and shoves it into the fishman's mouth.
  • "Open!" Says Me: Luffy and Nami both kick open multiple doors while storming Nezumi's marine base.
  • Pipe Pain: After fighting Buggy, Luffy takes up fighting with a pipe again, though he mostly uses it for training the others.
  • The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A Marine officer lampshades that the Straw Hat pirates haven't really done anything "pirate-y" as even the marine officers they attacked were so corrupt, they'd have been in Impel Down if the higher ups had known.
  • The Power of the Sun: Luffy's Devil Fruit makes him a Sun man.
  • Powers Do the Fighting:
    • Smoker is a decent fighter but he still fights almost entirely with his Devil Fruit powers.
    • Valerie relies too heavily on her Devil Fruit and has little fighting skill without it.
  • Razor Wind: The Rankyaku techinique and Zoro's sword-based version of it is capable of performing this. Of those who know the technique, only Nami is unable to do so as her leg muscles are not yet at the strength necessary to get even a whisper of wind; while Sanji, who uses his personally created Black Leg fighting style, was able to perform it much quicker.
  • Reality Ensues:
    • Unlike canon, Sanji and Gin part on rather poor terms as regardless of his intentions, Gin still nearly got the Baratie stolen by Don Krieg and put a gun to Zeff's head.
    • Despite learning the basics of Rokushiki, Zoro does as poorly against Mihawk as he does in canon as the difference in skill in power is far too great. Mihawk also easily No Sells Luffy's attack since, powerful logia or not, Luffy is still a rookie attacking a New World veteran.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: One of the Marine officers mentions he's not quite comfortable putting bounties on pirates who've only gone after other pirates and corrupt Marines.
  • Red Baron: Crossing over with Adaptation Name Change, as both Nami and Zoro's epithets get changed from "Cat Burglar" and "Pirate Hunter" to "Storm Empress" and "Demon of Three Swords" respectively. Luffy on the other hand keeps his "Straw Hat" epithet from canon.
  • Relationship Upgrade: Luffy and Nami have their first time after Arlong's defeat.
  • Resignations Not Accepted: Valerie initially joined Baroque Works temporarily to earn some money but learned too late no one is allowed to leave the organization.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: After Nezumi's men shoot Nojiko in the leg, the Straw Hats assault his base where Nami electrocutes him before stealing all of his valuables.
  • Shameless Fanservice Girl: When more women join the crew, Nami isn't willing to give up the girls' room that had been acting as the captain's quarters and tells the others they better be into voyeurism.
  • Shout-Out: On Little Garden, Vivi mistakes an ammonite for an Omanyte, only for Nami to tell her that it isn't Lord Helix. Doubles as a Fourth Wall Break, since pokemon does not exist in-universe.
  • Sickening Sweethearts: Luffy and Nami after their Relationship Upgrade. Eventually, Zoro starts complaining about it.
  • Slasher Smile: Nami sports one on her bounty photo.
  • The Stations of the Canon: Zigzagged. While most events before Whiskey Peak happen roughly the same as canon, Nami never pretends to betray the crew to Arlong nor does Higuma kidnap Luffy. In the latter case, Word of God mentions that he considered having Higuma use seastone handcuffs on Luffy but decided against it due to the rarity of such material.
  • Stronger Than They Look: Vivi notes Nami has the same sexy and feminine figure as herself, but still does a hundred squats with eight hundred pound dumbbells.
  • Super Reflexes: During training with Usopp, Vivi dodges attacks she can't even see coming. This implies that she may have a natural talent at kenbunshoku haki.
  • Take That!: A minor one is given to stories where Luffy is trained in haki before starting his journey, with Shanks mentioning that not even he is irresponsible enough to teach a child how to use haki.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Except Luffy, all the Straw Hats start at their canon levels of ability, only to become considerably stronger much faster than canon. Notable examples include Zoro creating his Razor Wind attack early and Nami defeating Krieg on her own. Nami is confirmed by Word of God to be intended as a fourth "monster" of the Straw Hat crew.
  • Training from Hell: Training to learn the various Rokushiki is not fun for anyone. Both Tekkai and Kami-e involve getting hit repeatedly until you instinctively learn how to either tank or dodge the attack.
  • Trying Not to Cry: After Mr. 5 admits to not caring if she dies, Miss Valentine struggles valiantly not to cry as she admits she should've expected as much.
  • Unskilled, but Strong: Smoker to an extent due to the nature of his devil fruit as both a logia and one that isn't inherently destructive. Luffy points out that basically no one in the East Blue can even touch him and since it isn't destructive, Smoker can use it all he wants but it comes with the drawback that it's all he uses, leaving his other skills atrophied. Contrast Strong and Skilled Luffy who's both skilled with his devil fruit and knows Rokushiki.
  • Unwanted Assistance: Sanji has a bad habit of trying to help Nami when she's training, much to her chagrin.
  • Violence Really Is the Answer: Nami realizes that all her time as a thief really amounted to nothing substantial and that being good at fighting really is the only way to get ahead in the world. That doesn't stop her from being the smartest person on the crew, at least until Robin joined. This actually makes her take the Rokushiki training seriously, as well as the Mundane Utility that Life Return provides.
  • Willfully Weak: Luffy's Enten-enten powers are so ridiculously powered that Luffy refuses to use them unless absolutely necessary.
  • Would Not Hit a Girl: Decontructed, Sanji being the Chivalrous Pervert that he is, can't abide a woman getting hit at all, even under controlled scenarios such as sparring and thus interferes with Nami's training. While Nami does admit that she is weaker than him, the crew does express concerns that Nami won't improve if she doesn't up her game and so his actions can hurt her in the long run. Luffy has to reprimand him by having Valerie sit on him using her kilo-kilo fruit.

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