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Fanfic / Supernova

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A Fan Fic about Nova the Eevee, who has been living in Professor Oak's lab her whole life, finds a friend in her trainer, Sam. Together they journey the Pokemon World winning badges and meet interesting Pokémon along the way like Gold, the fighting type Sandshrew and Missile, the shy Beedrill. Mix between Mystery Dungeon, normal Pokémon games and real life. Their journey will be long. T for blood.Can be found here


The story can be characterized into different sections, some of which are officially on the Fanfic.

Discovery and New World Arc (1-4)

Teammates Arc (5-10)

Boulder sub-arc (11-14)

Mount Moon Arc (15-19)

Gold's Past Arc (20-25)

Cerulean mini-arc (26-28)

Break from the Journey (29-31)

Battle Arc (32- )

List of tropes appearing in Supernova: