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Super Robot Wars Original Generation 3A is a fanfic made by Chris X (under the name Neo Juste Belmont). This fic was created before the release of Super Robot Wars Original Generation Gaiden (along with the plot clearance of OG 2.5), therefore there would be differences in plots and continuity.

The story picked off in a different way since OG2.5 preview in Original Generations. Through a strike of luck, Kyosuke Nanbu managed to prevent Lamia Loveless to be fatally shot by Wilhelm von Juergen after plugging her out from the ODE System. Duminuss destroyed Juergen and suddenly went silent for quite awhile, allowing the EFA to escape back to Earth and recover their damages.


Cue the Time Skip (only for a few months or so)

The tyrannical regime of Graien Grazman has taken toll of the Earth that seeds of rebellion was planted. One particular rebellion, led by Viror Sunder, seemed to be the most notorious, taking up several Isurugi Industries-supported machines which resembled many Shadow Mirror mechas (it's actually SRW 64 mechas), which caused suspicion and made the current EFA mobilize ATX Team and even the Aggressors to handle them. Unfortunately for them, somewhere around the time, a massive quake occurred and the SRX Team vanished from the surface. In truth, they, along with several other people, were summoned into La Gias to participate in the civil war against the Shutedonia. In the meantime, [Dr. Sophia Nate launched a mission to excavate the Earth Cradle once more, but tragedy occurred in Project TD, whereas 2 an accident instigated by Ibis Douglas took the life of Filio Presty and caused the project to be dismantled. Then, in the middle of taking care of the rebellion, the inactive Shura began to move, whereas Kyosuke encountered Folka Albark on the run from his kinsmen...


And this is just the beginning.

This is when the author tried making up his own sequel to Super Robot Wars Original Generation, after the very heart-wrenching Cliffhanger of OG2.5. Taking after that and including Super Robot Wars EX, Super Robot Wars Alpha 2, Super Robot Wars Reversal (closer-to-original adaptation), Super Robot Wars Compact 3 (closer-to-original adaptation), Super Robot Wars Destiny, Super Robot Wars Judgment, Super Robot Wars 4, Super Robot Wars 64, and some Super Robot Wars Alpha 3 and some originals thrown in, and you're in for a roller coaster of an alternative depiction of the upcoming Super Robot Wars Original Generation 3.

There is also a supposedly trailer which would lead to the planned sequel of SRW OG 4A, but it went through Development Hell and ended up dead. (It tries to include more Super Robot Wars Alpha 3 and Super Robot Wars Judgment, as well as Super Robot Wars MX and Super Robot Wars W).


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