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Super Danganronpa Bros. is a Danganronpa fanfic written by WiiFan2009 as a commission for NotFanFicNet. It was initially a crossover between Danganronpa and Super Mario Bros., before other franchises gets added into the mix.

After the end of the Final Class Trial, Makoto pushes the escape button and opens the way to the outside world. When the door opens, him and the other survivors (Kyoko, Byakuya, Toko/Jill, Aoi, and Yasuhiro) find themselves... in the Mushroom Kingdom?! Now the six of them have to venture this new world and find their way back home.


For its Immediate Sequel, Super Danganronpa Bros. 2, click here.


  • All-Loving Hero: Makoto, to the point of giving Bowser a pep talk after his defeat, stating that no one deserves to wallow in despair.
  • Battle Couple: Makoto and Kyoko are effectively this by the time they take on Bowser.
  • Call-Forward: When Makoto and Kyoko confront Bowser, he pulls out something Makoto has never seen before: his Combat Hat from Super Mario Odyssey. It then turns out this is set before Odyssey, when the Broodals show up after the fight.
  • "Could Have Avoided This!" Plot: When Makoto suggests that the group seek out Princess Peach so that she could use her magic to send them home, Kyoko (who had gotten the recap of the Mario games from Makoto) asks Makoto why she didn't just use her magic to stop Bowser from kidnapping her. Makoto answers with a fan theory he heard of that Peach developed Stockholm Syndrome and lets herself get kidnapped by Bowser.
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  • Cuteness Proximity: Kyoko's reaction to Raccoon Makoto, causing her to start petting his tail or ears at every opportunity. Makoto isn't much better when Kyoko gets the Bunny power-up from Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins.
  • Dimensional Traveler: After Chapter 6, the 6 survivors use the Magenti-Star to travel through different dimensions in order to find their way back home.
  • Dumbass Has a Point: Hiro makes several logical observations in Chapter Three, much to Hina's surprise.
  • Face Fault: Makoto's reaction after hearing nobody else in the group has ever played a Mario game.
  • Hypocritical Humour: After Makoto kicks Bowser's hat off:
    Bowser: Oh, you think you're so clever, don't you? Sneaking up behind me like a coward and kicking off my Combat Hat…
    Kyoko: (Big talk coming from the coward who doused us with sleeping gas and called for reinforcements when he couldn’t beat me…)
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  • Immediate Sequel: The story kicks off right after the end of the first Danganronpa game.
  • Look Behind You: When surrounded by four of the Koopalings, Makoto distracts them by asking "So… since you guys know this castle inside and out… what the heck is that thing up there?" When they look at the ceiling, he crouches and spins around, tripping them all with his raccoon tail.
  • Mythology Gag: Four of the Koopalings grow into the Sneaky Lying Cheating Giant Ninja Koopas, from The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3.
    Makoto: (Sweatdrops, as an explosion plays behind them), From the American cartoon? Seriously?! Even I think this is a little too silly…
  • Now You Tell Me: Captain Toad doesn't think to explain to Makoto that the Super Leaf requires The Power of Love to fly until several chapters after he gets it.
  • Pity the Kidnapper: Kyoko manages to get the upper hand on Bowser by using his size against him. Bowser manages to restrain her with help from two Mecha Koopas, but the humiliation is enough that when Makoto shows up he begs him to take her back.
  • Popcultural Osmosis Failure: Nobody among the Class Trial survivors except Makoto seems to realize they're in the Mushroom Kingdom until Makoto spells it out to them. All of them have various explanations as to why they know nothing of Mario, or video games in general.
  • Relationship Upgrade: Makoto and Kyoko make it official in Chapter Six, after he teaches her how to fly in Raccoon form.
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Both Kyoko and Toko are this to each other after the latter Grew a Spine. When Makoto asks Kyoko how long it's going to last, she just says:
    Kyoko: "Until she knows her place…"
  • Something Only They Would Say: When Aoi obtains the Frog Suit, Hiro believes that she was taken by aliens and tells her to prove that she's the real Aoi by saying something only she would say. She then bluntly reminds him of how he hit Sakura in the back of her head with a glass bottle.
  • This Is Something He's Got to Do Himself: After Bowser leaves to kidnap Peach:
    Kyoko: …Should we go help them? I imagine it's probably been your childhood dream to meet Mario and the Princess…
    Makoto: (chuckles) No… I have a feeling that this is one adventure Mario will need to do on his own.
    Kyoko: I see… Well, I'll trust your judgment then and pray for Mario to have good luck on this new Odyssey.
  • Unknown Rival: Played for Laughs when Makoto goes running off after a Lakitu in Bob-omb Battlefield that kept killing him in Super Mario 64. Not by throwing Spinies at him, but by the Camera Screw issue messing up his jumps.
  • You Are Better Than You Think You Are: Makoto's insecurities about not being the Ultimate anything come up when he sees that everyone else has adjusted to the powerups they found, while he still can't get the hang of using the Super Leaf. After he opens up about this to Kyoko:
    Kyoko: Makoto, you might not believe it, but you’re just as much an Ultimate as the rest of us. You belong with us…and if you don’t believe me, you can believe my Father. While I was investigating before the final Class Trial, I looked through your Student Profile, and apparently he had written some notes in it. Apparently the Steering Committee wanted to abolish the Ultimate Lucky Student position; they felt that Luck was a waste of research. But my Father…he pushed back. He believed that Luck was a talent worthy of Hope’s Peak’s time and money, and as a result the Steering Committee relented. I don’t have many happy memories of Jin Kirigiri, but he saw you as an Ultimate and fought so you could stay, and I’ll always respect him for that. And even if that wasn’t the case, that still wouldn’t make you average, Makoto. You’re the most positive, down to earth guy I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting. If it wasn’t for you and your infectious hope, Junko would have won and none of us would be alive to experience all the adventures you led us on in this Mushroom Kingdom.